Brilliant Contours Post Surgical High Impact Workouts Bra Black Dragonfly


This bra has no specification about the material used. The bra is targeted towards women who are recovering from surgeries like breast augmentations, reductions, reconstruction, and mastectomy. However, it can also be worn during high-intensity workouts like running, weight training, etc. The bra has a zipper in the font, so you can easily wear it without any issues, especially if you are recovering from surgery. The bra is equipped to reduce back pain and controls swelling so that you are feeling comfortable and safe during your recovery. Materials used for this bra are soft, durable, and high-end fabric that will last for a long and give you maximum comfort. The shoulder straps of this bra are adjustable, so you can change them according to your comfort, body type, or requirements. They are also thick so that they are gentle on your skin. The underband is also wide to aid with maximum comfort for you. The bra is wire-free and has no seams that will make an indentation on your outer clothing. This bra is available in two colors, black and pink. You can visit the Amazon page of this bra if you want to know more information about the sizing. Note that the sizing for this brand may vary from the ones you regularly buy, so be sure to look through their sizing chart to find your right fit. Now that we have looked at the best compression sports bra out there let us take a look at the buyer’s guide. In this guide, you will have detailed information about the bra’s different features and the things that you need to consider before purchasing a bra that will fit your right.
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