How to Buy Lingerie for a Women

10 Tips to Buy Lingerie for your Wife, Girlfriend (Buying Guide)


This lingerie buying guide is for all men who don’t know how to buy sexy lingerie for their girlfriend or wife that she will actually want to wear & that will make her feel both sexy & comfortable. We have discussed some serious as well as common issues that occur while shopping for lingerie and how to deal with those issues.

You might have possibly come across a phase in your life where you are close to a particular date, especially if you are married, the important date of your life, your marriage anniversary, or your wife or fiance’s birthday. You want the day to be special and romantic.

What is the best thing women care about or fantasize about… a perfect bra and panty lingerie set? Many of you will accept the fact that a sexy lingerie set is a women’s fantasy.

But, looking at their taste is different. Every girl has different taste choices and it is always difficult to love from their aspect. When men need to buy underwear for someone, they often panic because they either don’t want to offend their girlfriends or because they are aware that what they want to see their girlfriend in probably isn’t going to make her feel comfortable or it’s probably something she won’t want to wear.

So, here we are today helping you to buy that pair of lingerie you want for your girl and make a perfect evening.

Shopping for your partner is not as easy as it might seem and especially if you are buying the best thing, you both love it. You need to know what are the criteria and what you are buying.

Reason why men are clueless while buying underwear for their girlfriends.

Fear Factor: You walk through a mall and see a store with women’s underwear. But being a guy one thing that will resist you from entering the store is the fear factor. The fear of what other people might think or say can pull you backward. You might have come across a shopping site and since your friends are around or your parents are home you backed out from that site.

This is the major issue all men have. Just get your head off of it. They are just pieces of cloth that you are buying for your loved ones and you need not fear that. Just GO. No one is ever going to remember whether you’ve been to a store. After you did your shopping, the only thing that remains still is that you have a gift for your girl and you are going to have a perfect date.

Know what you are buying: Lingerie is not just like shopping men do, just go and grab the one you like the most. You must have a good knowledge of the thing that you are buying and especially for your partner. When you enter the shop to buy those pairs or visit a site you must be familiar with the item that you are looking for. You will be going over your partner’s wardrobe and think like, “What sort of clothes are these ?” So in order to know what you are purchasing and what will be the effect if you buy a poor pair with fabric that makes her itchy or that doesn’t fit will surely not impress her.

Seek help: If you are in dilemma about whether your choice will match your partner’s choice, or say you want to know about the fabric and will the color fades away or not, whether the laces are strong and will not catch off, you can always ask the assistant for help. You can go to the help section of the site and talk with the representative to know more about the product. Don’t feel shy about it. Though you might be thinking about what might be their reaction, I tell you for sure they will be happy to help you.

Common mistakes: You are in a deeply romantic mood. Once and for all you want to see her in that sexy lingerie with maroon color that will blow your mind. You might want a lacy panty with transparent color. But hold on. What if she hates the maroon color. What if she gets ticklish from those laces and she gets irritated from those laces.

One of the biggest mistakes while buying lingerie is not knowing your partner’s choice and perspective. Since lingerie shopping is as much as shopping for a pair of jeans for yourself, you must consider what she likes.

Lingerie Buying Guide – How To Buy underwear For Your Girlfriend?

Let us start our guide for buying the right lingerie for your girlfriend, wife, or partner. Keep these things in mind so that whatever bra you buy should last longer.

  1. Do research

Take a look at her underwear drawer to see what style she likes and try to emulate it. Do not deviate too far from what she usually wears. So if she likes non-underwire bras try and go with that. If you kind of go with what the majority of her current underwear looks like you won’t really go too far wrong. This is not the appropriate time for you to fulfill your fantasy, it is not the time for you to start buying crotchless underwear or the seafood underwear, she won’t appreciate those things. Leave that to another time. Buying a girl’s underwear for a birthday shouldn’t be something you buy from any pink shop on your high street; it should make her feel sexy. It should be sexy and classy.

  1. Know the size

Obviously, the next key thing is going to be the size. The easiest thing to do would be to simply ask her, which would probably be the most straightforward. However, I understand that if it’s going to be a surprise for a girl, you don’t want to spoil the surprise.

The biggest mistake men make is they will rummage through their girlfriend’s drawer when they’re trying to buy bras and they’ll see lots of different sizes and they’ll think oh my god, there are so many different sizes.

Girls boobs go up and down depending on their cycle. So when she’s on her period her boobs will probably be a bit bigger. If you don’t want to ask your girlfriend what size she wears, you can just peek in her laundry basket and see what bra she wears on a regular basis.

You’ll kind of get a gist of what her size is going to be. The back size of a bra always stays the same pretty much. It’s just the cup size that gets bigger so the back will always be the same. It’ll just be the cup size that varies.

  1. Impress with Colors

The next thing is color and I think men overlook this aspect. Color is really important. When you are picking a bra, you need to match it with your partner’s skin tone.

The best thing to do is choose dark colors, like dark red for example. Black, dark blue – those shades really pop on white skin.

There are a few colors that don’t really work – like green color. If your girlfriend has a slightly darker skin tone she’s a bit more tanned you can try pastel or flowery color bras. Gfor anything that is cute and girly. Don’t go for anything that’s too intimidating or too sexy. You just want to go with something that she can wear for multiple occasions something that she can wear to work and she can be comfortable in.

If you just buy her something that is completely see-through she’s not going to get a lot of wear out of that because she won’t be able to wear that to work and just have nips popping out.

If you just want to buy a generic bra that will fit everyone you can’t really go wrong with black the only color I would kind of stay away from is white.

Do not buy white because it needs to be washed separately and it’s such a hassle. And literally, as soon as you put it in the machine it becomes grey. Nude underwear can also be an excellent choice.

  1. Go for brief

When you’re buying for the bottom half always go for the brief. Because that’s what she’s gonna get the most wear out of and that’s what she’s probably going to be most comfortable in the majority of women

  1. Texture & materials

Texture is the key also. I think the most sensible thing to do if you want to buy something luxurious is to try and get something kind of quite silky and soft. That’s going to be quite comfortable for her to wear.

And be prepared to spend a bit of money. Most bras are expensive. Make sure the gusset part of the underwear is cotton. Underwear looks pretty on but any woman knows if you wear lacy underwear you’re playing with fire, and you’re gonna get yeast infections.

  1. The Evergreen Choice: Black Lace Lingerie

The first thing you should do is tell the seller what your partner’s hair and skin color is So that he can show you lingerie in better colors for your partner, wife, or girlfriend. If still, you are not able to decide then we suggest you go with a black laced lingerie set because black is a color that blooms on everyone. Black Laced lingerie is an evergreen choice to look sexy.

  1. If She is Not a Lingerie Person

If you know that, your partner, girlfriend, or wife is not a lingerie person, then you can go with the other option is to gift her a sexy and bold nightgown. The nightgowns give a cozy and covered-up feeling to her and along with that it also gives a super sexy feel in so many ways. It should be short so that she can show off her legs. It should be made with sheer lace so that she can flaunt her curves and move too.

  1. Match the set

The last thing you want to spoil your partner’s mood is to give her a blue bra and white knickers. Keep in mind that you will certainly impress her with a matching set of bra and panties.

Color combinations and fabrics are usually important factors to keep in mind. There is a variety of lingerie that comes in a set. But if you are buying different bra and panties then you must consider that the color match and doesn’t look offset.

  1. Learn about various styles and options available

You will definitely be puzzled when you see the different styles of women’s clothing. It is not as simple as men where we have a v-shape and a full-size choice.

There are varieties of styles in women’s lingerie both bra and panties. Presenting her with the one she already has will not make an impact.

What you need to do is go through her bra and panties and know the one she already has. Know her style, have a little chit-chat before buying, and get to know if any, what might she like to have.

sexy lingerie for wife
  1. Terms around the Lingerie world:

Below is the list of some words that you may hear and there while you go lingerie shopping. It is very helpful if you know these terms. Once you go through these, you can quickly know what you are looking for and whether your partner likes, wears, or is interested in it or not.

  • Balconette: Bra with small cups and lower cut showing more cleavage.
  • Boy Shorts: Boxer-like panties wider than a thong or normal panties but smaller and more revealing than a pair of short pants.
  • Bustier: Long garment worn from bust to navel, tightens the bust to give a little push and maintains the body shape.
  • Corset: Long form-fitting cloth covering breast falling all the way to the waistline to give a slimmer-looking body shape.
  • Camisole: Similar to tank-top that covers the bust area with narrow strips.
  • Demi Cup: Often thought of like a half bra, reveals half to three-quarters of the breast area with a firm push towards the center
  • G-String: Type of thong covering the front with a narrow fabric, going through the arse joint to the waistline around the hips.
  • Plunge: Bra with a low cut and a V-neckline.
  • Push Up: A padded wireless bra that pushes the breast upward to look bigger and more revealing.
  • Slip: A versatile garment covering the breast falling deep into the waistline supported by narrow straps.
  • Soft Cup: Bra that holds the breast firmly without any wire at the band line.
  • Thong: Panty that barely covers the genitals and anus leaving most of the buttock area open supported by some straps in the waistline.
  • Underwire: Bra with a semi-circle wire at the bottom to lift up the breast to the center.
  • A quarter cup bra is a kind of shelf bra, that props up the breast from below to some degree, with a cup that covers less than half of the breast and maintains the style with that as well.

To conclude this guide, one thing to keep in mind is to first know her choices and make a purchase. This will save you time and will leave a great memory behind. Be sure to give her the garments which intersect between what she wishes to wear and what you might want her to see. Good luck.

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