Freya Marvel Underwire Side Panel Bra

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Another entry in our guide to choosing a bra to push wide-set boobs together is the Freya Marvel Underwire Side Panel Bra. Freya is well known for its youthful and vibrant designs, especially its swimwear and activewear. It is a super comfortable and supportive bra with its no-poke underwire. The side panels provide bust control and prevent side spillage too.

For breasts set wide apart, this bra has a vertical flat seam for perfect forward projection and enhanced cleavage, everything you want from a bra that pushes breasts together! The neckline is a deep V-shape that hides well underneath low-neckline outfits. So get all those plunging necklines out of your closet!

Apart from pushing the breasts closer to each other, this bra has a clever solution for a very common problem with bras; gaping above cups. The Marvel bra has stretch lace at the neck edge, which fits snugly on the neck, giving you a line-free look under your clothes. It is available in two colours; black and nude.

Why We Love It
  • Cleavage enhancement
  • Plunge neckline

Take Note

For the desired cleavage, as in the model’s picture, choose an appropriate size that isn’t too loose.

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