What is a Balcony Bra or a Balconette – Styles & Fitting Guide

Innerwear shopping can be really stressful sometimes because we have so many options and we just can not pick one. Options in bras are actually great because this means that more types of bras accommodates different body types. Now, we are here to make bra shopping a little less intimidating and provide extra information for all the other ladies who want to explore the different types of bras.

In this article, we will specifically look into What is a Balcony Bra or a Balconette Bra? How should it fit on you? And we will also tell you some other helpful information which you can use while shopping! 

What is a Balcony Bra?

A balcony bra or a balconette bra has a lower cut and wider straps compared to an everyday bra. These balcony bras are used for daily wearing and are more suited for girls with fuller chests. It gives good support, creating an uplifted and round chest. 

Playtex Women's Secrets Shapes & Supports Balconette Full-Figure Underwire Bra

Balconette Full-Figure Underwire Bra

However, they do not give as much coverage as the everyday bra as the balcony bra has a lower cut. It is best to wear a balcony bra under a top that has a lower neckline, although it is perfect for all types of clothing and all different body types. 

If you want to show off your amazing body, but don’t want to wear a pushup bra, then this is the pick for you. It gives you the look of a pushup bra without actually feeling uncomfortable. A balcony bra shows off your natural body curves, but it feels like wearing the everyday demi or quarter cup bra

How should a balconette bra fit on you?

As we already mentioned, the bra has wider straps and sits on further on your shoulder. This is the reason why you get the uplifted look, and it gives you the desired fuller shape.

The underband of the balcony bra could be comfortable and need to lie flat on your body. Make sure that the cups fully enclose your breast without any bulging of the cloth. Most important of all is to see if you are feeling comfortable with this fit. 

How To Style A Balcony Bra?

There are so many different ways in which you can style a balcony bra. As already mentioned, anything with a lower neckline is what a balcony bra is usually paired with, but it is absolutely your choice! You obviously do not have to copy the styles mentioned below! Get inspired and put your twist to it. 

  1. The Off-The-Shoulder top:

You can pair your balcony bra with the regular off-the shoulder blouses, which just look so amazing. For the bottoms, you can choose to wear a pair of ripped jeans or trousers. You can pick a classy high heel for shoes, or if you are not comfortable with heels, you can wear your favorite sneakers. 

This outfit has a lot of potential for jewelry. Since your neck might look empty, you can wear layered chains that match your outfit. You can even wear body jewelry if you are wearing a cropped top. For your hands, you can choose to wear a watch or some rings on your fingers. 

Our suggested color palette would be to choose muted colors and lacy tops. However, if you prefer bright colors, then go for it! 

  1. Low-Cut Bodycon Dress:

You can never go wrong with a bodycon dress. It is perfect for just a casual date night or a professional meeting. It all depends on how you style it and the colors you choose. A balcony bra would be the perfect innerwear for a bodycon dress, especially if it has a lower neckline. It will accentuate your natural curves and make you look magnificent. 

If you are only wearing the dress for a fun and casual night, then go crazy and wear any color that you like. You can pair the dress with a cool sling bag and some necklaces and bracelets. For your feet, you can wear high heels or chunky boots.

  1. The classic T-shirt And Shorts Combo:

This is the best outfit on hot summer days! To put this outfit together, you just need some of the basics in your closet. All you need is a simple T-shirt and shorts. For your feet, you can wear sandals and go about your day. 

You can accessories this outfit by wearing a nice belt and a side bag. A lovely layered metallic chain and watch or a bracelet. Our suggested color palette for this outfit would be any solid color. This outfit should make you feel free and comfortable, so wear aNy color that you like. 

The common color choice would be a white t-shirt with denim jeans and brown or gold accessories. 

  1. Flowy Summer Dress:

There is something about a summer dress that hits differently. Maybe it is the tan season or the pretty flower patterns; either way, a flowy summer dress is kind of a staple for many women. 

There is not much you can do with a summer dress. You just wear the dress and rock the world. You can wear a nice hat and some sandals along with the dress. If you do not want to wear sandals, then you can wear some boots or heels. Some simple sunglasses or jewelry will also complement the fit perfectly. 

The most important thing is that as women, oftentimes we are roped into unsolicited opinions that we never asked for, and you need to know that there is no right or wrong in fashion; you only have two rules:

  1. Remember to have fun!
  2. Be confident and own it! 

Wear what you want, get inspired, and be you! Do we hope this article about balcony bra or a balconette was helpful for you! Live Love and Laugh!