Best Sports Bra with Hooks in Back

10 Best Sports Bra with Hooks in Back in 2024


The worst part after a heavy workout session is to wrestle out of the sweaty sports bra. There would be have been no need to even put so much effort into our workout or sport, but removing a sweaty sports bra over your head is just takes so much effort.

A solution to this problem would be hooks at the back of the bras. How about we just used sports bras that are just like the regular ones but have hooks in the back to make your life easier? Don’t worry; we will tell you all about them!

In this article, we have curated some of the best sports bras with hooks in the back so that you don’t have to. This article not only has a list of products, but it also has a buyer’s guide that will break down all the factors that you need to consider before choosing any bra in general. In this guide, we will share tips and tricks that will be very useful for buying a good sports bra.

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Do note that these bras are not listed in any particular; they are just some of the best options available. So, let’s get started. 

Review of 10 best sports bra that hooks in back

  1. FITTIN Racerback Soft & Comfotable High Impact Support Sports Bra

This bra is made up of 60% Nylon,28% Polyester, 12% Spandex. Just like the other bras, this combination of materials will benefit you in many ways. It will be a mix of soft fabric, which is also very elastic, so that you can wear it easily. It has a Climacool technology that manages heat and moisture through ventilation. This makes sure that you are always dry and comfortable. 

It has a high support cup, and the fabric provides high comfort and support while doing high-intensity activities. It can also wick away moisture quickly so that you can concentrate on your activity better. 

The product can be easily returned with the “no question asked” policy. You will also get a full refund of your money. If you feel like the bra is not up to mark, you can just return within 30 days. The sellers are really confident that you will not have to do that because their product is of good quality. 

Now that we have looked at some of the best products let us guide you on how to find your perfect bra. It might sound unnecessary, but if you consider these factors before purchasing your bra, then you will be able to find a bra that will fit you well and will also match all your requirements.

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  1. Cydream Women Post-surgical Front Zip Side Padded Racerback Sports Bra

This bra is made out of lycra material which makes the bra really soft, silky, and smooth on the skin. It is also super stretchy, durable, and breathable. So, you get everything that you need in a bra with just that one fabric. This bra is practical and hence can be worn at all times. 

The bra mainly focuses on women in recovery post-surgery. So, the zips are in the front for easy wearing, and the top and the bottom of this zipper is a small piece of cloth that prevents chafing or any kind of irritation on your skin. The underbust is really wide and elastic; this means that the bra will stay in one palace and not move. The stretchable fabric also makes sure that your movement is not restricted. 

The bra has side support and a posture corrector that will help improve your comfort in the long run. There are no underwires in the is bra; instead, it has the breast’s contour, non-padded in the middle for the maximum comfy, allows blood & lymph to circulate normally. Padded side support gives some support to the breast, minimizes the sway sensation after a reduction. Criss-cross back design with wide adjustable shoulder straps helps relieve the burden from heavy breast, enhance posture by pulling the shoulders back. 

As already mentioned, this strappy bra is versatile & cost-effective; with superior quality material, it’s a great helper for post-op recovery. It can do a great job for pregnant or postpartum mothers, also can work as a sports bra for fitness activities, like running, yoga, spinning, etc

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  1. Glamorise The Elite Cami Medium Support Sports Bra for Plus Size Women

This bra is made up of 70% Polyester, 25% Polyamide, 5% Elastane. The different combinations of materials help you in different ways. As we have already mentioned, the polyester polyamide will give you a soft touch feel, and the elastane will make your fabric stretch well, hence making git easy for you to wear. The fabric also wicks away moisture and sweat, keeping you dry all day long. 

This bra, just like the others on the list, has a hook and eye closure at the back. These hooks can be adjusted and customized to fit your body and preferences. The shoulder straps are thick and will not dig into your skin; however, they are not adjustable. 

The bra was designed in the New York City studio of Glamorise for the best design. The bra stretches two-way back to the straps to give you the best fit. The camisole design provides the upper bust containment and a secure fit. The fabric is also open-air and breathable for a more comfortable fit. 

The bra is available in fun patterns and colors for greater variety. You can refer to the Amazon page of this bra for all the detailed information regarding the sizing of this brand. 

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  1. CRZ YOGA Longline Wireless High Impact Convertible Racerback Sports Bra

This bra is also made of polyester, spandex, and polyamide. This combination of materials gives the same comfort as the bras. It has a hook and eye closure that will make it easy for you to wear and remove this bra. This type of closure also allows you to adjust the bra’s fitting according to your comfort. 

The shoulder straps of this bra are removable and convertible. You can keep them as a regular bra strap or remove them to convert them into a criss-cross or a racerback. You can make this change according to what activity you do. If you want more range of movement, then you can convert it to a racerback, or if you do not move so much, then you can keep it as it is. 

It is also wireless; this means that there is nothing digging through your skin and bothering you during your workouts. The pads in the bra are also removable. So, if you feel uncomfortable or if it is too hot, you can simply remove the padding and change it according to your convenience. 

The bra also provides great support so that you can concentrate on your work rather than your bra. As you can already see, the bra can be changed as you like, so this customizable feature of this bra is its biggest advantage. 

This bra comes in beautiful colors like pink, brown, mauve, and many more. You can look through the Amazon page of this bra for the detailed size chart. 

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  1. Panache Perfect Fit Comfortable Underwired Sports Bra

This bra is majorly made up of polyamide; it also has materials like polyester and elastane. The material makes you feel comfortable at all times. It has a special design with ventilating mesh panels on the shoulders and bust for the bra to be breathable. This will allow you to wear the bra for a long period of time without any discomfort. The shoulder pads have cushions that will be gentle on your skin.

The bra maximizes support and minimizes bounce by about 85%. This sports bra individually encapsulates each breast and lifts, shapes, and supports them from all sides. The back is an adjustable racerback with a hook and eye closure. This allows maximum freedom for you to adjust the bra as you would like for it to fit you. Although this bra is equipped to support you through any sports, it is best for running as the racerback allows a higher range of movement.

The brand focuses on inclusivity. Hence it has the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. However, the brand has its sizing is listed in UK sizes. You can use our sizing guide, conversion chart on the Amazon page, product images, to get a perfectly fitting bra. 

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  1. Yvette Sexy Criss Cross Running Bra for Plus Size Women

There are no specifications regarding the fabric this bra is made up of, but it is mentioned that it is a cool-max fabric that keeps you cool and dry at the same time. The bra has a breathable mesh that is, according to the manufacturer is “next-to-skin feel.” This skin feel will ensure comfort for you at all times. 

This bra is mainly targeted at women with bigger breasts and women looking for bras that will give you maximum support and comfort. The bra will ensure that your breast does not feel compressed and suffocated. It will ensure that your breasts are kept in place but are also comfortable. 

The biggest focus of this bra is sagging support, and apart from that, the bra has a criss-cross back that aids with support and give you a stylish look. It has a hook and eye closure at the back for easy on and off, and it also enhances the range of your motion. The straps are well spread on your shoulders, so they will be gentle on your skin. 

The bra comes in many different colors, adding a plus point to the style factor. You can go to the Amazon page of this bra to find information regarding the sizing.

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  1. Jockey High-Impact Wire-Free Sports Bra with Removable Padding

This bra is made up of 95% nylon and 5% spandex. This combination of fabric gives you a soft feel on your skin and stretchability. It is also made sure that it is breathable and wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable all day. 

The bra has a hook and eye closure at the back, and the shoulder straps are thick to give you the support that you need while doing high-intensity sports or activities. Thicker straps also mean that they will not dig into your skin. As an added comfort factor, they are also foam-padded convertible straps. 

The cups in the bra can be removed according to your comfort, and the fabric is an opaque 150-denier yarn; and because of that, you can truly concentrate on your game and practice without worrying about your bra. The bra only comes in three basic colors, black, white, and grey. 

You can find the sizing chart on the Amazon page. 

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  1. Ewedoos High Impact Racerback Sports Bras for Women

There are no specifications about the material used in this bra; however, the sellers assure that it is an ultra-soft and comfy material. It is designed to wick away moisture and sweat to keep you dry and comfortable at all times. It is a racerback type of bra with a hook and eye closure at the back.

The racerback improves stability so that you can wear it for all high-impact sports. It also gives you the freedom to move by allowing a full range of motion while still providing a comfortable fit. The hook and eye closure at the back is adjustable so that the bra perfectly fits you can be customized to your size. 

The straps are strategically designed to give you a soft and wide strap that does not dig in your shoulders; instead, it gives your body ultimate comfort. This innovative technology will greatly enhance your performance for all kinds of sports activities. It also has a key-hole mesh that makes this bra a high-performance running bra with superior breathability, comfort, and support. 

The sellers give you a great offer of 30 days money-back guarantee. You can return your products within 30 days and get your money refunded if you do not like the bra. They also have the policy of “no questions asked” returns. So, you can just return your bra if you don’t like it. 

You can visit their Amazon page for the sizing chart. 

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  1. Champion Spot Comfort Wireless High Impact Sports Bra

This bra is too made up of different materials like polyester, nylon, and spandex. The polyester and the nylon make the material feel soft against your skin, and the spandex will allow the bra to stretch and make it easy for you to wear. 

The bra has a hook and eye closure at the back of it. The shoulder straps are not as thick as a regular sports bra, but it is still good enough that it won’t dig into your skin while doing any exercise or playing sports. However, these straps are adjustable, and they are also gel-infused to improve comfort. So, you can tighten or loosen them as you wish!

It has a breathable mesh panel at the front and molded cups that help in shape and support. According to the seller, these are great for running, training, ad other high-intensity workouts. 

This bra comes in different exciting colors like pink, teal, purple, and many more. You can look through the Amazon page of this bra for the detailed size chart and use our accurate bra size calculator to find your real size.

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  1. AGONVIN High Impact Support Bounce Control Bra Plus Size Women

This bra is made up of different compositions of materials like polyester, nylon, and spandex. The polyester ad nylon gives you a soft feeling on your skin, and the spandex will help with the elasticity of the bra. The most obvious feature would be that this bra has a hook and eye closure at the back for easy-wearing and adjustability. 

The bra is wire-free, and this will still give you a slight lift, along with support for a high-impact workout. The material is breathable, and they also have the advanced property to dry quickly and wick away sweat and moisture, keeping you dry all day long. It is also a great option for women with a fuller bust as it gives the needed support & lift.

The bra has a two-way backstretch that allows for free range of movement but also keeps the bra in place. It also has thick shoulder straps that will be gentle on your skin without digging through it. The straps are also had ergonomic relief padding that would improve comfort.

One disadvantage of the bra is that the shoulder straps can not be adjusted. The other con is that the bra needs to be hand-washed; hence you need to put in the effort to maintain its structure. 

You can refer to the Amazon page of this product for the sizing charts and different colors available. 

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Buyer’s Guide:

The Purpose Of The Bra:

As you could have noticed in the above list, some of the bras are specially made for a particular purpose, like sports bras. So, as the first step, you need to know for what you need this bra.

There are many reasons to choose a bra:

1.If you need a bra that is easy to wear, the hook and eye closure bra are a good option for you. Ensure that the bra is made up of skin-sensitive materials that will be gentle and soft on your skin. It is crucial that the breathable for maximum comfort. 

2. If you are just tired of hooks then, all you need is a zipper bra. Zippers will make your life so much easier as you just need to zip on or off to open the bra. They are also a really good option if you are recovering from surgery. However, what you need to care about is the quality and positing of the zipper. You do need to keep in mind that you won’t be completely hooks-free as most of the zipper bras have a look at the end of it as an added security.

3. If you want a bra that will support high-intensity activities, then a high impact sports bra is a good choice. It will have a thick layer and breathable material, which will provide support and comfort. 

The Fitting Of The Bra:

As you see, most of the zipper bras are sports bras that give you more support than the regular ones. There are only two measurements that you need- your bust and your underwire. Below you can find the instructions to find a sports bra that will fit you perfectly. 

Firstly, Take a tape measure and measure from above your chest (right under your armpits). This will help you find the band size. We know that this might not make sense, but professionals follow this proven method to get your right size every time. So, just trust us with this. 

Secondly, take the measuring tape and measure from the fullest part of your breast to know your bust size. This will make sure that you buy the right size that will fit you perfectly! 

You also have an option to get your bra-sized measured professionally. Usually, the lingerie stores measure you perfectly before helping you out with a bra that will fit your needs. 

A well-fitting bra is the most important factor of all! It can make or break your outfit. A loose bra might create awkward indentations on your outer clothing, and if you buy a bra that is too tight, then it will be suffocating and make you feel uncomfortable. 

The Shoulder Straps Of Your Bra:

The straps of the bra are one of the most important parts of the bra as it gives you support that you look for. We would suggest that you pick a bra with wide straps as it will provide you with extra support and it will also be gentle on your skin. The wider the bra strap, the lesser pressure it puts on your shoulder, so your skin will also be safe! A well-designed bra strap can also help the curvy girls with the back caused because of the heavy bust. 

However, it is not possible to wear a thick strap bra at all times as some of the clothes we wear have thinner straps. For tops with a spaghetti strap or an off-shoulder top, you need to pick other types of bra. 

Some of your options could be:

  • Strapless Bra: This is a great option for when you wear a dress with no sleeves or a spaghetti sleeve. There’s all the support needed without the inconvenience of straps.
  • Adhesive Bra: These are great for backless dresses and under sheer dresses. They come in disposable paper ones with a strong adhesive or reusable ones with washable silicone that you can simply stick on yourself. 

These bras, as mentioned, do not have any straps, so they would be perfect for all types of clothing. 

Padded Or Non-Padded Cups?

You can either choose a padded bra or a non-padded bra. It may seem like it would not make a difference, but it can change your whole look depending on what you choose to wear. 

A padded bra will give you a smoother silhouette and will also add more volume to your busts. This is especially recommended for women with smaller busts as it gives your a look. You can wear a padded bra with clothes that are body-hugging as it accentuates your curves and makes you look beautiful. 

However, one disadvantage with a padded bra is that it can be quite uncomfortable to wear it all day long, especially on hot days. It can be really uncomfortable to wear it all day. 

A non-padded bra can be worn for any occasion. This also gives you a smooth silhouette, but you need to buy a bra that is of good quality to achieve the same level of smoothness. This can be worn all day without any discomfort being caused to you. 

The Cup Size:

This is also an important factor as this also determines the support and comfort. If you are a curvy woman, you might lean towards a bra with a bigger cup with thin padding or no padding, as that will provide more coverage. However, If you are a woman with a smaller bust, then you can pick something with thicker padding for a fuller look with more volume. 

Now that we have given you a solution for getting out of the impossible sweaty sports bra with the list of the ​​best sports bra with hooks in the back get to shopping! Always remember to find the right fit! Happy shopping! 

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