Best Bra For Underarm Fat to Solve the Armpit Fat Issue

Best Bra For Underarm Fat to Solve the Armpit Fat Issue


Hey, gorgeous! Have you ever found yourself avoiding certain outfits because of underarm fat? If you’re nodding your head, don’t worry; you’re not alone. It’s a common issue that can affect our confidence and make us feel less fabulous than we should. But, I’ve got some great news for you! I’ve discovered a solution that will change your life and make you feel confident and beautiful once again.

Enter the no underarm bulge bras! These gems are designed to solve the problem of underarm fat, also known as sleevage, which can be caused by the band of regular bras. With the right bra, you can achieve a smooth, flawless look that’ll make you feel amazing, whether you’re wearing a tank top or a strapless dress.

But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. That’s where I come in. I’ve tried and tested numerous bras to find the absolute best bra for underarm fat. I’ll be sharing my expert insights and recommendations so that you don’t have to go through the hassle.

Trust me, ladies, this is a game-changer, and you won’t want to miss out. Say goodbye to underarm bulges and hello to your new best friend – the no underarm bulge bra. Keep reading to find out more!

Best Bra For Underarm Fat

  1. Olga Easy Does It No Bulge 

Olga by Warner’s has garnered a big fan base because of its innovative and inclusive intimate wear. The Easy Does It No Bulge is a wire-free bra, which means it leads in the comfort department with no poking wires. It is made of stretchy fabric, which easily accommodates the natural shape of your bust and gives you the flexibility to move freely.       

This bra is modelled on a similar design as Warner’s best selling No Side Effects collection bras, and so it has extra side panels which discreetly smooth out any underarm bulges. It also has fuller cups for complete coverage, but they do not show up from under the tops. It has a hook and eye closure at the back, which allows you to customize the fit.       

One drawback that we will mention is that there is less separation and insufficient support if you compare it with underwire bras. So that you know, make sure to hand wash this bra to ensure it stays the way it is. It is available in a variety of vibrant colours; butterscotch, cabernet jewel, mauve shadows, cool water, toasted almond, to name a few. You can also get styles that have a lace overlay in the centre.   

Why We Love It

  • Wirefree comfort 
  • Extra side panels 
  • Fuller cups   

Take Note

Olga follows their own sizing system (from XS to 2XL), so tally your regular cup size with their chart to make sure you don’t order a wrong fit.  

Our Take On The Bra: Olga byWarner’s is a trustable name when it comes to innovative and specialist bras. The Easy Does It No Bulge bra perfectly echoes that. The extra high panels and taller back are an excellent addition for reducing underarm fat, along with fuller cups for maximum coverage. We say, go for it!

  1. Warner’s Easy Does It No Bulge Wire-Free Bra

Warner’s has been around for over 140 years, time enough for them to perfect the art of making fabulous lingerie! This Easy Does It No Bulge Wire-Free bra is one of their best selling bras online, and rightly so. It has extra side coverage panels which take care of the underarm bulge or sleevage by tucking everything inside neatly while not being constricting.       

Apart from the side panels, it also has wider straps that relieve stress on the shoulders and give added support to your breasts. And did we tell you that this bra can simply be tossed in the washing machine? No more hand washing!  

It is available in ten bright colours for you to choose from; white, rich black, rosewater, butterscotch, toasted almond, to name a few. The cups are designed using stretch fabric which accommodates your unique shape. This also helps in reducing underarm bulge as your breast tissue fits better inside the cups.  

Why We Love It

  • Wirefree comfort
  • Extra side panels
  • Wider straps 

Take Note

Again, Warner’s has their own sizing system, which runs from XS to 2XL. So you will have to measure yourself and choose a size that matches.  

Our Take On The Bra: Warner’s Easy Does It No Bulge Wire-Free Bra is a great bra for concealing underarm fat. It has extra side coverage panels, which helps push excess breast tissue in, giving you a smooth and sleek look on the outside. And, it is wire-free! So, with decent coverage and underarm fat reduction, this is a must-try!   

  1. FinallyBra No Underarm Bulge Full Coverage Convertible Push In Push Up Bra

FinallyBra is the perfect exclamation for saying that, finally, a bra covers, hides, and conceals underarm fat, all while also being comfortable. This nude bra (it comes in just one colour) has a unique design wherein the superior quality push in push up support conceals underarm fat or back bulge

It has 4.5″ side boning that centres the breasts and contains the breast tissue under the arm to give a smooth appearance. The side panels are double-lined too. The U-shaped back offers back smoothing while also keeping the straps more secure. The straps are fully adjustable and removable, too, so that you can convert them to a strapless bra. It has a hook and eye closure at the back with three rows which allow you to customize the fit.

We suggest you wear it at the first hook so that you can just tighten it when your bra stretches over time. The thin moulded cups have boning for a better pushed-in effect and the right amount of lift. And FinallyBra does add a designer touch to it with the floral lace under the cups and a bow in the centre!       

Why We Love It

  • 4.5” Side boning
  • Double-lined side panels 
  • Removable straps

Take Note

There are a few concerns about the band running a size smaller and that the straps are thin. Check your size and also see if the order is returnable. 

Our Take On The Bra: This bra by FinallyBra does what every good no-bulge bra should do. It has excellent support with the 4.5” boning on the sides and double-lined side panels. Another cool thing about this bra is that it has removable straps and can be made into a strapless bra too. 

  1. Warner’s Blissful Benefits Easy Simple Sized No Bulge Wirefree

Another amazing bra from Warner’s is the Blissful Benefits Easy Simple Sized No Bulge Wirefree bra. It has a minimalistic aesthetic, and it comes in four different colours; black, butterscotch, toasted almond, and white. As it is made of 92% Nylon, you can wash it in the washing machine. The 8% Spandex gives stretch to the fabric, which accommodates the shape of your bust. 

As for concealing underarm fat, this bra has extra side coverage panels. This help pushes the breast tissue in so it achieves a smooth shape. There is no sleevage or bulges, and even the back is smoothened out. The fuller cups ensure there is no spillage and that your breasts get the support they need.   

The U-shaped back gives a smooth appearance while the straps stay in place. Despite full coverage cups, they do not show under the clothes. The side panels also provide a minimizing effect and make your breasts look in shape.   

Why We Love It

  • Machine washable
  • Extra side coverage panels  
  • U-shaped back

Take Note

This bra is meant more for comfortable days, as the cups are not foam-padded. If you have very protruding nipples, this might not be the best for you.  

Our Take On the Bra: This Warner’s Blissful Benefits Easy Simple Sized No Bulge Wirefree is perfect for reducing underarm fat. It has extra side coverage panels which conceal any bulges and spillage well. Apart from that, it saves you the trouble of hand washing bras as they can be tossed in the machine. Go for it!

  1. Bali One Smooth U Ultra Light Illusion Neckline Underwire Bra

Bali is a popular intimate wear and shapewear brand in the US. Their Amazon store has a specially curated collection of back fat hiding bras for concealing underarm fat. This bra has full coverage contoured cups with an underwire for maximum support and lifts to your breasts. The cups are two-sectioned, which means it gives a better shape to your bust.   

This bra also has mesh inserts along with two straps, which make it breathable and easy to wear when you sweat in the summer heat. You can only hand wash this bra. When tackling underarm fat, the U Ultra Light Bra has inner side support slings that do a great job in lifting and side support. It gives your breasts a more natural shape and just the right amount of lift. The wider straps are good on the shoulders and do not dig into your skin.

They also help in better support to the side support wings. The straps are adjustable and are convertible to a racerback. And, to debunk all myths about limited colour options for such bras, you can purchase this in 16 different colours; crystal grey, cinnamon butter, chateau blue, nude, warm cocoa brown, just to name a few.   

Why We Love It

  • Inner side support slings 
  • Adjustable crisscross backstraps 
  • Sectioned contoured cups 

Take Note

There is minimum firm padding (as in something like foam padding in bras for smaller breasts), so buy after trying it out in colder climes too! 

Our Take On The Bra: This bra for underarm fat is all about enhanced side support, breathability, and a seamless bust shape. It reduces any bulges or spillage on the sides. It also has a minimizing effect, which will be a boon for you if you are big-chested.  

  1. Bali Comfort Revolution Easylite Seamless Wireless Bra

Yes, yet another Bali bra! As the name suggests, the Comfort Revolution Easylite Seamless Wireless Bra focuses on your comfort. That is evident by the fact that it is hardwire-free and relies on its wide straps and removable cups for support. The cups offer decent shaping if you are not very heavy chested, but the sides are tucked in well.    

This bra is a tad difficult to put on because it has a pullover closure. But that also means it looks incredibly seamless under clothes (well, unless you have heavy, fuller breasts). The fused edges and no-lines design also gives an invisible look when worn under tight-fitting tops or dresses. It is available in 15 different colours and patterns.  

It has a SmartComfort band and back, which gives decent support and smoothing to reduce any back rolls or bumps. The side flex panels offer additional stretch, which allows you to wear and take off the bra easily. And the fabric used is a wicking fabric that dries sweat off of you, so it is also a great bra for the summers.     

Why We Love It

  • Hardwire-free comfort 
  • Fused edges for invisible design  
  • Wicking fabric  

Take Note

The removable cups tend to bunch up and make your breasts look deformed. But that is often the thing with removable pads.  

Our Take On The Bra: The Comfort Revolution Easylite Seamless Wireless Bra by Bali is a decent choice for concealing underarm fat. It has a truly seamless design, which hides any bulges or spillage quite well until you have fuller breasts. It is made of moisture-wicking fabric for better sweat control. If you have small breasts, this is the ultimate comfortable bra! 

  1. Olga No Side Effects Underwire Contour Bra

Olga is back on our list! This time it is their very popular No Side Effects Underwire Contour Bra. This, too, is among their best selling products. It is a dream bra for all the sleeveless tops and dresses you didn’t wear for fear of your underarm fat or bra showing. It has hidden built-in side panels which enhance side support and push extra breast tissue inwards. 

The sides and the back are free of any elastic, so your underarm fat would not create bulges or spill out. This also gives a very sleek look under clothes. And you can match it with your outfits as it comes in nine vibrant colours with a satin-y finish for that posh look. Butterscotch, lilac dawn, sunblush, and spiced berry are some of the colours available. 

The straps are front adjustable for easier access, although they are slightly narrow and may slip off despite the U-shaped back. Talking of the back, it has a triple hook and eye closure which allows you to adjust the bra’s fit to your comfort. It can only be washed by hand.  

Why We Love It

  • Discrete built-in side panels  
  • Plenty of colour choices 
  • Front adjustable straps  

Take Note

Some customers have observed that this bra runs a size smaller, so we recommend you measure yourself with a tape at home first before ordering. 

Our Take On The Bra: The Olga No Side Effects Underwire Contour Bra is perfect for sleeveless tops and dresses as the clever built-in side panels conceal any sleevage. It is true to its name and offers exceptional contouring and covering for underarm fat. 

  1. Vanity Fair Full Figure Beauty Back Smoothing Bra

When you see a Vanity Fair tag, you know it will be a high-quality bra! This particular one, the Full Figure Beauty Back Smoothing bra, is especially popular. It has both underwire and wire-free variants, but this one is the wire-free one. So no poking wires, cheers! With its fuller coverage cups for no spillage or side/back rolls, this bra is a solid choice for reducing underarm fat.   

The cups are lightly lined for modesty and decent support. It also shapes the breasts and gives your bust a seamless appearance. Of course, if you want proper padding, go for another bra. The wire-free construction is a breath of fresh air from all the wired bras in the market, and it provides adequate separation and support.     

The higher and wider sides tuck the breast tissue in to give a no-bulge look. This also provides ample coverage, especially if you are full-figured. The straps are lined with VF’s signature plush fabric which makes them soft against the skin. The wider straps do not dig into your shoulders as opposed to narrower ones. The straps are adjustable from the back and are placed closer together, so they don’t slip off. The lace in the centre panel is a nice touch! 

Why We Love It

  • Great back smoothing
  • Minimizes up to 1½ inches  
  • Wider side panels 

Take Note

The cups tend to make your breasts point away from each other rather than towards the centre and also look a little pointy on some women.

Our Take On The Bra: Vanity Fair has done a good job with this bra. Concealing underarm fat and back rolls are the main focus of this bra apart from full coverage. And, it does well in all these departments. The wire-free support is supportive and yet comfortable. There is only one way to go; trying this bra out!

  1. Bali Comfort Revolution Wire Free Bra

Now, this Bali Comfort Revolution Wire Free Bra is modelled on a similar design as the  Easylite Seamless bra from the same brand, but it is slightly different. It has a full support lining which gives a good amount of support to your breasts. This bra has a seamless design with a jersey-like fit. It is available in six colours, three of them with a floral pattern across the cups.

The ultra-thin foam cups are made of stretchable fabric, which accommodates the unique shape of your breasts. It also gives you the freedom to move, breathe, and be as you like. As for the sleeve, it has a knit-in, 2-ply side and back support which tucks the extra tissue in. This gives a shaping effect to your bust while also looking very natural. 

The band provides most of the support apart from the wide straps, and that too is made of a flexible fabric that moves with you. The straps stay in place because of the U-shaped back design, where they are placed closer together. 

Why We Love It

  • Full support lining
  • 2-ply side and back support
  • Ultra-thin foam cups   

Take Note

If you have a fuller bust or want a bra to give you a snugger fit, look for a padded one instead. 

Our Take On The Bra: This Bali Comfort Revolution Wire Free Bra is a great everyday bra that gives you the confidence to wear sleeveless tops or dresses without the fear of underarm fat. It has a wire-free construction for maximum comfort, while the full support lining takes care of the support. 

  1. Warner’s Blissful Benefits Side Smoothing Underwire Bra

Yes, we are not done with Warner’s yet! Their Blissful Benefits collection is a true gem for finding bras that conceal underarm fat or sleevage. The Side Smoothing Underwire Bra is one of them. This has underwire support encased in soft satin and cushioned for comfort, so no wires poking into your skin.    

The underwire, along with the full coverage cups, make sure your breasts are supported well and do not sag. The cups are designed to prevent any spillage, with higher sides for hiding the underarm fat. The sides provide the firm support you need without cutting into your underarm. However, there is noticeable gaping at the top of the sides.  

You can get this plain coloured bra in three basic colours; black, white and toasted almond. The straps are narrow with a U-shaped back for no slipping. They are detachable and can be worn in the traditional, crisscross, strapless, or halter style. The three-row hook and eye closure is at the back.

Why We Love It

  • Full coverage cups
  • Higher sides 
  • Cushioned, encased underwire support 

Take Note

Users say this bra runs a size smaller, so we recommend ordering accordingly and checking for the return policy.

Our Take On The Bra: As we said before, you cannot go wrong with Warner’s when it comes to the best bra for underarm fat. This bra offers just the right amount of side support to your breasts, which tucks in any bulges or spillage for a smooth look. And the underwire is cushioned and encased in satin for superior comfort. It is worth a try! 

Buying Guide

Liposuction or any other surgical procedure or workouts aren’t the only way to reduce underarm fat. Getting yourself the right style of bra can be of great help. Sometimes you wear a bra that is too small for you, and your breast tissue puckers up. So follow some of these pro tips to buy the best bra for underarm fat.   

  • Look For Sectioned Cups: One of the main features of a good bra for underarm fat is that it has sectioned cups. You can find bras with two, three, or even four sectioned cups. Although the general saying is that the more the sectioned cups, the better the support, but it varies depending on your particular cup size. You may not require three or four sectioned cups if you don’t have bigger and heavier breasts; just two will do the job. These sectioned cups tuck in the breast tissues properly to give a smooth, natural bust shape. 
  • And Side Wings & Boning: The higher side wings are what do the majority of work to hide underarm fat. These should be high, preferable with a taller back for the best effect. The side panels keep your underarm fat tight to give a smooth look. Another thing that really makes a difference is side boning. This pushes your breast tissue towards the front to prevent any unsightly side bulges or spillage
  • Fuller Cups Help A Lot: This may seem a little out of place, but while choosing a bra for underarm fat, going for fuller cups can be a changemaker. Underarm fat can be reduced if your bra has fuller cups because then the cups contain all your breast tissue, including the sides and under the arms. Some of it will also depend on how you wear your bra, whether you tuck everything in correctly or not. Once you have fuller cups and the right way to wear them, you are good to go!     

Final Verdict 

A good bra can make a huge difference. The right bra style and cup size can prove to be a real game-changer for problems like underarm fat. Your overall appearance and confidence are in for a boost once you choose the best bra for underarm fat from our top picks. Happy shopping, ladies!

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