Panache Perfect Fit Comfortable Underwired Sports Bra


This bra is majorly made up of polyamide; it also has materials like polyester and elastane. The material makes you feel comfortable at all times. It has a special design with ventilating mesh panels on the shoulders and bust for the bra to be breathable. This will allow you to wear the bra for a long period of time without any discomfort. The shoulder pads have cushions that will be gentle on your skin.

The bra maximizes support and minimizes bounce by about 85%. This sports bra individually encapsulates each breast and lifts, shapes, and supports them from all sides. The back is an adjustable racerback with a hook and eye closure. This allows maximum freedom for you to adjust the bra as you would like for it to fit you. Although this bra is equipped to support you through any sports, it is best for running as the racerback allows a higher range of movement.

The brand focuses on inclusivity. Hence it has the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. However, the brand has its sizing is listed in UK sizes. You can use our sizing guide, conversion chart on the Amazon page, product images, to get a perfectly fitting bra.

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