How to Make Your Bras Last Longer?

A bra does not only support your assets but also provides several other benefits. Bras have traversed a long path from the necessity to luxury. They not only add beauty but also serve the purpose.

A well-fitted bra can do wonders to that look and feel of yours, while a bad or shabby one can make you feel bad or ill-tempered.

Have you ever found the perfect bra? Whether it’s that t-shirt bra that looks good under everything or that lace plunge bra that is perfect for date night — we all have a favorite bra.

Today I’m offering some tips to help you preserve your favorite bras so they continue to serve you well over their lifetime.

4 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Favorite Bra

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Just follow these tips and you’ll never have to worry about a popped underwire or stretched elastic again!

Tip 1: Wash Your Bras Every 2–3 Wears

If you want to make your bras last longer, then you should have to know about its washing system. As we know that over-washing the bra can make its life shorter and in a similar way under-washing the bra means that you wear a dirty, germy, and sweaty bra. So it is very to know that when you should wash your bra for its longer life.

According to the study, you should wash your bra every 2 or 3 wear. By doing this your bra will remain clean, stay in a good condition for the long term and it also helps to make your bras last longer.

But also remember, in the summer season when you sweat a lot if you want you can wash your bra after every single wear as per your hygiene.

Tip 2: Buy a good lingerie wash

While you can wash your bras with baby shampoo in a pinch, a good lingerie wash is better. A good quality alcohol-free detergent removes dirt and helps preserve the fabrics and elastics in your bra so it holds up better over time. As a bonus, a great lingerie wash can make your bathroom smell incredible for hours afterwards!

There are lots of different versions of lingerie wash out there, so it can be fun to test out different options and find your favorite. Lingerie washes come in scented and non-scented versions, as well as types where you have to rinse your lingerie and types where you don’t have to. Experiment with what works for your style and sensitivities to find your perfect version.

Tip 3: Avoid Hot water during the wash

Heat is the enemy of elastic so never ever washes your bra with anything but cold or lukewarm water! Stretch fabrics and elastic are what ensure that your bra fits so well so you really want to be gentle with them and keep them away from the heat when you wash and dry them.

Be patient, hand wash in cool water, and hang dry to enjoy the longevity of your bra! Remember that when you wash your bra you should swish it around gently and soak it for at least fifteen minutes to get all of the dirt out!

Tip 4: Carefully store your Bras

The easiest way to mess up a t-shirt bra or a molded cup bra is to store it in a drawer with stuff on top of it. Once a molded cup bra creases or flattens out it can be almost impossible to get it back into shape! If you have extra tissue paper and some additional storage space, you can stuff some balled-up paper in the cups to help them keep their shape. If not, just make sure that the cups nest inside each other and aren’t being damaged during storage.

If you can’t find space in your regular drawers, try getting one of those clear storage boxes from the store. They are just the right size to store a bunch of bras in and have lots of room to have them lie flat.

Do you have a favorite bra that you really love? If so, make sure to tell us about it in the comments! Did you learn any new lingerie care tips from this article? If so, make sure to share it with your friends

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