AGONVIN High Impact Support Bounce Control Bra Plus Size Women


This bra is made up of different compositions of materials like polyester, nylon, and spandex. The polyester ad nylon gives you a soft feeling on your skin, and the spandex will help with the elasticity of the bra. The most obvious feature would be that this bra has a hook and eye closure at the back for easy wearing and adjustability.

The bra is wire-free, and this will still give you a slight lift, along with support for a high-impact workout. The material is breathable, and they also have the advanced property to dry quickly and wick away sweat and moisture, keeping you dry all day long. It is also a great option for women with a fuller bust as it gives the needed support & lift.

The bra has a two-way backstretch that allows for free range of movement but also keeps the bra in place. It also has thick shoulder straps that will be gentle on your skin without digging through it. The straps are also had ergonomic relief padding that would improve comfort.

One disadvantage of the bra is that the shoulder straps can not be adjusted. The other con is that the bra needs to be hand-washed; hence you need to put in the effort to maintain its structure.

You can refer to the Amazon page of this product for the sizing charts and different colors available.

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