Best Plus Size Bras Reviews for Big Ladies in 2022

Buying a bra that fits you is a hustle in itself, but this gets even more challenging when you have large breasts. Shopping for plus-size fashion can be tiresome, and this only worsens when we look for plus-size intimates.

The best bra for plus size should not only be supportive, but it should also be flattering, comfortable, and stylish. Most plus-size lingerie looks like they’re meant for grannies! Women with large breasts deserve to feel good about themselves too! 

We’ve researched the various chubby bras that are meant for plus-size women and here is our review on each of them! These bras are good-looking, comfortable, and do what they should do!

Most comfortable plus size bra for fat women

Finding best plus size bras for big ladies can be a tough task. Read reviews of most comfortable plus size bras in 2022 by Lingerie expert.

1. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Plus Size MagicLift Original Wirefree Support Bra

Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Plus Size MagicLift Original Wirefree Support Bra

Glamorise offers essential bras for everybody and has dedicated itself to create the best fitting for plus-size women!

This full-figure bra is available from size 36B to 56J! Glamorise leaves no size behind and styles them in the best possible manner! You will love the colors that these bras come in, from blue to gray; this bra comes in many attractive colors.

The two-piece cups of this bra have curve-contouring seams that offer a better structure, security, and shape to your breasts. In addition, with a criss-cross design that goes over and under your breasts, this bra makes for enhanced secure support.

It isn’t one of those old-looking, ugly bras; instead, this has a lace detail that offers coverage. Beautiful and breathable, that’s the perfect combination! The lace allows your skin to breathe and creates more space for ventilation.

The straps of the bra are wide and have an extra cushion to provide comfort throughout the day. These padded straps are adjustable and avoid stress on your shoulders and back. 

Even without underwires, this Glamorise bra provides support and lift with its MagicLift design. In addition, the inner bust of the band is reinforced, which is responsible for giving your breasts a natural lift. 


  • Supportive
  • Lacework for coverage


  • Sometime it can be itchy

Our take on the product: It makes use of MagicLift design to give your babies a natural-looking lift and support. The lace detailing at the top makes the bra look attractive. It provides a cony appearance to your breasts and keeps them secure. 

2. Just My Size Women’s Satin Stretch Wirefree Bra

Just My Size Women’s Satin Stretch Wirefree Bra

Just My Size has a beautiful lingerie line for women of all shapes and sizes for all occasions. 

This bra comes in three colors and can be purchased in packs of two. It is available from size 32C to 50DD. 

The cups of the bra give gorgeous support with full coverage lining. These cups are composed of a silky, matte-and-shine satin fabric that makes them soft and comfortable.

You can easily move in this bra as it employs a knit-in stretch that makes for a sleek fit. With freedom of movement, you do not have to keep adjusting the bra now and then.

The sides of the cup go under your arm pretty high in a way that supports all the places that need it. Therefore, it causes no bulge or spillage. The wide panels on the sides keep your breasts in and produce a smooth look. 

It has no padding and underwires, so you can comfortably wear it for longer durations. It is thin and lightweight, making it suitable for wearing under t-shirts!


  • Soft satin fabric
  • Side panels


  • less durablity

Our take on the product: This bra by Just My Size is made of a soft satin material, so it feels highly comfortable on your skin. The side panels ensure that there are no bulges and give you a smooth look. With no padding and underwires, you can wear these for a long duration of time! 

3. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure MagicLift Plus Size Seamless Wirefree Back Close Sports Bra

Glamorise Women’s Full Figure MagicLift Plus Size Seamless Wirefree Back Close Sports Bra

Glamorise has bras of all kinds for women of all sizes. From strapless bras to sports bras, Glamorise has them all!

This sports bra comes in five classic colors and is available from size 34B to 50I. It majorly contains Polyester, so it does not call for high maintenance, and you can wash it in a washing machine.

Women with large breasts struggle to wear a pull-on sports bra; hence, this bra has hook and eye closures at the back, making it easy to wear and remove. It has a closed, broad back which gives maximum posture support to your back as well as neck.

The bra uses a MagicLift design that goes over and under the breasts to lift even without underwires. A reinforced inner-bust band mainly does this lifting. 

No more worrying about the bounce-back of breasts while you are working out because the non-stretch cups of this bra offer bounce control. These cups are seamless and do not show lines to give a smooth silhouette under clothes. 

The bra’s fabric is meant to give you maximum comfort and uses moisture-wicking technology to keep your skin cool.


  • MagicLift technology
  • Bounce control


  • normal quality fabric

Our take on the product: Glamorise is among the most trusted brands for lingerie, especially for women with large breasts. Sports bras are supposed to give bounce control for plus-size women, and this bra does it! 

4. Olga Women’s No Side Effects Underwire Contour Bra

Olga Women’s No Side Effects Underwire Contour Bra

Olga by Warners is another famous brand among plus-size women for their unique specialty of hiding ‘sleevage’.

This Olga bra comes in a variety of colors, but we love the lilac dawn! In addition, it is available from size 36C to 44DD. 

If you ask us, this is among the prettiest-looking bras out there! It consists of 83% of Nylon and requires to be hand-washed to ensure longevity. 

The cups of this Olga bra provide full coverage and feature underwires that offer a substantial lift to your breasts. 

It also has enhanced side coverage that avoids bulges and sleevage from showing up. These sides and back are elastic-free to provide a streamlined look under clothes. 

For convenience, the straps of the bra are adjustable at the front. This makes it easy to reach and prevents the straps from shifting and sliding every two minutes. Obtaining the ideal strap length will be a breeze with this Olga contour bra.

With three hook and eye closures at the back, this bra keeps your breasts secure and steady. The lining of the bra offers modesty to avoid any show-through. The No Side Effects bra does it all!


  • Front adjustable straps
  • Enhanced side coverage


  • Check size properly

Our take on the product: Olga has quite a reputation among plus-size women because of its premium quality lingerie. This underwired bra offers lift and side support with its enhanced side coverage. 

5. Just My Size Women’s Pure Comfort Plus Size Bra

Just My Size Women’s Pure Comfort Plus Size Bra

Just My Size bras are affordable and reliable for women of all shapes, sizes, and occasions!

You can purchase these bras in packs of two and a variety of colors. Additionally, it is available in sizes up to 6X large!

It is made of a silky, seamless fabric that can stretch four ways to provide a flexible fit to your body without causing any discomfort. This fabric also wicks moisture and sweat away from your body to keep it cool and dry.

The Just My Size bra also has knit-in support that adds a subtle under-bust shaping to make you look and feel confident!

If you are done with hook and eye closures or have conditions that make it challenging, this bra has a pull-on closure. All you gotta do is pull the bra on or step right in it, and voila, blissful comfort!

This bra goes well under a t-shirt or if you are looking to lounge around the house. The breathable fabric makes it super cozy with no poking, pinching, or digging in. The large straps keep stress away from your shoulders to avoid hurting them!


  • Comfortable fabric
  • Pull-on closure


  • Unflattering fit

Our take on the product: Well, if you’re tired of wearing a sports bra that costs more than a fortune but ends up hurting you, this Just My Size bra will rescue you. With a comfortable fabric that wicks moisture, it will keep you cool all day long!

6. Champion Women’s Plus-Size Vented Compression Sports Bra

Champion Women’s Plus-Size Vented Compression Sports Bra

Champion has a wide range of sportswear for women in sizes that fit everybody for every activity!

This compression sports bra comes in attractive colors and up to size 4X Large! These are no old-looking sports bras; instead, they look appealing and are designed especially for you! In addition to that, It is affordable and can be machine washed!

It is time to say goodbye to hook and eye closures that are difficult to reach and poke into our bodies. And for that reason, this has a pull-on closure, making it easy to wear.

None of us like to drench in sweat, so this bra uses moisture management technology that wicks moisture away from the skin. This keeps your body cool, dry, and sweat-free, thanks to its double try feature!

The bra straps are wide and are cushioned to offer maximum comfort and support to your shoulders. A thin bra strap is more likely to dig into your body and cause redness.

You do not have to worry about any show-throughs, as it has removable foam inserts that offer modesty and shape.


  • Double dry technology
  • Removable foam inserts


  • Causes spillage

Our take on the product: This Champion sports bra is affordable and comfortable! With double dry technology, it always keeps moisture away from your skin. The removable foam inserts provide shape and support! If you have big breasts and are looking for a sports bra, we say you go for this! 

7. Just My Size Women’s Pure Comfort Lace Plus Size Bra

Just My Size Women’s Pure Comfort Lace Plus Size Bra

Another Just My Size bra makes its way to our list of the best bras for plus-size women!

Falling on the affordable side of the price scale, buying this bra is an economical choice. The bra comes in bright colors and neutral colors and is available in sizes up to 6X Large! You can machine wash this bra; therefore, it needs minimum maintenance.

It has a seamless lining that produces a smooth look under clothes with no lines and threads visible through your favorite top! 

This is a wire-free bra that offers full coverage. It has knit-in support to provide a decent amount of lift and shape. It doesn’t shrink and stays in place even when you move around a lot.

It has wide straps to ensure that your shoulders and back don’t hurt from the weight of carrying your babies!

The fabric of the way stretches through four ways to give the best fit to your body, causing no discomfort. You can easily breathe through the fabric of the bra. And because of the stretchy fabric, the band doesn’t roll up or dig into your sides.

With a pretty lace design on the top, this bra looks lovely and has a soft, smooth texture that makes it lightweight.


  • Lace design
  • Lightweight


  • Choose size properly

Our take on the product: This Just My Size bra is the synonym of comfortable! Made of lightweight fabric, it feels smooth and soft on your skin. Bonus points for the lace design at the top!

8. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Plus Size Wonderwire Front Close Bra

Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Plus Size Wonderwire Front Close Bra

Phew, we can’t leave this bra by Glamorise out of our list, for it has some excellent features!

Available in several colors and prints, you’ll be amazed to see how cute and pretty this bra looks, all at the same time! It is available from size 34B to 56DD, as we’ve already mentioned, in all shapes and sizes! 

This Glamorise bra makes use of WonderWire technology, wherein the underwire features a band with a comfortable cushion to prevent the wire from poking into your skin. What a relief! All that you will feel with the padded channel around the underwires is support!

It has a front hook and bar closure made especially for older women or those who can’t reach the closures at the back or struggle to pull the bra down. Ladies, Glamorise gets you! This front clasp can hold any bust size securely during each wear.

With side-bust enhancers, the bra gives a smooth shape and support to your breasts from all sides. 

The fabric of the bra wicks moisture that pulls sweat up and away from your skin. This quick-drying fabric keeps your skin cool and comfy all day! Additionally, the lace coverage makes the bra beautiful and breathable!


  • WonderWire technology
  • Lacework


  • less durability

Our take on the product: We all like underwires that do not poke, and this bra uses WonderWire technology to ensure that all we feel is support! With a lacy design at the top, this bra looks pretty and is affordable!

9. Full Figure Plus Size Complete Comfort Wirefree Cotton T-Back Bra 

Full Figure Plus Size Complete Comfort Wirefree Cotton T-Back Bra

Yet another Glamorise bra that plus-size women will love!

This bra comes in three colors, cafe, pink blush, and white. And if you ask us, all three colors are gorgeous! In addition, this bra is available from sizes 34B to 48G/H! 

Unlike the previous model with hook and bar closure, this bra has front hook and eye closures for extra sturdiness and grip. Front closures with multiple settings are easier to reach. It is also secure and will not ping upon during movement. 

The racerback design offers more support to your back and neck, ensuring that they don’t feel any stress. This T back also prevents the straps from slipping or sliding off your shoulders when you move.

 It also has a sheer floral lace overlay at the back that makes it even prettier! Your skin can breathe through the lacework, and the racerback provides a smoothing finish! 

It also has self-adjusting cups whose fabric adapts itself as per changing or uneven breast sizes. The lightweight fabric of the bra feels like a dream! 

You would not feel like taking this bra off to finally feel comfortable because this bra in itself is cozy, soft, and lightweight!


  • Multiple hooks and eye closures
  • Racerback design


  • Not true to size

Our take on the product: This bra from Glamorise is soft, smooth, and gives decent support to all plus-size women. It has a sheer lacework at the back, making it look pretty, and the racerback design offers support and lift! 

Bra for Plus Size Buying Guide


Thin bra straps add more pressure on your neck and shoulders and leave red marks along your body. Nobody likes that; it causes back pain and distress in your shoulders.

On the other hand, wide straps have a greater surface area. Therefore, they reduce the pressure that falls on your shoulders and neck. It does not feel like the entire weight of lifting your breasts falls upon your shoulders. 

Another feature that the straps should possess is adjustability. You need to be able to adjust the straps of the bra easily to obtain the desired length! In addition, it is better to have this adjusting slider at the front as it is easy to reach.


Bras with a broad back offer more support to your back and neck, avoiding any pain or discomfort. In addition, if the back has a lace design or meshwork, it allows your skin to breathe through it!

A racerback design, too, offers immense support and overcomes the risk of straps slipping off your shoulders! With a T back, your bra offers substantial lift and support compared to its traditional, over-the-shoulder counterpart.

Side support

As plus-size women, our large breasts need side and back support to prevent bulging. A tight bra will lead to overflowing breasts, and not only is that visible through clothes, but it is also painful.

Spillage tends to be the most common factor that causes underarm fat. It is necessary to wear a bra that is appropriate for your body.

The existence of side support panels enhance support and provide more coverage. It also leads to a forward projection that gives our breasts a natural shape. 


We all want our breasts to be closer to our chest instead of being close to our stomach. Large breasts require a lift to prevent sagging. Underwired bras offer an astounding amount of lift. 

Padded bras, too, offer shape and lifted profile to your breasts. A push bra is an excellent option if you are looking for bras that give you considerable lift.


Different bras comprise different fabrics, and sometimes they’re made of a combination of materials. 

Some materials are soft and smooth, while others can be itchy. Although this depends on your skin, it is always better to look at the description to determine what the bra comprises. 

Lightweight, breathable fabric like cotton will always be more comfortable than other materials. 


This may not be the first thing to consider before buying a bra, but it is an important aspect. Not all plus-size bras are expensive. Our list has some of the best, most inexpensive bras for plus-size women!


Simply because we are plus-size doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to look and feel amazing. Most of the bras that are meant for large breasts look like they belong to the 15th century!

We made sure that our list of the most comfortable bra for plus size does not only include bras that offer support but also those bras that look attractive! And you hit the jackpot with this list because most of these bras are also affordable!

And isn’t this the perfect combination- supportive, attractive, and affordable? Oh no, we didn’t forget about comfort. The fabric of these bras is soft and does not feel itchy on your skin. Our breasts are generous, and so is the comfort of these bras! 

These bras also have wide straps and back, enhanced side support, and adequate lift. Ladies, with this list, your journey of finding the best bra for plus size has come to an end!