Different Types of Bra

24 Different Types of Bra for Different Occasions & Styles


Choosing the right bra is like choosing the right shoe for yourself. You wear different shoes for different occasions and different outfits. And so is true for Bras. Wearing the right bra at occasions, events, and house party not only shows your confidence but also create proper posture and keeps your breasts healthy and firm.

Saying that there are still many women who are unknown about how to measure their bra size and which types of bra they should wear for their breasts. It is still essential to know about the body type you possess and the bra that fits right for you.

Many women are unaware of the fact that there is a different bras that you can wear for different types of occasions. As you wear sleepers around your house, you wear formal shoes for formal wear, a running shoe, casual shoe and many more and they fit as you want them to.

Here we will provide you with a complete guide on various types of bras that are available in the market and how you can choose the right one for you.

For a higher overview, you can go through the image below that shows some of the types of bras.

While these are among the few available, we have tried to give you an extended list that will give you the whole view of the “Bra World”.

Different bra styles for different occasions

1. Push Up Bra

Push Up bra as the name suggest is made to lift up your breast and give a bigger look for a perfect cleavage. These are suitable for women with subtle breasts.

These come in 3 levels of push you want for your cleavage starting from level 1, a gentle push to level 3 that boosts your cleavage. The paddings inside them are what push your breast and give the perfect shape for your breast. The pads can be removed or added accordingly.

You can get this bra in cotton polyester and satin clothes. While it does come in every size from A to E, the thing to consider is the underwire that doesn’t pinch at the bottom of your breast and fits firmly.

2. T-shirt Bra

Suited for uneven breasts, shallow breasts, or thin breasts, the T-shirt bra have smooth cups that will hide your inner assets giving you the perfect shape with their soft paddings and wire-line shape. A T-shirt bra is available in cotton, nylon, and polyamide and can be worn with form-fitting clothes these will seamlessly give you the smooth look.

3. Convertible Bra

A convertible bra is a multi-way 4-in1 bra that has detachable straps that you can rearrange to make as you like. You can see above in the pics what you can come up with in this multi-way bra.

These are also all-purpose wear so you can wear them on any occasion and with any dress you prefer. It comes in cotton, polyester, and satin fabrics.

4. Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is a go-to choice for women who want a bra with no straps. These are great to wear with open dresses like a backless, or strapless dress. While it has the advantage of no-straps, it might not support much like traditional bras. Just look for a band or wire under the cups that feel tight enough to support your assets.

5. Balconette Bra

Balconette Bra is best suited for a small or heavy saggy bust that can be worn with dresses that have low cuts. Tops and single-piece dress that shows almost half of your assets need balconette bra which is a great choice. These are available in cotton, polyester, and satin fabrics. Just look for the straps that fit tight according to your breast size and you are all good to go.

6. Sports Bra

Sports bras are available in all sizes and are worn by women who are much into sports or athletics. You can wear this at the gym, do yoga, run or do any other sports activities. They are padded with soft pads and give you better shoulder movement and comfort reducing the bounce while heavy sports activities keep them in the right place.

You can wear it beneath t-shirts but they themselves look classy and colourful and can be worn as a single piece.

7. Halter Bra

The halter bra gives you the ultimate style to put on your bra. It has a single strap that can be worn around the neck or the back. It can be worn while working out at the gym as it gives your body to relax. You can wear it with low back dress or tops which are available in cotton polyester and satin fabrics.

8. Stick On Bra

Stick on Bras also known as Adhesive Bra are a self-supporting bra that does not have any straps on. They stick to your breast with silicons and paper pads on them that stick perfectly around your breast. It is available in all sizes and the fabrics used are silicon and Elastane. They are great to wear with Backless and strapless outfits.

9. Shelf Bra

Shelf Bra is not meant for daily use and comes under lingerie. They don’t have pads on them and only the bra frame line, giving the visibility of most parts of your breast. These bras are meant for your romantic time. Go check them out and invest in some self-pampering.

10. Longline Bra

Extending just above the belly button and with full coverage to the bust, Longline Bra is dual purpose bra that gives shape to your waistline while covering the breast area. They are great for everyday as well as special occasion wear. They are available in blended fabrics and are suited for medium to heavy busts.

11. Sheer Bra

Sheer Bra is more of a glamour and stylish bra that is usually used as a part of lingerie. They are usually transparent with a lot of laces and nets around them. Available in all sizes, these are made from satin, lace, and nets and are good for all women accordingly. It is worn beneath nightgowns and on romantic occasions and comes in different styles.

12. Racerback Bra

Racerback Bra comes under high-impact sports and fitness bra that have straps crossing at “Y” shape at the back. They don’t have hooks at your back and are a single-piece bra that fits firmly with your breast without much hassle of hooks and straps. They are suggested for women having a narrow shoulders or the ones who want to hide straps underneath the tops or t-shirts. They come in various designs and colours with cotton and nylon material.

13. Underwire Bra

Underwire Bra is meant to provide extensive support for your breasts with the wires around the pads at the bottom of the cup. They are great to give you the roundness to the shape of your breast and hide any unwanted bulges. These are recommended for A-C cup breasts but come in all sizes too. They can be worn for daily use with any outfit and are available in cotton, polyester, and satin fabrics.

14. Front Closure Bra

A front closure bra is a great option for women who want a seamless back. Rather than hooks at the back, they have hooks in-between the pads. The cups are perfectly padded with soft pads and wire under them to give a perfect shape to any women’s breast. They are great for breasts with side set shape, round shape, and teardrop shape and can be worn beneath any tight dresses. It is much more satisfying to close the hooks than the ones at the back. They are available in cotton, satin, and polyester fabric and come in all sizes.

15. Plunge Bra

Basically, a Plunge bra gives low neckline visibility with cups separated from each other and joining at the very low end. These are also called U-plunge bras or V-plunge, which comes from the fact that they meet at a very low end making a U shape or a V-shape. These are worn with dresses that need low necklines. It gives deep visibility to your breast. While they come in all sizes, they are a great choice for women with well-toned busts as it gives a perfectness of the chest. Read more about this bra here.

16. Mastectomy Bra

A mastectomy bra is a special bra that is designed for women who have gone through mastectomy for their breasts. They do come in all sizes with cotton, satin, and polyester fabric.

17. Maternity Bra

A maternity or nursing bra is designed for women going through the phases of pregnancy. They are full-size bras and have wider straps with extra support to reduce the bouncing of boobs. As the breast size varies from one to another phase in pregnancy, these bras adjust themselves accordingly and provide comfortable wear. They are not wired at the bottom and don’t have pads around them giving the boobs the extra space it needs during pregnancy phases. They can be worn with any clothing for pregnant women and comes in all sizes. There are also various nursing tank tops available for breastfeeding purposes.

18. Bralette

Bralette is a sexy-looking bra with minimal padding with laces and flimsy things around them. It is among the loved bra as it is a perfect combination of comfort and style. It comes with no paddings, not no hooks, and no wires giving you a hassle-free way to wear a bra. While it doesn’t shape your breast for bulge looks, it looks great under any loose clothing. It comes in all sizes and is good for leisure work and non-physical activity. It also lasts longer and is perfect for daily use. Read this article to learn what to wear with a high neck bralette.

19. Cami Bra

Cami bra is a perfect combination of style and coverage. It features a high neckline with good full cups to hide your assets under deep-neck outfits. They come in underwired and padded cups to give an extra rounded shape to your breasts. These pads could be detachable too. It is good for everyday wear and can be worn beneath sheer shirts and open cardigans.

20. Beginner Bra

As the name suggests Beginner bras are for teenagers who are just into their growing phase. They have basic clothing that covers up the entire cleavage with some having soft pads. The baseline can be wired or non-wired according to the emerging growth of your breast. It is comfortable to many extents and is a must for women in their early stages for healthy growth and shaping.

21. Full Figure

The full figure bra is basically a tank-top with pads on them. The pads have wire underneath them giving your breast a perfect look with full coverage of your cleavage. While the bra comes at full length, it is a perfect choice for casual use at home or at beaches for a perfect summer breeze.

22. Minimize bra

A minimizer bra is the best option if you want to minimize or reduce your breast appearance by one full cup size.

What it does is that it can very effectively reduce your breast projection and thus your chest circumference by flattening your breasts and giving them a wider base to spread out your breast tissue in up, down, left, and right directions.

So the best minimizer bra for full-figured will make them appear smaller by lifting and redistributing the tissue or just by squishing it.

23. Cage Bra

A cage bra is a perfect combination of overall coverage of breasts while giving a cage-like design with extra straps crossing over. The thick pads minimize the nipples bulge. Enjoy this bra to showcase the naughtier side this summer. You can pair it up with loose tank-tops, open-back tops, low cuts, and sheer back clothing to give you a sexier look.

24. Padded Bra

A padded bra comes with additional padding or pockets to insert pads tailored to make your chest appear bigger. The objective is to elevate your overall look and enhance your silhouette by providing a much more subtle boost as compared to push-ups. If your main concern is to hide nipples these types of bras will suit you most. Padded bras help make breast tissues appear firmer and fuller.

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That’s all in this article. Hope it helps.

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