CRZ YOGA Longline Wireless High Impact Convertible Racerback Sports Bra


This bra is made of polyester, spandex, and polyamide. This combination of materials gives the same comfort as the bras. It has a hook and eye closure that will make it easy for you to wear and remove this bra. This type of closure also allows you to adjust the bra’s fitting according to your comfort.

The shoulder straps of this bra are removable and convertible. You can keep them as a regular bra strap or remove them to convert them into a criss-cross or a racerback. You can make this change according to what activity you do. If you want more range of movement, then you can convert it to a racerback, or if you do not move so much, then you can keep it as it is.

It is also wireless; this means that there is nothing digging through your skin and bothering you during your workouts. The pads in the bra are also removable. So, if you feel uncomfortable or if it is too hot, you can simply remove the padding and change it according to your convenience.

The bra also provides great support so that you can concentrate on your work rather than your bra. As you can already see, the bra can be changed as you like, so this customizable feature of this bra is its biggest advantage.

This bra comes in beautiful colors like pink, brown, mauve, and many more. You can look through the Amazon page of this bra for the detailed size chart.

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