Best Bras that Cover Underarm & Back Fat (Side Smoothing Bra)

Especially referring to the skin that runs an extra mile on the bra line at your back is the back bulge or back fat.

Back bulge must not be confused with the dilemma that it only happens to women with fats or with a sedentary lifestyle. It is often seen that the back bulge is one of the side effects of an improper bra or having a wrong size garment. Read this article to know how should a bra fit. But if you are in a hurry, here are our top three picks for back smoothing bras.

Best BuyRunner UpA Top Pick
Warner’s Women’s Easy Does It No Dig Wire-Free BraWacoal Full Figure Basic Beauty Underwire BraOlga Women’s Easy Does It No Bulge
94% Nylon, 6% Spandex85% Nylon, 15% Spandex94% Nylon, 6% Elastane
Wirefree convertibleFull coverage unlined underwire brawire-free style
Extra side coverage panelsBand and sides smooth and minimize bulgeextra side panels to discreetly smooth out underarm bulge
Wider strapsBack adjustable close-set strapsOver stretch fabric accommodates your unique shape

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For gaining a smooth back that doesn’t stretch or squeezes skin behind you, you should wear bras that hide back fat & provide the comfort level your bust is looking for while giving a smooth coverage and fit firmly on your chest.

How to remove back fat and get a smooth back

It might not come into the mind of every woman who wears a bra that gives you back fat unless you see yourself in the mirror or someone tells you.

Bulge is not a result of thick skin rather it happens when you wear the wrong bra that might be tighter than your actual size.

Another reason that you are getting the back bulge is due to your large breast size which in shorts means that your cup size is small. The best thing now is to find the right measure of your cups and find a bra that is perfect for your breast.

You can also try wearing a posture-correcting bra that can reduce your back pain by smoothly tightening your bumps and bulges. It will release your back pain, improve your posture, and makes you more confident.

If you know that you have your cup size but still are getting the back bulge then you can try mending your bra bands. One of the easy ways is to add a bra extender to the bra band. You must have comfort and shape while doing so.

Another great way to hide or remove the back bulge is getting a wider band. You can have a cup with your perfect measurement at your bust and band but you still are getting some kind of bulge. Try getting a wider band bra of the same size. This will let your back relax while giving you the smoothness you want. Also, it will not dig into the back fat too much

As we have discussed earlier, the Back bulge is more of a compressed skin than the fat itself. You should always wear a bra that fits as firmly as possible. This can be done by getting a bra that gives your whole breast coverage. Try getting a bra that gives whole breast coverage and you will find how it changes the way you want your back to look.

Many times women wear a bra on the go and don’t know about the position or holding of it. Sometimes your bra straps might get squeezed or tangled and you can find yourself in a situation where a bulge appears on your back and get embarrassed afterward when someone notifies you about it. So, try wearing a bra as comfortable as you can and get a perfectly measured bra for yourself to avoid back bulges.

Some of the bras that complete the above situation and will help you get a smooth back with no bulges are listed below.

Just go through the list and find one that fits your requirement and doesn’t show back fat.

Top Bras that hide back fat & provide the best comfort in 2022

1. Warner’s Women’s Easy Does It No Dig Wire-Free Bra

A properly fitted bra with the right size and style can solve the underarm fat issue. From the design house of Warner’s, this wire-free bra has extra side coverage panels and wider bands that smooth out any underarm bulge.

You can use our bra size calculator to know your exact measurement. After that, it will be easier for you to find a properly fitting bra. The wide straps and various size options make it easy to find your perfectly fitted bra. If there is no cutting into the area of your armpit, you are wearing your true size. You should be able to comfortably move your arms out, up, and around without revealing more skin on that particular area.

This is a wire-free convertible bra that does not dig in. It does provide gentle support and make you feel easy in your own skin. It has nice and convenient front adjustable straps with easy snaps that allow you to transform your undergarment collection in no time.

This wire-free bra is made with all-over stretch fabric, which means greater freedom of motion and durability from your garment.

It is advisable to hand wash this bra with mild soap/detergent by gently squeezing the cups and band. After that allow air dry.


  • super comfortable wire free style
  • Convertible
  • Easy size


  • Check your size properly to find your fit

Our Take On The Bra: This bra is will work great for your underarm fat if you get the right size. It is designed with a wide comfort band that makes sure that your breasts are fully supported, preventing sagging or spillage. It does come with very light padding so it is safe to wear with a t-shirt or any top.

2. Olga Women’s Easy Does It No Bulge Bra

Olga by Warner’s ensures that your curves meet comfort in style. It provides its exotic line of lingerie for all shapes and sizes. This is a specially designed bra that covers underarm and back fat

You can choose from 15 pretty colors and size options available in small to 3X large, making it easier to find a bra that is your size.

It is a wireless bra that is comfortable and flatters your body. With hook and eye closures fixed at the back of the bra, you can easily wear and remove it. It also has adjustable straps placed at the back, enabling you to get the right fit. 

This bra has an extra side coverage panel and wide band to ensure that there is no bulge. In addition, it makes for an excellent side support system. 

Thanks to the thin padding on each side, this bra also shapes your breasts and holds them up. In addition, its broad back makes it comfortable to wear and does not cut through your skin.

This bra is made of stretch fabric that is soft and does not dig into your skin; instead, it fits comfortably and ensures that there is no underarm and back fat!


  • Extra side coverage panel
  • Slightly padded


  • Band rolls

Our take on the product: Olga by Warner’s has an impressive lingerie line, and this Easy Does It bra is one fine example! It has extra side panels that go as high as your armpits to ensure no underarm and back fat! 

3. Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra

Bali is renowned for its vast lingerie and shapewear collection, along with wide band bras for back fat. Their Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra does precisely as the name suggests; it prioritizes comfort!

It has an encased underwire that gives a seamless look under clothes while giving your breasts the optimum level of support and lift. This also gives you a more comfortable fit. The fuller cups are adorned with floral lace and help you take away about one and a half inches from your bust! 

The straps are wide and do not dig into your shoulders helping you cover underarm and back fat. Even the fabric feels soft against the skin. The hook and eye closure is at the back, which does not ride up. The straps are adjustable and not itchy. If you have smaller breasts and want padding, then this isn’t the right bra for you.  And yes, it has a deep V neckline so that you can wear all those dresses or tops with V necklines without the bra showing.  This is partly owing to the super soft Nylon fabric that it is made up of. It can only be washed by hand.


  • Minimizes a fuller bust
  • Deep V neckline
  • Encased underwire 


  • Not suitable for smaller breast

Our Take On The Bra: This bra is all about comfort, support, and coverage. It also has a minimizing effect, which is good for fuller breasts, spillage, underarm, and back fat. And the deep V neck is a boon if you are missing out on V-neckline dresses just because you don’t have the right bra.  

4. Warner’s Women’s No Side Effects Full Coverage Underwire Bra

Available in various color options this modern bra gives you the ultimate comfort of full coverage with its foam cups while hiding all your back and side bulges with its extra coverage straps.

It is also underwired which definitely means that you will get an enhanced lift. Not like any boring bra, this is a perfectly designed bra that you can match with any dress to get a slim and smooth back. It also features a double hook and eye closure meaning you will enjoy each and every part of it.

Available sizes range from 34 to 42 for cup sizes B through C.


  • Hook and Eye closure
  • Front-adjustable shoulder straps
  • Extra side coverage


  • The extra fabric in the armpits may be anoyying for few although it help covering your underarm fat.

5. Goddess Womens Plus-Size Adelaide Underwire Banded Bra

While it is obvious that a large-size bust is quite easily prone to bulges, this Goddess Women’s Bra is a bra woman with a large bust might be looking to. With nice full coverage of the breast area and a good length of straps to cross from one arm to another, this beautiful piece of pair is there to help you in.

The doubled layered back with elastic within straps are customizable and the sides are pretty good to cover any extra skin popping out. It also gives a clean finish to double boobs with wider cup sizes and bandwidth.

The cups are double layered with simplex cups to give extremely minimal show-through. With seamless cups, the bust is happily comfortable within the cups and ensures a great shape.

These are recommended for women with a large bust as the size range goes from 36DD to 52DDD.


  • Lace Underwire Bra
  • Mini Floral Design
  • Hook and Eye closure


  • People with a shorter torso may find the underwires too long

6. Wacoal Basic Beauty Bra

Wacoal Beauty Bra makes back smoothing in a gorgeous manner. With slightly large straps going from the center gore to the back through the sides, it ensures full coverage of the breast while covering every part of the side bulge and back fat. The vertical hooks give a decent space for the wide side to make all this possible.

Apart from that, this is a great pair of bras with underwired cups to give your breast the ultimate support and comfort. The pads are seamless spacer-lined resisting the show-through of any breast highs and lows. The straps also give the flexibility to adjust in case you need some air around your chest area.

The sizes available are from 32 till 44 going from DD to H cup sizes.


  • Full coverage unlined underwire bra
  • Cups with hidden inner sling for added support


  • Not suitable for low cut dresses
  • Check for suitable size before ordering

7. SPANX Women’s Bra-Llelujah Full Coverage Bra

There is some kind of hype that smoothing the bulges with a bra leaves the style and comfort to a far end while being traditional. SPANX Women’s Bra-Llelujah Full Coverage Bra breaks the myth by giving you a sexy-looking bra that covers your breast wholely while removing your bulges from any dress you wear.

It is a gorgeous bra with decent cups that are molded with soft foam for a clean flat outlook. The side straps bring all your doubled skin within it giving you a smooth back to show under any dress you wear. Made from fabrics like Cotton, Elastance, Nylon, and Spandex, it is a combination of pushups bra along with a full-coverage comfort for your breast.

The available sizes range from 32 to 38 with cup sizes from C through DD.


  • elastic-free & comfotable
  • great for low cut tops


  • Straps don’t adjust, but if you buy your regular size bra, than it will not cause any problem

8. Glamorise Wonderwire Front Closure Bra

With a front-closure design, Glamorise WonderWire gives you a decent amount of area that is covered with the fabric at your back giving you a smooth back with no bulges.

One of the major reason why this bra is unique is the fact that it uses a cushioned straps approach that prevents the underwire to touch the skin giving a clean finish to your back. Also, the cups are constructed with inner slings that you give your breast better support and comfort while covering the whole of your bust.

It is specially designed for women with above medium cup sizes. The Only available sizes go from D to G.


  • cushioned comfort band to prevent wire poke
  • secure front colosure
  • comfortable stretch lace cups
  • The straps are adjustable


  • there isnt any padding

9. Vanity Fair’s  Beauty Back Full Figure Bra

Vanity Fair is quite a product to look for because of its customer satisfaction of the product. With wide side straps going right at the back to close at the hook, this bra ensures there remains no more back fat. The sleek fabric and designers’ effort count here as they make quite sure that anyone who wears it will feel how it differs from others.

The cups are nicely padded to give a firm hold to your breast while pushing them slightly upward to give a perfect cleavage. The straps are adjustable while the pads give the full coverage of the breast.

It is available in sizes from 34-40 from C to D cup sizes. So these are recommended for women with large breasts and looking for a plunge bra.


  • Invisible neckline for no lines under clothes
  • Front adjusting straps
  • No poke underwireLightly padded
  • Underwired


  • There are some space between two cups, few may not like this

10. Bali Lace Desire Back Smoothing Underwire Bra

Back smoothing bra usually has a clean slate of cloth that runs from one side to another. Bali Lace Desire Smoothing bra brings a new approach with a new design at the back while giving you the full functionalities of a back-smoothing bra.

The Cups are nicely padded while the U-back design gives a vibrant effect and decorative laces around the straps. Laces can also be found at the front straps and the cups. Overall giving a beautiful design with a smooth back to wearing it under any dress.

It is available in sizes from 32 to 44 from cup sizes B through DDD.


  • Comfort-u design for stay-in-place straps
  • Help you control and hide back fat and side rolls


  • lacey material
  • No padding

11. Goddess Yvette Banded Underwire Back Smoothing Bra

Many women with medium to large size dream of a bra that can change the way they dress and look. With Hannah shape and generous fitting cups, Goddess Women’s Plus Size Bra brings these dreams to come true. There is no hiding that with a large breast comes a larger complexion which is obviously bulging around your back and sides.

With double-layered molded cups, you get a comfortable bra that will bring charm to your chest anytime you have it with any dress you like. The side straps are reinforced to gives your breast forward protection and some lift for a perfect shape. The straps are also enclosed with elastic that helps to cut off the bulges and leave a smooth back behind.

The available sizes range from 36 DD to 52DDD and are among the best bra for women with larger breast sizes.


  • seamless framed contour cups
  • Reinforced side panel give forward push and lift


  • Check the sizing before you order!

12. Leading Lady Luxe Body

With a wide room of fabrics on the side to hide the bulge whilst giving full breast coverage with nicely padded underwired cups, Leading Lady is designed to give you a full-flex experience that you are looking for in a bra for a smooth back. You can match this with any T-shirts or plunge dress and need not worry if your bulges are showing off even in tight dresses.

Specially designed to fit well for full figures, this is a gorgeously designed bra that you might want to get in your wardrobe on your bra collection.

Fabrics used are Nylon and Spandex with hook and eye closure that needs to be hand-washed rather than machine-wash.

These pairs of bra are available till 42 f cup size with a decent color option.


  • Enhanced side and back smoothing wings
  • full coverage cups


  • No padding
  • Check your size before ordering

Suggestions for how to smooth out back fat & eliminate it

Wear a Cami

Cami is another option you can choose to hide your bulges. It is a modern bra-cum-tank-top. It basically covers the whole of your upper body leaving just the neckline which is by no means an area for bulges to appear. There is also no chance of a back bulge. You can also wear it with a bra underneath it and hid those bulges. it’s up to you to do such but yes it is always a good option for a perfectly smooth back.


Longlines are basically a full-body bra that covers all your upper body and is a perfectly good option to go for a smooth bra. You can choose these over the traditional bra but that being said you also lack some of the features of bra out there. You can always choose this over others if you are not getting any positive result from the traditional bra types and are serious about having a smooth back.

Here is a nice video from Waniz Sharon, where she is telling how to hide fat back/fat under the bra as well as how to make a big band bra.

So, now you can enjoy every bit of your perfect wear even if you are with a large breast or not. You have a variety of bras to choose from and a variety of options to go for. Go grab one for yourself and have a perfect and smooth back under any dress. Also, you can read this article to learn How to make your bras last longer.

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