Best Bra For Small Breasts To Look Bigger

Best Bra For Small Breasts To Look Bigger (Buying Guide & Review)


The road to the perfect outfit starts at getting the proper intimate wear. Without them, there’s much that can go wrong on the outside too.

Moreover, finding the bra that works for you can be a difficult task when you have small breasts. You can’t just buy the same bras meant for bigger boobs as all bras aren’t equal. The features bras for bigger boobs offer will be redundant for you. 

You’ll find many ill-fitting bras and loose-strap situations in your quest to find the best bras if you are small chested.

If you are a small chested person, you know all too well that it’s not all about stuffing in lots of padding. Small boobs need support and not just added padding.

This is obvious as gravity is waiting to give you unsightly, sagging breasts.

Thankfully, there are many great options available in the market to counter this and to make breasts look bigger.    

We understand every one of your bra shopping woes. So we have come up with all the tips and tricks to tackle them, along with well-researched suggestions for the best bras for small breasts to look bigger.

You will find everything from comfortable daily-wear bras to sexier lacy ones to compliment your clothes. Let’s begin!  

Tips For Buying The Right Bra For Small Breasts To Look Bigger

Best Bras To Wear for small chested women
Best Bras To Wear for small chested women

You know, when a piece of clothing is in direct contact with your skin, it should be extremely comfortable. Plus, bras are the first thing you put on! And owing to how frequently we use them (mostly daily up until the pandemic forced us to stay in and ditch our bras!), durability is a big factor.

Fret not as we have made an all-in-one buying guide to highlight the essential things you must know before going on a bra shopping spree.

Here’s to making your quest for the breast enhancement bras for small breast.  

Getting The Band Size Right:

The band size is probably the most crucial aspect when it comes to selecting a good bra for smaller breasts to look bigger. This is what gives the breasts the support they need and is also a part of the lift.

You need to make sure that it isn’t too loose and not too tight, as that is essential to keeping it comfortable under there.

A tight band might lead to rashes and red marks as it will dig into your skin. You can easily measure your band size using a measuring tape at home. You need to measure right below your breasts, around the rib cage.   

The Correct Cup Size Is Important:

Every person has a set of breasts unique to their body. We keep comparing and trying to put them under rigid measurements, but they are simply not the same for everyone.

Hence it becomes crucial for you to find yourself a bra that does justice to your distinctive breasts.

And how does one do that?

Get your cup size as accurately as you can. Once you have this down, it will play a significant role in your ability to find the perfect bra for your small bust.

Then you should also pay attention to the spacing between the cups.

Some bras don’t have a gap between the cups, which is important for small chested people as their breasts are often wider apart.    

Comfort Is Primary:

Fashion is a pain, but not in this case.

It shouldn’t be! In fact, pain in any form due to the bra you are wearing is a red flag that it isn’t the right one for you. Do not continue wearing it, and you can go for what is called a bra fitting.

Indeed, bras can never truly be “comfortable” as they are restricting and constrictive by virtue of their purpose, but you can still look for things that make wearing one a decent experience.

Make sure the straps are soft and do not dig into your skin and that they evenly divide the pressure on your shoulders.         

Look For Side Support:

Side support is the pillar that will give your small breasts the lift and natural shape to make them look bigger.

Look for bras with added side support panels. These panels help bring your breasts to the centre, giving them the desired shape, which you can struggle with as small breasts are usually set wide apart.

Additionally, some bras also offer good cleavage enhancement with the help of the side panels.    

10 Best Bra For Small Breasts To Look Bigger in May 2024

1. FallSweet Add Two Cups Brassiere

FallSweet has created a name for itself in the US lingerie market with its wide selection of lingerie and pyjama sets. Their Amazon store has many options available for push up bras and underwire bras meant for small breasts to make them look bigger. Their push up bras are especially eye-catching because of their quirky prints and designs. This particular push up brassiere is a blessing for the small chested ladies out there!

It is heavily padded and claims to add two cups to your original cup size. That’s great news if you are looking to add some oomph to your otherwise small breasts. The cups are round to give your breasts a natural shape. There is an adjustable rope between the cups which you can adjust to get the exact cleavage enhancement you want.   

The best part about this bra is that it is unlined. That works really well to make the outfit seamless and more comfortable as the underlining can dig into your skin. It is made of Nylon and Spandex to give the optimum amount of stretch. There is a three hook and eye closure at the back, so there’s no shortage of good support.   

The bra has Memory Fit, which basically means it will adapt itself to the natural shape of your breasts over time. This brassiere is a sexy number that you will love to flaunt even on its own. It can be a real showstopper top to pair with denim shorts or a crochet skirt in summer. There’s even a curved trim at the edge of the cups. The tie closure is a nice touch to add a beachy vibe to the bra.

Why We Love It

  • Well padded
  • Tie-up closure
  • Unlined

Take Note: Ensure that you buy a size up as this bra is in Asian size, according to FallSweet.

Our Take On The Bra: Unlined, heavily padded, and with a sexy tie-up closure! What more could we ask from this FallSweet bra?

2. MaidenForm Love The Lift Push Up & In Demi Bra 

As the name suggests, MaidenForm’s Love The Lift bra is here to give you the lift you wished for all this time! Plus, it looks beautiful too, is adorned with lace! It has lace panels at the side and back. The bra is made of super soft Nylon, and hence you can machine wash it. That solves the problem of having to hand wash bras; hooray! It has criss-cross straps at the centre bust to add support to the bra and provide some lift to the breasts. This makes them look better and enhances the cleavage too.  

The construction of the bra is such that it offers the desirable lift without looking very tacky. There are side wings made of lace for better support and also aesthetic effect. The push-up aspect of the bra helps small breasts look bigger and gives them a better appearance underneath a top. These side wings also prevent spillage from the sides

The bra also has fully adjustable convertible straps to customise it to your exact size and comfort. The simple hook and eye closure at the back are effective. They are available in an exhaustive range of colours and styles, too, with some having more intricate lace designs than others. You can buy different ones to go under different outfits.

Of course, MaidenForm didn’t forget the main point. You get amazing cleavage enhancement wearing this bra! It delivers on the promise very well! The straps don’t dig into your skin. It says to order true-to-size.  

Why We Love It

  • Machine-wash friendly 
  • Lace front and back panels
  • Side wings

Take Note

If you have sagging small breasts, this bra may not give you the cleavage you want as it covers your breasts fully. Instead, you can try ordering a side down (if that helps without being uncomfortable). 

Our Take On The Bra: This MaidenForm bra provides the lift and support that you expect, judging from the name. The cups offer to lift at the right places and have a seamless shape. In addition, the MaidenForm Love The Lift Push Up bra is wallet-friendly too!

3. Deyllo Add One Cup Push Up Lace Bra 

Deyllo doesn’t disappoint with this Add One Cup Push Up Lace bra. Moreover, if lacey-sexy is what you are looking for, this one ticks all right the boxes! This bra has padded cups to make small breasts look bigger and give them a good bust shape. As it is made mainly from Nylon, you can go ahead and pop this in the washing machine and not worry about hand-washing it.  

Coming to the most noticeable and charming part of this bra, the intricate lace overlay featuring floral motifs give it a feminin elegance. There is 12% of Spandex in the fabric, which lends the required elasticity and comfort. The underwire can give you a great lift and even one-up your cup size. And before you ask, yes, there is a gap between the cups! It is so essential for small chested people. 

There are standard adjustable straps that don’t stay in place very well. That is an issue when you have to keep putting your straps back in constantly. Also, make sure you handle the lace part of this bra light-handedly, as tugging on it might make a rip in it. 

The bra provides sufficient lift and support while giving maximum comfort using stretchy fabric and lace. You might want to look for some other bra if your primary agenda is getting a bit of coverage, as this one works to give you cleavage enhancement.   

Why We Love It

  • Machine washable
  • Floral lace overlay
  • Many colour and style options 

Take Note

True to size, so order your usual cup size. And the lace is pretty thick, so that the lines might be visible underneath the thin fabric. 

Our Take On The Bra: With underwired padded cups, this Deyllo Add One Cup bra provides the right amount of lift to your breasts while also being super sexy and beautiful. The Nylon fabric is a winner for all of you who hate hand washing bras!

4. Calvin Klein Constant Push Up Plunge Bra

One name in the intimate wear industry that needs no introduction is Calvin Klein. It is one of the best brands out there, on the expensive side, but high quality and luxury. This Constant Push Up bra is meant for smaller chested folk who want to make them look fuller. This bra is more for everyday wear as it doesn’t have heavy padding or significant lift.

It delivers just the right amount of support and lift to give a natural bust shape underneath T-shirts and tank tops. The Plunge bra is perfect for all those low neckline tops you’ve wanted to wear. The fabric is Polyester and Elastane, but it is a tad bit too thick and can be stuffy during summers. But it has a silver lining, and that is that you can machine wash it.  

The underwire gives your breasts a good lift that looks good in V necks. It isn’t overly push up but just suitable for everyday use. The fabric isn’t very breathable and can feel itchy if it’s hot. It has a hook and eye closure at the back and adjustable straps, which are pretty narrow. They can also be converted into a racerback. It is available in black and beige. 

The bra provides sufficient lift and gives a seamless look under tops while giving your bust a natural shape. The elastic band of the bra offers excellent support and gives just the right lift you need. Another plus point for this bra is that it does not ride up while wearing.     

Why We Love It

  • Machine Wash
  • Seamless

Take Note

It fits true to size, according to Calvin Klein.

Our Take On the Bra: This Calvin Klein Constant Push Up bra is suitable for small-chested women as it provides sufficient lift and padding. This isn’t the best from the brand, but it’s great for everyday use.

5. Wingslove Women’s Push Up Bra Deep V Plunge

This product is made of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex, has a hook and eye closure, and features a deep V plunge underwire design that creates a unique cleavage. The bra has a special two pumps push-up padded design that lifts your breasts and adds two more cups for a charming look. It also has soft, skin-friendly fabric that is comfortable for all-day wear and mesh breathable wings that keep you cool in the hot summer days.

The bra’s smooth molded cup appearance makes it invisible under tight T-shirts, and it can be worn in classic or multiway styles, as crisscross, low plunge, push-up, or low criss-cross back bra, to go perfectly with any dresses or tops.

This bra is an ideal choice for everyday wear and any backless dress for a date. Customers praise this bra for adding size and fullness, redistributing bottom fullness to be more even, providing a rounded cleavage look, having fully adjustable straps, being sized like other popular push-up bras, and being made of soft texture that can be worn with T-shirts.d front button closure. The cherry on top seems to be the invisibility and versatility! 

6. Smart & Sexy Signature Lace Push Up Bra 

Smart & Sexy is an instantly recognisable name in this segment. It has an extensive collection of lingerie, swimwear, a luxurious mesh line, and a curvy collection. All this provides you with a host of different options to choose from. In fact, you can’t really go wrong with Smart & Sexy swimwear! The Signature Lace Push Up Bra is a beautiful lace-covered bra for small breasts to look bigger. 

Made of soft Nylon, you have to hand wash this bra. It offers a good amount of lift with the underwire. The push up that it gives makes your bust look very flattering too. The padding provides a very natural shape and a glamorous cleavage! This bra does not ride up or feels itchy at all. Adding to the lace aesthetic appeal, there is a bow and a jewel at the centre of the notch between the cups.

And yes, the plunging neckline only adds to the versatility of this Smart & Sexy Lace bra. You can finally wear all those outfits you weren’t wearing because their deep necklines intimidated you! It has an adjustable hook and eye closure so you can customize the fit according to the unique shape of your breasts. An added advantage is that it comes in 11 different colours to match all your outfits.  

Why We Love It

  • Signature overlay lace
  • Push up

Take Note

The padding gives a slightly pointy appearance to your bust and doesn’t point outwards in the centre.

Our Take On The Bra: If you are looking for a beachy bra that you can pair with the many options of bottoms available on Smart & Sexy, go for this bra!

7. Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Lightly Lined Memory Touch T-shirt Bra

We aren’t done with Calvin Klein yet! This is another excellent bra for small breasts to make them look bigger. The Perfectly Fit Lightly Padded Memory Touch bra has been given the “Best T-shirt Bra” title from the New York Magazine too! It comes with Memory Foam Technology which moulds the cups to your bust shape to give you a personalised lift.  

It is made from super soft Nylon, which is not itchy and feels good against the skin. You can only hand wash it. The cups don’t have pillowcase padding bras for small chested people usually have. Instead, it offers just the right amount of light padding to give your breasts a lift that compliments you without looking artificial.   

It has double layer bonded wings for added support and invisibility. There is decent coverage with a subtle cleavage for low necklines. The bra holds its shapes even after multiple washes and hence is loved by users for its durability. The bra is true to size, so order accordingly. And as it is quite a lightweight and lightly padded bra, you can go ahead and wear it underneath jersey knits and other thin clothes.    

Why We Love It

  • Lightly padded
  • Wireless
  • Super comfortable

Take Note

As the cups are a little low, they might lead to spillage, which won’t go with smooth-fitting tops.

Our Take On The Bra: Calvin Klein offers fine quality lingerie for small-chested people, and this Perfectly Fit Lightly Padded Memory Touch bra is true to that statement. Being lightly padded, it provides you decent support and lift without looking artificial! And the quality and comfort are commendable too. 

8. Maidenform Natural Boost Demi Bra

Yet another bra from MaidenForm to make small breasts look bigger! This is their Natural Boost Demi Bra which comes in over 20 different colours and patterns! Now that’s what we call being spoiled for choice! This is a good shaping bra that sculpts your small bust to give it a more enhanced shape. And it makes them a cup size bigger!

However, it can be hand-washed only. The bra’s construction is mostly Nylon and some Spandex and polyester to give it the required elasticity. It has cross-dye lace wings at the cups and at the centre, which add a feminine charm to this otherwise plain bra. The straps are incredibly versatile– you can adjust them, criss-cross them, or convert them into a halter style

The hook and eye closure at the back are adjustable and allow you to manipulate the size to fit you further. Despite the padding and underwire, it is a very comfortable everyday bra. The cups are lined with soft and smooth microfiber giving you a luxurious wearing experience!

Why We Love It

  • Wide variety of colours and styles 
  • Adjustable and convertible straps 

Take Note

It’s true to size, so order your usual size. Apart from that, there’s not much bad to be said about this bra.

Our Take On The Bra: This MaidenForm Natural Boost Demi Bra looks and feels fantastic, thanks to its high quality and comfort! The lace detail around the cups and sides does not itch and offers a decent amount of lift and support. You can rely on the adjustable straps of the bra to get the desired look, be it traditional, criss-cross or halter.

9. Niidor Strapless Adhesive Push Up Bra For Backless Dress

This bra is meant for all those super sexy necklines and backless outfits. It is similar to the Mitaloo strapless bra. Niidor is a leader in silicone adhesive bras, breathable bras, invisible bras, breathable boob tape, and many other bust-related accessories and intimate wear. So you know that this is coming from a company that knows what they are doing.   

It comes in two shades– nude and black. The nude one offers more invisibility. It is made of skin-friendly silicone and has self-adhesive, which helps it stay on. It has a deep V shape to match with outfits that have very low necklines. It doesn’t give a push or lift as such but enhances the cleavage to look impressive in low-cut tops. The cup size is designed according to the US and European cup sizes and hence is larger than the Asian sizes. 

The bra comes with a front closure, and the buttons are invisible too. The cups slightly raise your breasts and hence saves you from wearing deep V necklines with sagging breasts. The silicone is skin grade, so it doesn’t cause skin irritations. Of course, with such bras, too much sweat affects the stickiness, so avoid using it in hot weather. 

Why We Love It

  • Invisible
  • Deep V bra
  • High-strength stickiness  

Take Note

Follow this routine to clean this bra; clean the adhesive surface with warm water and a mild detergent. Then, air dry it. 

Our Take On The Bra: This Niidor Strapless Adhesive Push Up bra works like a charm for backless and V-neck dresses! The skin-friendly silicone is soft and offers a decent amount of push and cleavage enhancement.

10. Wingslove Push Up Everyday Basic Comfort Plunge T-shirt Bra

Wingslove has become quite a popular name in the US lingerie market with its line of lingerie, accessories, and swimwear. Their Amazon store has a good selection of bras which will leave you with plenty to choose from. This Push Up Plunge T-shirt bra, as the name suggests, is all about everyday comfort for small breasts while also making them look fuller.

It comes in four colours; white, black, nude, baby blue, and dark blue. You can match them to your everyday outfits. The highlight of this bra is that the fabric is breathable and very soft to the skin. The contoured cups give a seamless lift and natural shape to your bust, while the underwire assists in giving you sufficient lift. It can even make them look a size bigger!  

The underwire is adjustable and can be moved to either the centre or the edge, depending on your comfort. There is a charming crystal detail at the centre of the plunging neckline. The deep neckline makes this an instant hit with the V-neck dresses. The straps are adjustable from the back and do not dig into your skin. The stretch band is seamless and hence goes very well with T-shirts.  

Why We Love It

  • Breathable fabric  
  • Plunge neckline
  • Seamless

Take Note

It is true to size, and so we recommend ordering accordingly. 

Our Take On The Bra: Wingslove has done a great job with the Push Up Everyday Basic Comfort Plunge T-shirt bra. It is affordably priced, as it should be for an everyday bra, while not compromising comfort or support.  

To Sum Up 

Being small chested isn’t as bad as you may think it is. You don’t have to worry about nip slips, swaying breasts while running, or laying flat on your belly! You can do all this, so be joyous! But we understand the troubles you can encounter when finding the best bra for small breasts to look bigger, as there are times when you just wish they were enhanced to go with that plunge neckline top. So no more worrying! Here’s the answer. Go and enjoy your bra shopping spree!  

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