Yvette Sexy Criss Cross Running Bra for Plus Size Women


There are no specifications regarding the fabric this bra is made up of, but it is mentioned that it is a cool-max fabric that keeps you cool and dry at the same time. The bra has a breathable mesh that is, according to the manufacturer is “next-to-skin feel.” This skin feel will ensure comfort for you at all times. This bra is mainly targeted at women with bigger breasts and women looking for bras that will give you maximum support and comfort. The bra will ensure that your breast does not feel compressed and suffocated. It will ensure that your breasts are kept in place but are also comfortable. The biggest focus of this bra is sagging support, and apart from that, the bra has a criss-cross back that aids with support and give you a stylish look. It has a hook and eye closure at the back for easy on and off, and it also enhances the range of your motion. The straps are well spread on your shoulders, so they will be gentle on your skin. The bra comes in many different colors, adding a plus point to the style factor. You can go to the Amazon page of this bra to find information regarding the sizing. Featured in: Best Sports Bra with Hooks in Back in 2022
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