10 Best Front Zipper Bra in June 2022 – Review

We all love a good bra that is easy to wear and comfortable at the same time. Now, we have to appreciate the lingerie shops as they do get creative and come up with different types of bras for every kind of clothing.

From strapless bras to adhesive bras, the options available are endless. One such bra that gives good comfort and easy wear is a front zipper bra. With zippers, you will not have to worry about annoying hooks that always poke in the back.

These zipper sports bra are super easy to wear, and that is why we have created a list of the best zipper bra so that you can grab yours soon. At the end of the article, you also have a buyer’s guide that gives detailed information on the different factors that you need to consider before purchasing your bra.

Also, do keep in mind that these products are not listed in any particular order. They are simply some of the best front zipper sports bra in the market currently. 

10 Best Front Zipper Bras For Maximum Comfort

Read the review of 10 best front zip sports bra in June 2022 handpicked by our lingerie expert. Suitable for every type of workout and easy to take off.

1. BRABIC Women Post-Surgical Sports Support Bra with Adjustable Straps:

This bra is made especially for women who are recovering from any breast procedures like breast augmentation, reductions, reconstructions, mastectomy. It is also designed in a way that you can comfortably wear for activities like exercise, gym fitness, yoga, sleeping, and everyday wear.

It has three front hook closures and adjustable shoulder straps that will fit you exactly. The hook closure in the front of the bra can be easily removed. The Unique shoulder strap design can help you reduce the pressure and adjust the tightness to better support the breast without discomfort on the shoulder and back.

The criss-cross pattern in the back helps boost posture, reduce back pain, and avoid straps from slipping off shoulders, providing the optimal lift and side support for post-surgical healing and comfort. It has a narrower elastane and rubber band under the bust, so the bra can let air touch your skin and keep you cool. Hence, it is breathable and won’t irritate your skin; you can wear it all day long. 

The bra is seamless, and hence there will be no indentations on your outer clothing. The bra has a semi-mold cup around but no padding for a speedy recovery from surgeries, making you feel smooth and complete coverage of your breast. 

The bra has excellent ratings and reviews. It has a 4 out of 5 stars rating, and many women found the product useful and comfortable. 

2. newlashua Women’s High Support, Push Up, Zip Sports Bra:

This bra is also a bra with a zipper in the fort for easy-wearing purposes. However, it comes with an adjustable support band in the back like a normal bra with three sets of clasps. It has velcro shoulder straps that are adjustable and hence allow to adjust the cups size. 

It has an anti-slide zipper that protects from sliding down when doing exercise. It can be worn for different kinds of activities like gym, sports and many more. Since it is a sports bra, it is designed to give you the support that you need. 

Each package comes with a free bra extender. It is a compression bra with an updated fit and Dri-FIT fabrication. They have a revised body shape for improved support for all the fitness activities like gym, yoga, walking, dancing, climbing, rope skipping, etc. 

The bra comes in different colors like black, pink, blue, etc., and you can refer to the Amazon page for the size. The brand has been more conscious about bra fitting because of the customers’ regular feedback. Hence, they also have detailed sizing charts and improved designs for better fitting. 

The rating and reviews on this product are only average, with a 3.6 out of 5 stars rating. There are mixed reviews about the product. There are no particular complaints; the users just feel like it is not good enough. 

3. ohlyah Women’s Zipper Front Closure Sports Bra:

This front closure sports bra is made up of 92% nylon and 8% spandex. The nylon gives you great comfort, and the spandex allows the bra to stretch and fit you perfectly. This bra has its zippers in the front, and it also has safety hooks for added reassurance. 

The cups are lightly padded to give a flattering shape and support but are also breathable for your comfort. The cups can be removed if you need extra coverage or if you find them uncomfortable. It has a wide inner panel underneath the zipper to prevent skin contact and chafing. The soft and wide panel underneath the bust also helps to avoid chafing and makes the bra more breathable. 

You can find a detailed sizing chart on the Amazon page of this bra, and these are available in many fun colors like pink, black, purple, white, and many more, and you can even choose to buy the different packs available. 

The ratings and the reviews of the product are great, with a 3.9 out of 5 stars rating. The reviews are mostly positive, and the buyers commented that the bra is good for post-surgical recovery. 

4. Corda Zipper in Front Sports Bra High Impact Strappy Back Support Workout Top

The Corda zipper bra is made up of 72% nylon and 25% spandex. Just like the previously mentioned bra, the nylon gives you the soft touch and feel on your skin, and the spandex gives you the elasticity needed for easy wearing. 

With the zipper bras, you don’t need to wrestle yourself out of sweaty bras post-workout; you can just remove them easily. This bra also has a handy zipper in the front for easy removal and wearing. It also has two hooks on the top of the zipper for added security. 

It has a unique strappy, criss-cross back design which is both fashionable and practical. The wide shoulder straps help will give you more support and will not dig into your skin. The criss-cross back in only for fashion purposes. The quick-dry, moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry and comfortable throughout your workout. 

The bra has double-layer fabric that gives enough support and a soft feeling. It is wire-free and can be stretched very well according to your body type. It does have pads; however, these can be removed according to your preference. These pads provide added support for high-intensity workouts

As usual, you can find the size chart on the Amazon page, and this bra is also available in great colors like purple, teal, green, black, etc. The reviews and ratings of this bra are good. It has a 4.3 out of 5 stars; however, the reviews are a little mixed. Some people did not like the comfort of the zip as it was disturbing them. 

5. Jockey Women’s Zip Front Seam Free Bra:

 The Jockey bra is made of 95% nylon and 5% spandex. The nylon is a breathable fabric and also allows the moisture to evaporate quickly, and the spandex, on the other hand, can be used to make the bra stretchable and fit your body better. 

The zipper is in the front of the bra for closure, and as the name suggests, the bra has a seamless construction, which will not make any indentations on your outer clothing. It also has a knit-in mesh texture for breathability. The pads in the bra can be removed according to your comfort and preference. However, the cups might help you give the extra support that you need for high-intensity workouts. 

The size chart for this bra is on the Amazon page of this bra, and just like the other ones in the list, this bra also comes in exciting colors like teal, pink, black, and many more. The ratings of the product are good with a 4 out of 5 stars; however, there are some complaints in the reviews section about the quality of the zipper. 

6. Maidenform Women’s Sport Zip Bra DM7991:

This bra has different compositions of materials for the different components in it; however, it mostly comprises nylon, spandex, and mesh. These materials combine together to make the optimal comfort of the bra. 

The zip closure is in the front of the bra, and this style of bra was designed after the brand’s best-selling model that has extra coverage. The bra had a signature shaping support method that gives you all the support that you would need while doing heavy exercises or sports. It also has a motion control cup technology that will help minimize the bounce.

 The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and provides extra coverage and enhanced side support. The zip also has closure locks for extra protection, confident fit, and comfort. The wide shoulder straps and underband will help hold the bra in place, and they will also not dig into your skin. 

You can refer to the Amazon page for sizing. If you like a colorful bra then, this is not the one for you as this bra only comes in basic colors like black, grey, and white. The ratings of this product are only average, with a 3.8 out of 5 stars; however, there are not many negative reviews on the product.  

7. Rolewpy Floral Lace, Zipper Wireless Bralette for Women:

This bra is also made of different materials to get the best comfort. It is made of nylon, spandex, and polyester. These fabrics provide light and breathable feeling that keeps you relaxed all day long. 

This bra has its zip closure in the front, with a clasp for extra security. The clasp is anti-slide and anti-scratch, so you do not have to worry about your bra opening up or disturbing you during a night out with the girls. As the name suggests, it is a wire-less bra, and it does have thin pads that give you a little extra support; however, you can choose to remove them according to your convenience. 

The bra has beautiful and delicate lace on top of it, and along with that, the halter cut neckline adds a sexy look to the bra without showing any indentations on your outer clothing. However, it does not come in many colors. You only have three options, black, maroon, and violet. The straps are embroidered with this lace, but they can be stretched and hence will provide both fashion and comfort. 

Just like the others, you can refer to the Amazon page for sizing. The ratings of this bra are average, with a 3.8 out of 5 stars. However, the reviews are great for this bra, and there are no negative comments. 

8. CYDREAM Women Post-Surgical Bra:

This bra is made out of lycra material which makes the bra really soft, silky, and smooth on the skin. It is also super stretchy, durable, and breathable. So, you get everything that you need in a bra with just that one fabric. This bra is practical and hence can be worn at all times. 

The bra mainly focuses on women in recovery post-surgery. So, the zips are in the front for easy wearing, and the top and the bottom of this zipper is a small piece of cloth that prevents chafing or any kind of irritation on your skin. The underbust is really wide and elastic; this means that the bra will stay in one palace and not move. The stretchable fabric also makes sure that your movement is not restricted. 

The bra has side support and a posture corrector that will help improve your comfort in the long run. There are no underwires in the is bra; instead, it has the breast’s contour, non-padded in the middle for the maximum comfy, allows blood & lymph to circulate normally. Padded side support gives some support to the breast, minimizes the sway sensation after a reduction. Criss-cross back design with wide adjustable shoulder straps helps relieve the burden from heavy breast, enhance posture by pulling the shoulders back. 

The reviews on this product are great; however, the ratings seem to be lesser, with a 3.7 out of 5 stars. 

9. SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Wireless, Front Zip Sports Bra:

This bra is made up of 88% polyester that provides a soft touch on the skin, and 12% of spandex that gives elasticity. This bra top has a zipper in the front for the sake of comfort. To improve comfort, the bra has no wires and is also non-padded. The soft cups give you extra support and comfort while doing intense activities. 

The bra has full coverage with a full-length frontal zip. The design is of a compression bra that is well suited for medium to high impact activities like at the gym and many more. The breathable material also makes it suitable for many sports like running, cycling, booking, tennis, etc. 

You can find detailed instructions regarding the sizing and a clear size chart on the Amazon page of this bra. This bra is available in many fun colors like neon pink, green, teal, etc. 

The ratings for this bra are also a little low, with a 3.6 out of 5 stars, and the reviews are also mixed about it. Some buyers like it while others do not. 

10. Athletic Works Women’s Plus Size Zipper Front Sports Bra:

This bra is made of 53% cotton, 35% polyester, and 12% spandex. This mixture of materials makes sure that the bra is best suited for your skin and fits you well. The zip on this bra is also in the front for convenience. The shoulder strap and the underband are wide so that they do not hurt your skin.

It has the Driworks technology that keeps aways moisture and makes you feel dry even after some heavy workout. The back of the bra is a racerback with a keyhole which makes it very stylish. The bra has a flatlock seam, and the washing instruction on this bra is to Machine wash cold with like colors, only non-chlorine bleach when needed, do not use any softener, tumble dry low, remove promptly, medium iron when needed.

You can find the detailed size chart on the Amazon page, and this bra does not come in any exciting colors, which may be a disadvantage. 

The review on this product is really good, and the ratings are also not bad. It has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. 

Now that we have looked at the best zipper bra out there let us take a closer look into the buyer’s guide. These are just some simple factors that you can consider before purchasing a bar. Do keep in mind that these are not any rigid rules, and feel free to go with your instinct.  

Buyer’s Guide:

The Purpose Of The Bra:

As you could have noticed in the above list, some of the bras are specially made for a particular purpose, like post-surgical bras. So, as the first step, you need to know for what you need this bra.

There are many reasons to choose a zipper bra:

  1. If you need the bra for your recovery post-surgery, then a zipper bra is good for you. Make sure that the bra is made up of soft and skin-sensitive materials that will be gentle on your skin. It is also important that the bra is breathable for fast recovery. 
  2. If you are just tired of hooks then, all you need is a zipper bra. Zippers will make your life so much easier as you just need to zip-on or off to open the bra. However, what you need to care about is the quality and positing of the zipper. You do need to keep in mind that you won’t be completely hooks-free as most of the zipper bras have a look at the end of it as an added security. 

There is no point if you are going to buy a zipper that is in the back, as it will be even more difficult than wearing a bra with a hook. Also, make sure the zip is of good quality, especially when you are recovering post-operation. 

The Fitting Of The Bra:

As you see, most of the zipper bras are sports bras that give you more support than the regular ones. There are only two measurements that you need- your bust and your underwire. Below you can find the instructions to find a sports bra that will fit you perfectly. 

Firstly, Take a tape measure and measure from above your chest (right under your armpits). This will help you find the band size. We know that this might not make sense, but professionals follow this proven method to get your right size every time. So, just trust us with this. 

Secondly, take the measuring tape and measure from the fullest part of your breast to know your bust size. This will make sure that you buy the right size that will fit you perfectly! 

You also have an option to get your bra-sized measured professionally. Usually, the lingerie stores measure you perfectly before helping you out with a bra that will fit your needs. 

A well-fitting bra is the most important factor of all! It can make or break your outfit. A loose bra might create awkward indentations on your outer clothing, and if you buy a bra that is too tight, then it will be suffocating and make you feel uncomfortable. 

The Shoulder Straps Of Your Bra:

The straps of the bra are one of the most important parts of the bra as it gives you support that you look for. It would be our suggestion that you pick a bra with wide straps as it will provide you with extra support and it will also be gentle on your skin. The wider the bra strap, the lesser pressure it puts on your shoulder, so your skin will also be safe! A well-designed bra strap can also help the curvy girls with the back caused because of the heavy bust. 

However, it is not possible to wear a thick strap bra at all times as some of the clothes we wear have thinner straps. For tops with a spaghetti strap or an off-shoulder top, you need to pick other types of bra. 

Some of your options could be:

  • Strapless Bra: This is a great option for when you wear a dress with no sleeves or a spaghetti sleeve. There’s all the support needed without the inconvenience of straps.
  • Adhesive Bra: These are great for backless dresses and under sheer dresses. They come in disposable paper ones with a strong adhesive or reusable ones with washable silicone that you can simply stick on yourself. 

These bras, as mentioned, do not have any straps, so they would be perfect for all types of clothing. 

Padded Or Non-Padded Cups?

You can either choose a padded bra or a non-padded bra. It may seem like it would not make a difference, but it can change your whole look depending on what you choose to wear. 

A padded bra will give you a smoother silhouette and will also add more volume to your busts. This is especially recommended for women with smaller busts as it gives boosts to look bigger. You can wear a padded bra with clothes that are body-hugging as it accentuates your curves and makes you look beautiful. 

However, one disadvantage with a padded bra is that it can be quite uncomfortable to wear it all day long, especially on hot days. It can be really uncomfortable to wear it all day. 

A non-padded bra can be worn for any occasion. This also gives you a smooth silhouette, but you need to buy a bra that is of good quality to achieve the same level of smoothness. This can be worn all day without any discomfort being caused to you. 

The Cup Size:

This is also an important factor as this also determines the support and comfort. If you are a curvy woman, you might lean towards a bra with a bigger cup with thin padding or no padding, as that will provide more coverage. However, If you are a woman with a smaller bust, then you can pick something with thicker padding for a fuller look with more volume. 

As we said, there are no rigid rules to wearing a bra. All you need to consider is your comfort level and what you want. Many types of bras are available in the market for you to choose from. You can wear whichever makes you feel confident and comfortable. 

We hope this article about the best front zipper bra was helpful to you! Do keep these small points in mind to find your perfect fitting bra! Happy shopping!