Best Bra for Lift and Side Support

10 Best Bra for Lift and Side Support in 2024(Expert Picks)


All bodies are different, and can not be treated in the same way. Just like a single pair of jeans does not fit everybody, a bra may not be suitable either. 

The hunt for a bra that is comfortable is challenging in itself, now imagine the struggle of finding a bra that is comfortable as well as gives ample support! Different sizes and styles of bras in the market make this task a tad bit easier. 

But it is important to understand your own body, own it, and embrace it! If you learn how to do that, a bra will too! 

Here’s a list of the best bras for lift and side support! We won’t disappoint you, ladies!

Best Bra for Lift and Side Support

1. Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Ultimate Lift & Support Wireless Bra

Playtex supports all of you! It has an exceptional line of women’s lingerie that combines comfort and elegance. 

This Playtex bra comes in ten different colours and available from size 32D to 48DDD! Playtex definitely understands the needs of different sizes!

 Even if underwires aren’t your strong suit, this wireless bra will give you the perfect lift with its magic ring design in cups. 

The wide, adjustable straps are cushioned to ensure that your shoulders and neck do not feel any stress. 

It employs a cool comfort fabric that can wick any moisture off its surface to keep you cool and dry the whole day. This bra uses hook and eye closures at the back; it is pretty easy to wear and remove this bra. 

The Playtex bra has full cups and extra back posture support to give you the best lift for your breasts. It also provides additional side support, so there is no bulge or falling out! In addition, the full cups ensure that there is no spillage to give you a smooth outline under t-shirts and other clothes!

So, what is the significance of ‘18 hours’ in its description? Most of us get home and take off the bra to feel comfortable. On the contrary, though, this Playtex bra is so cozy you could wear this for a long time with no discomfort!


  • Full coverage
  • Adjustable straps


  • Short straps

Our take on the product: If you are looking for a comfortable bra that gives you the proper support with no bulges, this Playtex bra is for you!

2. Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire Free Bra

This Playtex bra is very similar to the previous product! The only difference between the two seems to be that this one is available in 16 attractive colours. 

This bra by Playtex comes in all sizes from 32C to 48DDD. Unlike other brands, Playtex offers bras for plus-size women with large breasts too!

It offers a four-way support system with extra side support, additional back support, fuller cups, and comfortable straps.

The side support and full cups ensure that no bulge or lump is coming out, whereas the additional back support and comfortable straps relieve your shoulders and neck from stress.

Playtex bras are made of comfortable fabric that wicks moisture to keep your skin cool and dry throughout the day. There are no tags on the bra, so you are entirely free from itch and irritation.

You can comfortably wear this Playtex bra for as long as 18 hours. For long-lasting performance, do not machine wash this bra as it causes wearing off of the bra.

Many women with large breasts have a misconception that only wired bras can provide the lift they’re seeking, but this Playtex bra will show you otherwise. It complements your figure, gives a supportive shape, and does not make it look like you have a uni-boob! Isn’t that all we want, ladies? And extra points for being inexpensive!


  • Full coverage
  • No tags


  • Cups are too close to the arm, maybe painful.

Our take on the product: Well, here is an affordable and comfortable bra for 18-hour long support and life for your perfect bodies!

3. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure MagicLift Plus Size Seamless Wirefree Back Close Sports Bra

Glamorise supports all curves by offering the perfect bra for every cup size! 

This bra is available from size 34B to 50I! So, if you have large breasts, Glamorise has got you covered! It also comes in five attractive colours. 

It uses MagicLift technology wherein cushioned bands offer the right amount of lift, shape, and support. 

Other than being wireless, this bra is also seamless; therefore, lines and the bra’s shape are not visible when you wear clothes over it. In addition, it gives you a seamless finish.

Although it is a sports bra, its comfortable fit enables you to wear it every day! With a back hook and eye closures, this bra is easy to wear too!

This bra ensures that the bounce is minimum and the fabric wicks moisture to keep you cool and dry.

The straps of this bra are slip-resistant, so they won’t keep slipping away from your shoulders while you work out. You can also adjust the strap as per your needs. 

It has a broad back, so your back and shoulders are stress-free, and there is no spillage. This wireless bra ensures your babies are where they should be and gives you a better posture. 


  • Available in all sizes
  • Seamless


  • Rough fabric

Our take on the product: This seamless high impact sports bra gives the right lift and support to your breasts without simply wrapping itself loosely around your body. 

4. Warner’s Women’s Play It Cool Wire-Free Contour Bra

Warner offers an impressive range of size-inclusive intimates for women designed to uplift them!

This Warner bra comes in four elegant colours and available in sizes 34A to 40C. It uses a chill fx lining in its cups, allowing your skin to stay cool as it wicks moisture and sweat away.

The cups offer a light lift to your breasts without creating a cleavage as push-up bras do. In addition, it is lightly padded to ensure that it provides complete coverage under t-shirts and dresses.

At the bottom of the cup is a line of puffed-up material to keep your girls in place and give them a firm shape.

With front adjustable straps, you can set it as per your desired size. You can also convert the strap into a criss-cross pattern as they are easy-snap straps.

Unlike other bras, you can wash this bra in a washing machine without any hassle or special care, thus, needing low maintenance.

This bra is made of breathable, comfortable material with 51% Nylon to give you a flattering fit. It is comfortable to wear during the summer season as the fabric wicks moisture to keep you cool and itch-free.


  • Pretty colours
  • Easy-snap criss-cross strap


  • Made of cheap material

Our take on the product: This Warner bra is affordable and comfortable. With Easy-snap adjustable straps, you can easily adjust it according to your size. 

5. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Plus Size MagicLift Original Wirefree Support Bra

This Glamorise product offers full figure bras that lift and separate that plus-size women are looking for. 

It comes in 11 beautiful colours and is available in sizes 36B to 56J! We told you, they have everything that a woman with large breasts needs!

The two-piece cups offer a balanced structure with perfect shape and security. It features MagicLife technology that gives an ideal lift without an underwire. It makes use of a criss-cross design that goes both over and under to provide you with great lift and support.

It also has a cushioned band with curve-contouring seams for added coverage and comfort. With lace coverage, this bra is beautiful as well as breathable.

The padded straps have an extra cushion so that they do not dig into your skin to cause irritation. You can also adjust the straps of the bra so that it fits you just right! In addition, these wide straps ensure that your shoulders and back do not feel any stress.

It uses a back hook and eye closures that make it easy to wear and remove the bra. This Glamorise bra does not demand a lot of maintenance as you can machine wash it easily. 


  • Wide straps
  • Lace at the top


  • Seam across the middle

Our take on the product: A majority of Amazon buyers like the bra’s fit that gives your breasts a cony appearance. Available in a bunch of pretty colours, this Glamorise bra is a victor!

6. Maidenform Women’s Everyday Full Coverage Racerback Bra

Maidenform has a beautiful collection of lingerie made of luxurious fabrics for a superior fit.

This bra comes in 17 colours with attractive prints and is available from size 32C to 42D. The Maidenform bra has a hook and eye closure at the front, making it easy to wear.

A racerback design offers additional support to your breasts without adding stress to your shoulders and back. It also provides more space for your skin to breathe.

Unlike most racerback bras that cut into your neck, this fits pretty well and does not feel compressed. The back looks elegant and feels comfortable as it does not keep sliding off your shoulders. Thanks to the lace at the back, your skin can breathe through easily. 

This bra is lightly padded to give you added coverage along with the full coverage lining that it has. Thanks to its SmartZone cups, this bra uplifts right where you need it!

It has an underwire that provides you with great lift and does not poke into your skin as it is made of soft material.

You can wear your favourite V-neck tops and dresses with utmost confidence as this bra has a plunging neck that conforms to your body well!


  • Lace racerback
  • Comfortable underwire


  • Difficult to find the right size

Our take on the product: If you’re a lover of racerback designs, this bra will not disappoint you. With a comfortable underwire and straps that do not dig in your skin, you will forever be in awe of the Maidenform bra!

7. Olga Women’s Easy Does It No Bulge Bra

Olga by Warner’s ensures that your curves meet comfort in style. It provides its exotic line of lingerie for all shapes and sizes.

This Easy Does It bra comes in 15 pretty colors and is available from size small to 3X large, making it easier to find a bra that is your size.

It is a wireless bra that is comfortable and flatters your body. With hook and eye closures fixed at the back of the bra, you can easily wear and remove it. It also has adjustable straps placed at the back, enabling you to get the right fit. 

The Easy Does It bra has an extra side coverage panel to ensure that there is no bulge. In addition, it makes for an excellent side support system. 

Thanks to the thin padding on each side, this bra also shapes your breasts and holds them up. In addition, its broad back makes it comfortable to wear and does not cut through your skin.

This bra is made of stretch fabric that is soft and does not dig into your skin; instead, it fits comfortably and ensures that there is no bulge!


  • Extra side coverage panel
  • Slightly padded


  • Band rolls

Our take on the product: Olga by Warner’s has an impressive lingerie line, and this Easy Does It bra is one fine example! It has extra side panels that go as high as your armpits to ensure no bulge! 

8. Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Wirefree Extended Side and Back Smoother Bra

Vanity Fair has all kinds of women’s lingerie like bras, slips, camis, panties, etc. 

This Vanity Fair bra comes in various colors and is available in packs of two as well. In addition, it covers all sizes from 36C to 44DD.

The unique crossover design that it uses goes perfectly well under your arm and gives a smooth silhouette from front to back without stretching out.

Your back and side will not bulge as the bra has added panels to ensure you get generous coverage and support. You will also face no spills, for this bra has full cups for added coverage.

It also has a broad strap that will not slip off your shoulders ever so often and give your shoulders and neck relief from stress. 

The pads are lightly lined to offer shape and support! Although it is wire-free, it does provide a sufficient amount of lift. It also provides separation, so it doesn’t look like you have a uni-boob!

It is made of soft, comfortable fabric that does not make you sweat even during hot summer days! All comfort and no wires!


  • Wider straps
  • Extra side and back panel


  • Straps are short

Our take on the product: This Vanity Fair bra will keep your babies secure and supported. Its unique criss-cross design goes under your arms all the way to the back to give you a smooth figure.

9. Fantasie Women’s Jacqueline Full Cup Underwire Bra with Side Support

Fantasie has a perfectly fitting lingerie and swimwear collection that offers support and comfort!

This bra comes in three colors and is available from size 30D to 48FF. Fantasie sure does serve plus-size women too!

Being a full coverage bra, it features a mesh and textured lacework at the front top that makes it look attractive. 

You get additional support and lift due to its wide underwires. It also has a three-piece cup that gives additional side support. Not just that, but this bra also offers significant uplift and forward projection. 

It has adjustable straps at the back with hook and eye closures that make it easy to wear and remove. In addition, the toe back gives a central pull through the bra’s straps to ensure that the straps of this bra do not slip off your shoulders. 

The fabric that majorly constitutes this bra is nylon; therefore, it demands only to be hand-washed.

The Fantasie bra has an invisible seam inner cup and a seamless bottom cup that gives a smooth shape to your breasts. For a better fit, the top cup also has an elasticated edge.


  • Mesh and lacework
  • Wide underwire


  • Inconsistent size

Our take on the product: An underwired bra that offers excellent support and is affordable; that is the dream! Well, this bra by Fantasie may fulfill your dreams as it provides wonderful lift and side support with its seamless bottom cups. 

10. Fantasie Womens Fusion Underwire Full Cup Side Support Bra

We could not leave this bra by Fantasie out of our list!

It comes in seven different colors and is available from size 30D to 40H! Not only is this bra comfortable, but it also looks so attractive!

This bra comprises a soft striped jacquard fabric covering the cup and cradle to give a refined look.

The top cup panel of the bra has a deep flat elastic for a better fit, and it also has concealed seams that provide everyday comfort and a smooth shape below your tees!

Thanks to its three-panel cups, it gives a steady lift and a natural round shape. In addition, these cups are fully lined at the bottom to offer modesty and support.

It also has an additional side support panel that gives a forward projection and support to your breasts. In addition, the full cups provide excellent coverage.

The adjustable straps do not keep slipping off your shoulder and do not cause stress on your neck. They do not poke into your skin to irritate; instead, they have a soft, smooth feel to them. Additionally, the power fabric of the back offers more control and anchorage.


  • Side support panel
  • Adjustable straps


  • Inconsistent size

Our take on the product: Ladies, this bra is comfortable, affordable, and attractive! It offers an excellent lift and provides sturdy side support to ensure there is no bulge. 

What type of bra gives you lift and side support?

  1. Adjustable Straps

Straps that you can adjust may prove to be a massive boon for women that are looking for bras that can uplift their breasts. 

Tight straps can also cause pain in your back, neck and shoulders. Therefore, it is always better to choose bras with adjustable straps or stretchy straps.

  1. Extra Side Panel

We all hate having armpit fat visible through our t-shirts, especially when we wear racerback tees!

Bras with an additional side support panel give you a flattering silhouette under your clothes and avoid bulges. Some panels run from your underarms to your back to provide you with a smooth shape.

Often, bras with higher side panels offer additional support and comfort. It also perfectly covers your breasts without them spilling out. 

  1. Wide Back

Bras with a broad back offer more comfort to your back as it does not cause any pain. On the other hand, a thin back means that all the work of lifting your babies falls on your shoulders and back. 

Wider backs also ensure that there is no back fat visible through your t-shirts! 

  1. Type of Bra

A push-up bra is explicitly designed to offer a lift to your breasts. So if you have sagging breasts and looking for bras that provide them more elevation, push-up bras might be for you.

Some underwired bras also provide great lift, especially if you have large or saggy breasts. However, always ensure that the underwires do not poke or dig into your skin. 

Why your Boobs need support
Why do your Boobs need support


We all want a bra that offers a natural life and support to your two girls, don’t we? Some bras offer elevation, but it does not feel comfortable or natural. This is why it is necessary to choose a bra that actually understands your body.

Our top three bras include Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra, Glamorise Women’s Full Figure MagicLift Plus Size Seamless Wirefree Back Close Sports Bra, and Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Wirefree Extended Side and Back Smoother Bra.

These bras provide an excellent lift and side support to your breasts with a comfortable and relaxing fit. We hope this list of the best bra for lift and side support helped you. 

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