10 Bra Storage Ideas to Keep Their Shape and Take Up Less Space

If you have some shower curtain rings just lying around in your storage room, it's time to use them for storing your bras.


Hangers can give you that lingerie shop kind of vibe. Have all your bras displayed and be proud of your collection. Make sure the hangers that you use have folds or dents to avoid your bras from slipping. 


Drawers with wider width dimensions are the best to perfectly lay out your beauties in line. You can either lay them standing or leaning on one another. Try color coordinating them for fun.


Don’t have enough space to lay your beauties all out? Use hanging shoe organizers to fill in the empty space below the rods.


Well this is only if you have unused PVC pipes at home. Buying PVC pipes just for storing bras doesn’t seem like a good idea. This method is for all the unpadded bras you own. You can also use this technique of storage for all your plain everyday wear t-shirts.


You can use spare shower rods, curtain rods or closet rods to simply hand your bras. This is the simplest way to store your beauties.


Some hooks of the tie organizers are bendable. Use this to your advantage and try to space out each hook so that you don’t end up with tangled bra straps.


Honeycomb dividers can be used for unpadded bras, they keep them in place and don’t let straps come in contact with each other.


What’s better than buying stuff online? It is definitely using what we already own. So, take loose paper sheets and a pair of scissors and start folding the papers into long and thick rectangular strips. The height of the strips must be less than the depth of the drawer while the length must be a little less than that of the drawer. Start cutting slits on both sides of the strips such that two strips perfectly interlock with each other.


If you have a close connection with your lingerie and wish to keep them away from dust and moisture, this is the best technique to follow. There are hundreds of cube shaped zip bags that you can use to store your precious babies.


We hope you have found this article helpful and learnt how to store bras! Make sure to follow these bra hacks and tips to store your bra. You have full freedom to go crazy with decorations so please do so. Happy organizing!