Quarter Cup Bra Types

Quarter Cup Bra Types & Review – How To Wear A Shelf Bra


Although there are so many options (Push-up bras, t-shirt bras, lace bras, bralettes, backless bras, etc), women with larger breasts rarely find a bra that is comfortable and fit.

If you are looking to wear such a special bra that not only provides extra support but also makes your cleavage look amazing then try wearing a Quarter cup bra.

What is a Quarter Cup Bra?

A quarter cup bra is a kind of shelf bra, that props up the breast from below to some degree, with a cup that covers less than half of the breast and maintains the style with that as well. In cup bras, we have different styles like cupless and open-cup bras, which expose the top part of the breast to various degrees by holding them up and making them appear fuller.

Rosme Womens Balconette Bra, Collection Grand

The main purpose of the balconette bra is aesthetic, with support being secondary. Quarter cup bras have an underwire to provide underbust support and a cup that does not cover the nipple which makes it looks more sexy and beautiful.

These bras are designed to give the appearance of fuller, more rounded breasts and to provide a more revealing, seductive look. They are often worn under low-cut tops or dresses to give a hint of cleavage or to add a touch of sexiness to an outfit.

Quarter cup bras can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on your personal style and comfort level. They can be worn under clothing as a traditional bra, or they can be worn as outerwear or in the bedroom as part of a lingerie set. It’s important to keep in mind that these bras may not provide the same level of support as full-cup bras, so they may not be suitable for everyday wear or for those with larger breasts.

Material Quarter cup bras are made of

Basically, a full cup bra is made from—lace, synthetic fabrics such as nylon and satin, and natural materials such as cotton and silk, as well as foam for supporting layers. Shelf bras can even be found in some less common materials, such as PVC and leather.

Types of quarter bra

Full cup bra

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Seamless Smoothing Full Coverage Bra“>

This is what you can use if you have larger breasts. The full cup bra covers the entire breast and it’s used by women with larger breasts, pregnant women, or by women that usually wear the top with a high neckline because are not comfortable in showing anything.

The full cup bra doesn’t necessarily have a large band size so if you have something huge in your shirt you cannot wear them without extra support(so for this you can use a shelf bra).

If you want extra support you need a plus-size model which is for larger women. On this one there is more material and it has a high cut so it will offer a nice round, natural shape no matter what is the outfit.

And yes you will see beautiful women wearing this – having a deep cleavage doesn’t make beautiful.

Demi-cup bra

Calvin Klein Women's Perfectly Fit Lightly Lined Memory Touch T-Shirt Bra“>

This is probably what you can wear on a daily basis but you don’t know that it’s called a demi-cup bra. It covers only half of the breast and offers plenty of support.

Women love this bra when it comes with a bra-necked shirt or low neckline dress since the upper part of the breast is visible.

Three-Quarter cup bra

The 3 quarter cup bra encompasses a similar style and purpose because the full cup bra however solely conceals three-quarters of the breast.

This style of the bra provides a medium to high quantity of support whilst remaining appropriate to wear under both everyday and lower cut garments.

Open cup bra

Shirley of Hollywood Women's Scalloped Embroidery Shelf Bra

The open cup bra refers to the bra that doesn’t have a cup, we can say that the quarter cup bra is an open cup bra since it doesn’t have a cup to cover the breast, but the open cup terms refer to much more than just one type.

It’s the name of the bra style that doesn’t offer a lot of support and it’s used in the bedroom or to highlight your cleavage.

It can also be used in a situation where you have to go without a bra due to your outfit, we can take this one if you are not comfortable going without anything.

But even though it will offer you advantages as it will push your breast up, it will make your nipples visible.

Again, don’t take this kind of bra to work or when you are running the reason is only that it will not hide your nipples.

An open cup bra is designed to permit maximum exposure of the breast whilst providing sufficient padding and support the lower and under breast, area to give all-day comfort. Ideal for presenting a braless look to the smaller breast under blouses and tops etc.

5 Quarter Cup Shelf Bras to Add Sensuality to Your Boudoir

  1. Deyllo Women’s Sexy Lace Balconette Mesh Sheer Underwire Bra

Almost 9 out of 10 ladies want to have a lace bra in their wardrobe. Now finding a lace bra is very difficult because this type of bra has to be of very good quality and give you good support. All these are difficult to find in one lace bra, as one might be of good quality but not at an affordable range, or one might not be comfortable to wear.

However, Dello Women’s Sexy Lace Balconette Bra See Through Demi Unlined Bras Mesh Sheer Underwire is one of the perfect lace bras.

Features of this lace bra

  • The material of this lace bra is 8% nylon and 12% elastane. Therefore, it will give you a very comfortable touch to your skin. 
  • This lace bra is very thin and has sheer mesh lace cups. Therefore, it is light weight on your body and your breasts do not feel tight or under pressure. It is a very breathable material. 
  • The fitting of this bra is snugly fitted. 
  • The embroidery detailing of this lace bra makes one look very flattering. 
  • The low-cut and open neckline of this lace bra enhances your neckline. 
  • The adjustable shoulder straps help one to adjust the straps according to their body fittings and they can wear them according to their comfort. 
  • Small busted women might sometime feel very underconfident to wear a nonpadded bra but they can definitely wear this and flaunt their look. 
  • This lace bra is unlined therefore there is very much comfort in wearing this. It feels very gentle and light on your body because there are very less fabric and bulk. 
  • Its demi-cup bra feature makes it very comfortable to wear under any deep V neckline, scoop neckline, etc. This type of bra cup helps you to lift your breasts and look fuller. 
  • The underwired feature gives extreme support to the breasts and you will be comfortable moving around. 
  • A variety of color range options is available from basic black, and beige to lemon and lace lipstick. 

This is a perfect lace bra that you can buy. It is affordable and has amazing features. 

  1. Wingslove Women’s Sexy 1/2 Cup Demi Shelf Bra

Most ladies want to have a lace bralette in their lingerie collection. A perfect lace bralette is very difficult to find because a good quality bralette that provides good support is very rare to get. Also, it is comfortable to wear. Buying a lace bralette can be very risky.

However, Wingslove Women’s Sexy 1/2 Cup Lace Bra Balconette Mesh Underwired Demi Shelf Bra Unlined See Through Bralette is one of the perfect lace bralettes available on the market.

Why should we choose this?

The lace bralettes are very lightweight. It doesn’t feel like you are wearing something on your skin. It is super comfortable and gives you a very natural look. It is very comfortable, and it is also very stylish and provides a good shape to your bust. 

  • This lace bralette is made up of 93% nylon and 7% elastane. Thus, it is very smooth and comfortable on the skin. 
  • It is a very lightweight bralette so you do not feel heavy around your chest area and wear it for a long period of time. 
  • The fabric of this lace bralette is very breathable so your breasts do not feel suffocated or experience discomfort. 
  • The unlined feature gives you a very natural look and you will feel the bralette is very gentle on your skin. 
  • ½ cup of the lace bralette gives your bust a lift and enhances your look. 
  • The see-through feature is very flattering to everybody. 
  • Nonpadded features give your breast space to be in their own shape and it’s stretchy mesh hugs the breast to its shape and flatters the bust shape without causing pressure. 
  • The underwired feature gives your breast support which you require for moving around unconsciously. 
  • Adjustable straps help you to achieve a fitted look without having marks on your shoulders. 
  • The detailing of the bowknot decor in the center gives a flattering look. 
  • Hook and eye closure.
  • Only machine wash. 
  • From basics like black to lemon yellow, many colors are available. 
  • The size range starts from 32B to 38DD.

This lace bralette is super comfortable and has a flattering look at the same time. Investing in this bra would be a wise decision. 

  1. Escante Women’s Lace Shelf Bra

Most ladies love to have some alluring lingerie collection in their wardrobe. You might not wear this on an everyday basis or can call your go-to bra but this flattering lingerie is stored for your special occasions. Lace bras are the best choices for giving a flattering and desirable look. However, this type of bra is very risky to buy as one wrong decision in choosing the right one can make your whole investment go in vain.

Escante Women’s Lace Shelf Bra with Satin Bow Detail, Adjustable Straps, and Hook and Eye Back Closure is the perfect flattering lace bra that you should keep in your closet. Let us have a look at its features.


  • The underwired feature of this lace bra will help you to get more support in your bust area. Open the heavy busted women are reluctant to buy such flattering lace bras because they feel that their just area will not look flattering in such a lace bra. However, the underwired feature of this lace bra has solved this problem. It also provides a lift to your breast which is very flattering. 
  • This lace bra has a stretchy material therefore this hugs your breast formula and sits according to the shape of your breast. Therefore you are very comfortable wearing it even for a longer period of time. 
  • The adjustable straps help you to adjust your bra according to your body type so that it is not very tight on your shoulders and leaves marks or not very loose that it slips off from your shoulders. 
  • It is made up of 92% Nylon and 8% elastane therefore it is very smooth and gentle on your skin. 
  • Hook and eye closure. 
  • Do hand wash only. 
  • Two basic colors are available black with a red bow detailing at the center and white with a blue detailing at the center. 
  • Size from 32 to 38

If you are looking for an alluring lace bra at a very reasonable range, then you can definitely buy this one.

  1. DOBREVA Sexy Lace Push Up Plus Size Sheer Balconette Bra

Most ladies desire to have a perfect lace balconette bra in their lingerie collection. These bras are perfect for your special occasions. Having basic lingerie is a must but keeping some flattering lace balconette bra will only add glamour to your closet. However, buying these types of bras might be a difficult task as they need to be extremely perfect otherwise you might experience a waste of money.

DOBREVA Women’s Sexy Lace Push Up Plus Size Bra Sheer Balconette Underwire Unlined is one of the best lace balconette bras that you will find on the market.

Why choose this?

  • This balcony bra has demi cups so it will give your busts a lifted look. It will also give a flattering shape to your breasts and therefore you will have a very flattering look. 
  • Underwired features in this laced balconette bra give extreme support to your breast and therefore you will be able to move around freely. 
  • The straps in this balconette lace bra are convertible so you can either wear it in your traditional styles or you can also be converted it into a crisscross style. 
  • The cups are not padded in this bra and there are certain hidden slings that will help you to have a very push up look and you will feel extremely secure and supported in your chest area. 
  • Certain times we might think that the lace materials might be very thin and therefore there are high chances of being extremely transparent, however, in this laced bra, there is a double mesh layer with eyelash lace trimming on the cups so you will not only get comfort on your skin but also there will be sufficient protection to avoid any wardrobe malfunction. 
  • The material is made up of 87.5% polyamide and 12.5% spandex. 
  • Colors from dark red, lilac, military blue, and basics like black, ivory, and grey are available. 
  • Sizes start from 32A to 42F.

Invest in this perfect laced balconette bra to have an attractive look.

  1. Rosme Womens Balconette Bra, Collection Grand

Balconette bras are also known as balcony bras. This type of bra has a balcony type of neckline which is very flattering and attractive. It is one of the most alluring bra styles. Keeping one such bra in your collection is the desire of almost every woman.

However, finding the perfect balcony bra can be a little difficult. Rosme Womens Balconette Bra, Collection Grand is one of the most perfect balconette bras on the market. 


  • This balcony bra has the feature of adjustable straps. Now one of the main problems of balcony bras is that the straps can be a little struggle if they do not fit properly. One has to be very careful in choosing the perfect trap because in a balcony bra there is a high chance of sleep edge if your straps are not perfectly fit. However, the feature of adjustable straps is wonderful because it will help the person to adjust the straps according to their body type. 
  • The underwired feature will give the breasts the ultimate support which they require. Therefore you can move around freely without having consciousness of your chest area. Heavy busted girls can also feel very much secured with this underwire feature. 
  • Because of the lightly padded cups of this balcony bra you will feel comfortable and light around your chest area. 
  • The material is made up of 66% polyamide, 24% cotton and 10% elastane. Therefore, it can be very smooth on your skin. 
  • Hook and eye closure system. 
  • Color available: Ivory, black, beige, red, white. 
  • Sizes range from 32B to 52 B, so you can get a massive size option. So choose accordingly. 
  • This balconette bra has been made in Latvia. 

This bra has a huge size range option, so you can choose according to your true fit. It is also reasonable, so definitely try out this balconette bra.

What does a quarter cup actually look like?

There is a unit primarily with 2 choices once it involves the ‘main’ parts to the look of a shelf cup brassiere. They can be mixed and matched to create a multitude of stylings:

Rigid cup – A rigid cup is typically manufactured from a similar material want to kind the cups of a formed or a tee shirt brassiere. Sometimes additional boning is more to rigid cups furthermore.

Soft cup – A soft quarter cup brassiere can sometimes have a cup fancied of some style of light-weight material, such as lace. The cups often have some level of boning in order to support the breast from below, but not always.

Both soft associated rigid cups area units are typically paired with an overlay of lace or another sheer or light-weight material for aesthetic functions. This overlay typically doesn’t lend any support to the breast. Overlays may be stitched each over the cup structure or beneath it.

Quarter cup bras area unit pronto out there in sizes A-C, and increasingly even D cups. Plus size ladies are happy to grasp that makers also are beginning to create quarter cup bras in wider band sizes.

Shelf bras for DD cups or higher are still really tough to find, and your mileage will certainly vary when it comes to support and aesthetics. You might be able to get away with a shelf bra and a bigger bust if your breasts are self-supporting or augmented and full on top, but it’ll be tough otherwise.

If you are going to change it, look for the same things you do in a regular bra when it comes to supporting—a wideband and sturdy strap.

Things to Consider With Quater Cup Bra

The first thing to consider with this style of bra is the placement of the quarter cup in relation to the main cup. Identifying the placement helps to understand the function of the style.

A quarter cup bra may consist of a molded or cut-and-sewn cup, supporting fabric inside like power mesh, or just be two layers of fabric. This depends on design and function. It is common for a shelf bra to have molded cup or cut-and-sewn cup for more support.

The primary purpose of a shelf brassiere is to boost the design of the breasts by holding them up and creating them seem fuller. It is an associate appealing piece of underwear to each man and ladies as a result of the breast itself is left exposed.

A quarter cup brassiere reveals simply the proper quantity to tease and tempt. Shelf bras area unit typically sized by cup and band, just the way bras with more coverage are sized. Some bras, however, only list the band size. Others come in very generic S-XL sizing. Honey Gifts carries a good vary of quarter cup brassiere designs at either of our 2 upmarket locations in Vancouver at 3448 Cambie Street and 350 Water Street and online. Wear associate sexy quarter cup brassiere for your partner on your approaching special occasion.

Last thing you should always know the right measurement of your breast size so that it fits well and provide the right comfort to you.

Three ways to wear an open cup or shelf bra

Open cup and shelf bandeaus are 2 of the foremost revealing bra designs on the market. Contrary to standard belief, open cups and shelf bras are not exactly the same thing.

Open cup bras are cupless bras that solely feature a tiny low quantity of fabric that sits beneath your bust and leave your breasts utterly on show.

Shelf bras vary widely in the amount of coverage they provide for your bust.

Open shelf bras provide concerning an equivalent quantity of coverage as ancient open cup bras.

However, different a lot of conservative shelf bandeau designs give close to the coverage of a regular bandeau.

These ‘modest’ shelf bras reveal the top half of your breasts, but generally, keep your nipples covered up.

Both open cup and shelf bras feature bands and straps, that permit them to raise and support your bust sort of a traditional bandeau.

  1. As Lingerie

One of the foremost obvious ways to wear an Associate in Nursing open cup or shelf bandeau is as underclothing. This can be worn in the bedroom as part of a lingerie set or as a standalone piece. This can be a fun and playful way to spice up your love life and add some excitement to your intimate moments.

The lift and support that open cup and shelf bras offer help flatter your bust and make you look even sexier than when you’re completely naked. You’ll end up feeling more confident in this ultra-revealing lingerie, even if the initial thought of wearing it still scares you.

  1. As outerwear: One way to wear an open cup or shelf bra is to pair it with a high-waisted skirt or pants and wear it as outerwear. This can be a bold and sexy look for a night out or a special occasion.
  1. With a Low Cut Top

If you’re having trouble justifying spending money on an open cup or shelf bra, consider the practical benefits of these bra styles—and yes, they do have some practical uses.

Admittedly, it is troublesome to search out a practical use for Associate in Nursing open cup bandeau.

However, coverage shelf bras combine alright with extraordinarily low-cut first-rate and dresses.

When you wear a shelf bandeau that covers solely all-time low 1/2 your breasts, you’ll be able to wear a high or dress with a plunging neck without fear concerning the cups of your bra showing.

  1. Under Regular Clothes

You can add further horny fun to an evening within the room by carrying an Associate in Nursing open cup or shelf bandeau beneath your regular garments before revealing the immoral underclothing beneath your top.

Wear Associate in Nursing open cup or shelf bandeau beneath any high that you just would feel snug carrying while not a bandeau the least bit.

The ultimate reveal of your sexy lingerie choice is guaranteed to make your partner’s jaw drop.

You don’t have to choose between sacrificing the support you need by not wearing a bra and looking tacky by showing your bra straps underneath your low-cut top. Shelf bras give you the opportunity to enjoy both the lift and support of a normal bra as well as the freedom of wearing tops and dresses with any neckline, no matter how low.

Wrapping up

Quarter cup or shelf bra intended for sexy time and not everyday wear. If your sup sizes are C, D, E, and beyond, you should definitely put this bra on. These bras are crafted with structured cups built which provide the extra support & lift for a large bust.

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