Best Full Figure Bras that Lift and Separate for Plus Size Women

Best Full Figure Bras that Lift and Separate for Plus Size Women


The key to creating the perfect jaw-dropping outfit lies not only in painstakingly selecting the outerwear but also in choosing the right underpinnings. That is precisely why having different types of bras which serve unique purposes is very important.

It is an established fact that finding the perfect bra is comparable to a nightmarish experience. But the task of finding good support bras becomes slightly more difficult when you are full-figured.  

Why you ask? The optimum amount of support your bra offers is crucial in giving fuller, bigger breasts the coverage they need. The bigger cup size also helps in providing a better shape to your topwear, as other bras such as ones with plunge necklines wouldn’t adequately cover the breasts. In addition to this, full coverage bras give a more seamless bust shape. 

We understand each and every one of your bra shopping woes. To do away with them, we have rounded up the most comfortable support bra for full-figured folks! We’ve covered everything from comfortable daily-wear bras to lacy numbers. Read on.

Tips For Buying The Right Support Bra For Full Figured 

Your undergarments should be the most comfortable pieces of clothing. After all, they are the first piece of clothing you put on and the last thing you bid farewell to! The right bra can make or break an outfit, and we totally get that.

Underwires that tattoo their marks into your skin, tight straps that are suffocating the life out of you, or spillage due to the incorrect cup size– you don’t want any of this to happen.

So, ladies, we must highlight some things you must know prior to going on your lingerie shopping spree and share handy tips to make the experience a piece of cake.  

  • Know Your Band Size: This is where you may get confused. As we know, our bra sizes are composed of numbers and letters. The number indicates what is known as the band size. It is the measurement of the girth of our rib cage right below the breasts. Determining what your band size is the first crucial step in finding the perfect full figured bras. Almost 80 percent of the support comes from this band. You can easily measure this using a soft measuring tape while wearing a bra that fits you well
  • Know The Correct Cup Size: The fact is, not everyone has the same breasts. The shape of your breasts can be very unique. You must have found yourself joking among friends about how each one of you has different breasts. This is where buying a bra that fits your distinctive breasts perfectly becomes tricky. The key is to get your cup size right. These measurements have the power to make all the difference. The right cup size prevents spillage from the sides and provides adequate support and coverage to a fuller bust. So never go bra shopping without being one hundred percent sure of your cup size.  
  • Look For Comfortable Straps: This is a buying tip that precedes all others simply because it is what bras fail to provide the most; comfort! There are no two ways about it– bras cannot be the most supremely comfortable piece of clothing to wear. Their purpose restricts them from being so. But we can look for things in a bra that can help you achieve maximum comfort, for instance, the straps. Look for wider straps that will divide the pressure on your shoulders and not sink into your skin.  
  • Invest In Quality: We know how costly bras can be, but lingerie experts advise against using them for too long. It is ideal if you change your bras every six months. And so, it is best if you put quality over the price. Just like your favorite pair of shoes, bras too are subject to wear and tear. This means they might lose the support they should be providing your breasts, which isn’t good for your back. It is best if you keep a few bras in rotation so as to give rest to each one for longevity.    

Best Support Bra For Full Figured in 2024

Looking for the best full figure bras that lift and separate for plus size women? Here is the list and detailed review from our lingerie expert.

1. Winglove’s Full Coverage Non-Padded Minimizer Bra

Wingslove has created a name for itself in the US lingerie segment with its wide range of lingerie, accessories, and swimwear. Their Amazon store has everything organized category-wise, and you can find a separate section for minimizer bras for full figured. This Full Coverage bra is all big-breasted ladies hoped for– non-padded and wireless! Yes, you can get the desired support and seamless bust shape without having to deal with painful underwires. 

It is made of soft, breathable fabric and comes in five colours; black, nude, purple, toffee, and grey blue. This will help you easily match your bra to your outfit and steer clear of the notion that bras for full figured are limited to duller tones! There is a jacquard self-patterning all over the cup, which adds to the feminine charm of the bra. 

The bra provides sufficient lift and side support and hence giving maximum coverage without squishing your breasts together. The band is shaped according to the natural shape of breasts and hence gives them adequate support without wires. The bra has a hook and eye closure and wide, adjustable straps which relieve pressure on your shoulders.   

The front has a delicate mesh panel that not only looks good but lets your skin breathe underneath. Apart from this, there is the lace detailing all along with the cups. The ultra-thin fabric of the bra ensures that it is not visible through clothes. As a result, it offers a seamless fit and an amazing bust shape!

Why We Love It

  • Wide, adjustable straps
  • Breathable mesh panel
  • Wireless

Take Note

Check size as some suggest to buy a size down.

Our Take On The Bra: Wireless, non-padded, and yet providing full coverage! What more could we ask from this Wingslove bra?

2. Playtex 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra

As the name suggests, this Playtex bra is all about comfort. The one hundred percent polyester fabric is machine-wash friendly, giving you more durability even after multiple washes. This also saves you the trouble of having to hand wash bras. The stretch of the fabric accommodates your distinctive bust shape while giving the desired support. The lining is made of super soft fabric.

The construction of the bra is fitted to give fuller breasts the perfect lift. Multiple pieces are sewn together strategically so, to give support and lift at the right places. And the next thing might make you shout with happiness– the bra is tagless! The cups are perfect for a fuller frame with a supportive M-frame. Fuller cups also avert any potential spillage that might ruin your outfit of the day. 

The Exclusive Spanette fabric is responsible for giving this Playtex support bra for full figured the required stretch. There is extra side and back support for making sure everything is tucked in so that you can fall in love with the way it makes your T-shirt look! It has a hook and eye closure and a no ride-up back. So the bra will stay as it is.  

Of course, Playtex didn’t forget the details. You get a beautiful lace trim and floral pattern at the front and back in more than ten colours! Now, this is called versatility with comfort! The straps are adjustable, no-slip, and wide for giving ample relief to your shoulders. It does have a few drawbacks like the fabric feels itchy and the elastic has no “give”.  

Why We Love It

  • Machine-wash friendly 
  • Tagless 
  • Fuller Cups

Take Note

This bra is a strong one and isn’t as forgiving as ordinary ones. So order a comfortable size to avoid any suffocating mishaps! 

Our Take On The Bra: This Playtex bra provides the lift and support that an underwired bra would give. The fuller cups offer full coverage in the right places and a seamless shape. In addition, the Playtex Original Comfort Strap bra is wallet-friendly too!

3. Vanity Fair Illumination Zoned In Support Bra 

Vanity Fair never disappoints with its inclusive and beautiful lingerie line and shapewear; all curated for the lovers of luxurious comfort at affordable prices! And the Illumination Zoned In Support Bra is no different. It is a very flattering bra for full-figured ladies as there is added support and side shaping built into the cup.

The no-poke underwire provides just the right amount of lift while giving a natural shape to your breasts. Strictly speaking, the bra isn’t padded. It falls more under the moulded or lined cup category. The contoured cup covers your breasts perfectly and makes this an ideal bra to wear under your T-shirts or fitting tops.

It is made of Strata fabric and lined with plush and comfortable satin, so it feels very natural on your skin for all-day comfort. The wide comfort straps ensure your shoulders are not strained and lay flat without digging in. The hook and eye closure make wearing and taking the bra off effortless. 

The bra provides sufficient lift and gives maximum coverage without squishing your breasts together. The band is shaped according to the natural shape of breasts and hence gives them adequate support without wires. The bra has a hook and eye closure and wide, adjustable straps which relieve pressure on your shoulders.   

Why We Love It

  • Lightly padded
  • Underwired
  • Soft satin lining

Take Note

True to size, so order your usual cup size.

Our Take On The Bra: With underwired moulded cups, this Vanity Fair bra provides the right amount of lift to your breasts. The super-soft satin fabric is a winner for all-day comfort!

4. Bali Double Support Spa-Closure Wirefree Bra

Bali is a brand much loved by women all around the US. They are well known for their wide range of intimate wear and shapewear, which includes bras for those who are full figured. The Bali Double Support Wireless Bra is one of the many such bras. The highlight of this bra, and we think you will agree is that it is wire-free. Gone are the times you squirmed due to the pains an underwire gave you! 

The bra is stitch-free, which gives your top a seamless look in the real sense. The moulded cups are infused with a petal pattern which provides added support and lifts your breasts. This gives a more natural shape. Being made of one hundred per cent polyester, you can toss this in the machine without worrying about losing its shape.   

The adjustable straps are placed in the front for greater accessibility and are wide enough to distribute the weight on your shoulders evenly. The inside of the cups is lined with super soft fabric, which prevents any irritations to the skin. The fabric is breathable, too, so say goodbye to summer suffocations! 

The bra provides sufficient lift and gives maximum coverage without making your breasts look like a “uni-boob”. Don’t worry about tags itching you as the bra is tagless. The band of the bra offers excellent support and gives just the right lift you need. The bra has a hook and eye closure.   

Why We Love It

  • Machine Wash
  • Seamless

Take Note

Slightly larger cup size

Our Take On the Bra: This Bali sports bra is suitable for heavy-chested women as it provides sufficient support for being a wire-free bra.

5. Playtex Secrets Shapes & Supports Balconette Underwire Bra 

Playtex offers a wide range of intimate wear solutions, including bras for nursing and breastfeeding. Among them is the Secrets Shapes & Supports Balconette Underwire bra. This is designed for the ones with a heavier bust. It offers a four-way TruSupport, which comes with a taller back for extra back support. The sides are higher to give added support to your breasts.  

The fuller cups are meant to provide more coverage, and the brand suggests you buy your true size as they are true to size. But customers mentioned that they had difficulties finding the right size when they followed this, so you’ll have to figure out for yourself what your size is.   

It is primarily made of nylon and spandex, so you will have to hand wash the bra. The lining is made of super-soft cotton, so it is comfortable to touch against the skin. The underwire is hidden underneath for a seamless look, and it can very well be called a disappearing act! The V neck is a perfect fit for those plunging necklines and is very versatile for all kinds of outfits.   

It has a hook and eye closure for effortless wearing and taking off, and it also gives you a customized fit. The band gives more support with its clingy knits and adjustable straps.   

Why We Love It

  • V neckline
  • Four-way support 
  • Breathable

Take Note

The cup size is bigger, and there is slight spillage if you don’t order a size down. 

Our Take On The Bra: This Playtex bra is affordable and the epitome of comfort. It has moulded cups and a V neckline which is perfect for all outfits. The cherry on top seems to be the super soft fabric and the four-way support! 

6. Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra

This is another fantastic bra from Bali which is meant to minimize fuller breasts. And as the name suggests, Passion For Comfort is aimed at maximizing comfort. It is made of 76% nylon and hence can only be hand washed. The underwire, which adds more support and gives a lift to your breasts, is encased in order to provide you with genuinely seamless work.   

The cups are covered in a delicate flower pattern, and the adjustable straps continue this in the form of lace trim. The straps are wide and don’t dig into your skin. If you are worried about coverage, the fuller cups lined with super soft fabric have you covered. It minimizes up to one and a half inches to give you the perfect tucked-in look. 

This bra does not ride up or feel itchy at all. Despite not having padding as such, the coverage offered is sufficient for a fuller bust. And yes, the V neckline only adds to the versatility of this Bali bra. You can finally wear all those outfits you weren’t wearing because their plunging necklines intimidated you! It has an adjustable hook and eye closure so you can customize the fit according to the unique shape of your breasts.   

Why We Love It

  • Minimizes fuller breasts 
  • Adjustable closure 

Take Note

The underwire may distort a little after multiple washes.

Our Take On The Bra: If you are looking for a strapless bra to wear under your wedding gowns, go for this Maidenform bra! With no-slip grip elastic and a power band, you will fall in love with this!

7. Vanity Fair Beauty Full Figured Back Smoothing Bra

Vanity Fair has done it again! Another excellent support bra for full figured. The Full Figure bras in Vanity Fair’s intimate wear collection refer to their range of bras which offer the maximum coverage for no-spill. They are designed with broader side supports to offer optimum support to a heavy bust and to make sure everything is fit snugly.   

This bra, in particular, comes with the Beauty Back, which means it has a four-way stretch fabric for a smooth back. You would be surprised at the support it gives despite not having wires, which is always good news for all those who know what a pain they can be! Plus, you get ample support and separation even without the wires. The adjustable back straps are placed close to each other to prevent them from slipping.  

The cups are lightly padded and hence give a natural shape to your breasts. If you are looking for a bra that ticks the modesty box, then this is it. You must hand wash this bra as it is made of nylon. The bra is true to size, so order accordingly. Another good thing about this bra is that it offers the right amount of lift to your bust too. And as it is an extremely lightweight and lightly padded bra, you can go ahead and wear it underneath jersey knits and other thin fabrics.   

Why We Love It

  • Lightly padded
  • Wireless
  • No-slip

Take Note

It does push the breasts slightly outward and makes them look pointy.

Our Take On The Bra: Vanity Fair offers superior quality lingerie at affordable prices, and this Back Smoothing Bra is true to that statement. Being wireless, it offers you decent support and lifts without hurting you! And the coverage is commendable. 

8. Glamorize MagicLift Cotton Wirefree Support Bra

Another entry into this list of the best support bra for full-figured is the Glamorise MagicLift Cotton Wirefree Support Bra. This one is for those who are looking for the classic comfort of cotton bras. This is a pocket-friendly bra that is made of mostly cotton and hence can easily be machine washed. Forget the trouble of hand washing bras! Apart from this, it is perfect if you want the support an underwire bra offers but don’t want any of the wire. 

This bra offers great support and full coverage while also giving your breasts a slight lift. The super-soft cotton fabric is breathable and is a must-try for hot climes. The contoured cups have a floral mesh panel at the edges along with self-patterning. You get this bra in four colours; white, lilac, pale pink, and cafe, so you can match them to your tops. 

The MagicLift technology refers to the added support and lifts the reinforced inner-bust band provides. Without the wires and the extra-wide, padded straps make this as comfortable as an everyday bra can get. The back adjustable hook and eye closure allow you to make changes to the fit according to what suits you. The only concern that customers had was the blend in the cotton fabric wasn’t as comfortable and smooth to the skin.

Why We Love It

  • Super soft cotton fabric
  • Lacework
  • Machine washable

Take Note

The straps are super wide, so make sure you look for another one if your outfits need narrower straps. 

Our Take On The Bra: This Triangle bra looks and feels fantastic, thanks to its soft fabric! The lace detail around the band does not itch and offers a decent amount of lift and support. You can rely on the adjustable straps of the bra to get the desired length.


So now you know how to slay those tight-fitting tops and T-shirts with the best support bra for full figured we have listed here. No more nip-slips, bouncy morning jogs, or spillage through tank tops! Always keep in mind the important tips we shared before going bra shopping, and you are good to go. 

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