Best Bra For Older Women, Elderly & Seniors in 2022

Ageing is real. It’s a process that is inevitable. But we can try to gracefully slow it down with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

But irrespective of whatever herculean efforts you put into slowing it down, time takes its toll on some parts of our body, our breasts being one of them. With age, your breasts change too.  

This is because our skin has lost collagen over time, and so the breasts become inelastic. The Cooper’s ligaments that support our “ladies” also weaken, and hence you may have sagging breasts. Even the fullness and shape of the breasts change significantly. Everything starts going south, and it is not much you can do about it unless-     

You look for the correct bra that will provide the necessary support and lift for your sagging breasts! And to your relief, there are many options available when you have to choose the best bra for older women. Let us help you to get rid of your old ill-fitting bras and get a much-needed upgrade.

Let’s dive right in! 

How to choose bras for senior and elderly women?

When you age, your needs change. So do your expectations from what your bra should do. Keep these needs in mind before making the purchase.

If you have an active lifestyle, go for sports bras. Also, as you get older (and wiser!), comfort becomes a top priority. These are some of the things to go over before you buy the most comfortable bras for seniors.

  • Support Is All The More Important: As breasts get saggier and you start to see bulges, you need more and more support from your bra to make your breasts look as perky as possible. The kind of support will depend on whether you have small or fuller breasts. So if you are big-chested, support underwires will be just the thing you need.    
  • Consider Your Physical Conditions: Sometimes, with age, come health issues. If you have arthritis or other issues that restrict your limb movement, look for bras with front closures or velcros, as then it will be much easier to wear and take off your bra every day. Apart from that, the sooner you accept that your breast shape isn’t the same as it used to be and wouldn’t be in the future as well, the better it is.
  • Put Comfort First: We spend a big chunk of the day in our bras, and so it is a no-brainer that they should be the definition of comfort. Moreover, the more you age, the more you seek comfort over the looks, although you can get both in a good quality bra. Make sure the straps are soft and do not dig into your skin and that they evenly divide the pressure on your shoulders.         

10 Best Bra For Older Women in 2022

Below is the review of top 10 comfortable bras for elderly women in December 2022. All of them provides lift and side support. Perfect for small as well as large breast mature women.

1. Vanity Fair Beauty Back Smoothing Minimizer Bra 

Vanity Fair Beauty Back Smoothing Minimizer Bra

You know when it is a Vanity Fair bra that it is going to be good. They have a wide variety of bras for all needs, and bras that are fit for older women are also among them. The Beauty Back Smoothing Minimizer bra is perfect for ageing women as it is designed to offer optimum support for unruly breasts.  

If you have bigger breasts, this bra is meant for you. It is made up of four-way stretch fabric to give you a seamless look from the back. This is especially helpful for side rolls and back rolls, often seen as your chest skin sags. Additionally, it can reduce your bust size up to one and a half inches! This bra is more everyday wear as it is not padded, but the 2-ply cups still provide adequate support.

The underwire offers ultimate support and gives the right amount of lift to your breasts. The straps are lined with their signature plush fabric to make them super soft against the skin. They are wider, so they do not dig into your shoulders as opposed to narrower straps. The back adjustable straps are closer together, which ensures they do not slip off time and again.

And do not think that elegance was left out of the design because the centre panel is covered in lace! It is available in damask neutral, star white, midnight black, sheer quartz, earthy grey, and clear waters. That is a lot of options to choose from! It has a hook and eye closure at the back, not so convenient for you if you have trouble reaching the back. Lastly, this bra has to be hand washed and should not be ironed upon. 


  • Back smoothing
  • Plush-lined straps
  • Minimizes up to 1½ inches 

Take Note

This bra is not padded and so if you have small breasts and are looking for a good bust-shaping bra, look elsewhere.

Our Take On The Bra: Vanity Fair has fine quality intimate wear at wallet-friendly prices. If back rolls are one of your primary concerns apart from spillage and uncomfortable straps, this Back Smoothing Minimizer Bra is your pick. The underwire gives you optimum support and just the right amount of lift. 

2. AESO Sora Bra For Older Women

Even if you haven’t heard of the brand before, the features of this bra will speak for themselves. Now, this is meant for the active folks, as it is a Yoga bra. One of the best features of this bra is that it is made up of super-soft breathable fabric, which is perfect for performing Yoga or playing sports. The cups are 3D moulded for a better bust shape and push up

Despite being wire-free, it offers adequate support and coverage to be worn under T-shirts or even tight sports jerseys. The bra claims to be seamless, but the buttons in the front closure might be visible under close-fitting tops. Coming to the closure, it is very conveniently placed at the front for older women who often have trouble reaching the back.

It is also a great option for breastfeeding women! One of the drawbacks of this bra is that the straps are not adjustable. This makes the bra more like a mini crop top than a bra. It is available in an exhaustive range of colours; white, brown, coffee, green and pink, to name a few. You can match them to different outfits!


  • Front closure
  • Breathable fabric

Take Note

AESO warns that this bra is Asian size and hence is smaller than American or European size. It is recommended that you buy one or two sizes up.

Our Take On The Bra: Do not expect supreme support or lift from this bra, as its purpose is a little different from that. The AESO Sora Bra is meant specifically for older women and focuses primarily on comfort and other features like a front closure.  

3. Playtex 18 Hour Original Comfort Full Coverage Bra

Playtex 18 Hour Original Comfort Full Coverage Bra

This is the best selling bra from Playtex. As the name suggests, it focuses on comfort and offers full coverage. And if we point out this feature before anything else purely for convenience’s sake– it can be tossed in the washing machine! It saves you the trouble of handwashing it. 

The one hundred polyester fabric gives flexibility to this bra and allows it to accommodate your breasts while enhancing their natural shape. The cups come with an M-frame, which is perfect for providing a fuller frame. The bra is pro at coverage; there is no spillage or unsightly side rolls.   

Different pieces are sewn together to give better performance as a whole. It is made of Exclusive Spanette fabric that lends stretchability and makes it easy to wear throughout the day as it lets you breathe. And as far as seamlessness is concerned, the extra back and posture support is of great help.   

There is a hook and eye closure at the back, which, thankfully, does not ride up. On the aesthetic front, this bra has elegant floral lace trim. You can get your hands on this in more than fifteen colours; beige, toffee, black, white, cafe au lait, plum majestic, to name a few. The no-slip adjustable straps are wider and give relief to your shoulders.     


  • Washing machine friendly 
  • Floral lace overlay
  • Many colour and style options 

Take Note

The material feels slightly scratchy under the arms, so we advise you to order a size that fits comfortably and doesn’t dig in your underarms. 

Our Take On The Bra: The Playtex 18 Hour Original Comfort Full Coverage bra works really well for older women who want an everyday fix that gives them ample support and coverage while being easy on the pocket. This is especially good if you have a fuller bust.

4. Leonisa Back Posture Corrector Bra

Leonisa Back Posture Corrector Bra

Leonisa is known for its shapewear, intimate wear, and swimwear. The Leonisa Back Posture Corrector Bra justifies the hype! As the name suggests, this bra is designed keeping in mind specific purposes that it will cater to. It is perfect for post-surgical wear as it compresses and fits the bust quite well while also having a front closure. 

It is made of the PowerSlim fabric, which offers maximum support and a seamless shape. The criss-cross PowerSlim band at the back is what is responsible for enhancing your posture by improving back support. The cups are doubly padded for extra shaping and compression. It is available in three colours; black, white, and beige.  

The straps are padded so that they don’t dig into your skin and have three-level adjustment options. And if there weren’t already many features to enhance comfort, it has a supportive underbust band that gives support throughout the day. It has a two-row front hook and eye closure, allowing you to customize the size according to your bust shape. This bra is a boon, especially if you struggle with issues like scoliosis, arthritis, or back pain.    


  • Criss-cross PowerSlim band
  • 3-level adjustable straps
  • Front closure

Take Note

Some customers found Leonisa’s sizing bigger, so be careful before ordering yours and tally with their size chart first.

Our Take On the Bra: This Leonisa Back Posture Corrector bra is perfect for older women as it provides fantastic support, padding, and even posture correction. The last bit helps with back issues, too, in the long run. It has a front closure, 3-level adjustable straps; all-in-all, it is a complete package! Do give this bra a test!

5. Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra

Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra

You have probably heard of Bali because of its vast lingerie and shapewear collection, along with bras for women with fuller breasts. Their Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra does precisely as the name suggests; it prioritizes comfort! This is partly owing to the super soft Nylon fabric that it is made up of. It can only be washed by hand.  

It has an encased underwire that gives a seamless look under clothes while giving your sagging breasts the optimum level of support and lift. This also gives you a more comfortable fit, which in older women is of the greatest importance! The fuller cups are adorned with floral lace and help you take away about one and a half inches from your bust! 

The straps are wide and do not dig into your shoulders. Even the fabric feels soft against the skin. The hook and eye closure are at the back, which do not ride up. The straps are adjustable and not itchy. If you have smaller breasts and want to pad, then this isn’t the right bra for you.  And yes, it has a deep V neckline so that you can wear all those dresses or tops with V necklines without the bra showing.  


  • Minimizes a fuller bust
  • Deep V neckline
  • Encased underwire 

Take Note

It is true to size, so order accordingly. And, look elsewhere if you want a fuller bust as this bra doesn’t have padding.  

Our Take On The Bra: This bra is all about comfort, support, and coverage. It also has a minimizing effect, which is good for fuller breasts or any spillage. And the deep V neck is a boon if you are missing out on V-neckline dresses just because you don’t have the right bra.  

6. Vanity Fair Full Figure Beauty Back Smoothing Bra

Vanity Fair Full Figure Beauty Back Smoothing Bra

Vanity Fair strikes again! With their Full Figure Beauty Back Smoothing Bra, they have combined the features of their Back Smoothing Minimizer Underwire Bra and made it perfect for those with fuller breasts. When you get older, being bigger-chested can have downsides like more sagging or bulging on the sides and even on the back.    

This bra ensures no spillage with its broadside supports and ensures that you get a more natural shape. Like the previous Vanity Fair bra, it has the four-way stretch fabric to give you a seamless back devoid of any rolls. You get two variants; underwire and wire-free. Go for underwire if you want that extra support and lift.

If your requirement is more casual, wire-free is definitely less painful than an underwire! The lightly padded cups are a welcome change from the prevalent heavily padded bras and do a decent job of maintaining a seamless look underneath jersey knits or thin fabrics. The straps are adjustable from the back, where the hook and eye closure is.    



  • Back and side support
  • Underwire and wire-free options 
  • Lightly padded

Take Note

The padding gives a slightly pointy appearance to your breasts, which is not desirable. 

Our Take On The Bra: If you are looking for a comfortable bra that you can rely on for full coverage, excellent support, and a seamless look when you have a bigger bust, this Vanity Fair Full Figure Beauty Back Smoothing bra is the way to go!

7. Playtex 18 Hour Sensational Support Wireless Bra

Playtex 18 Hour Sensational Support Wireless Bra

We aren’t done with Playtex yet! This is another great bra for older women to try their hands on. The 18 Hour Sensational Support Wireless Bra is all about the support. It is an excellent option if you are looking for something to hold up your breasts and keep them tucked in as neatly as possible. So if you have bigger breasts and seek modesty, this is it. 

The 4-way TruSupport design with a higher back and taller sides offer excellent support and bust-control. It also makes your breasts look perkier. The fuller cups, covered in a floral lace pattern, provide adequate coverage and a natural bust shape. It is made of their signature Exclusive Spanette fabric, which lends stretchability to the bra.    

Older women know that a bra has to have wider straps for maximum comfort. And it does! They can be conveniently adjusted from the front rather than the back. This bra is a wire-free dream if you are top-heavy and offers excellent everyday comfort. Plus, we know you love this– it is machine washable! 


  • Wirefree
  • Side and back support panels 
  • Machine washable 

Take Note

As the cup size fit different people differently in the case of this bra, order ones that are returnable so that you can experiment with sizes.

Our Take On The Bra: Playtex’s best selling 18 Hour Sensational Support Wireless bra is the best option when it comes to coverage and bust-control. The side and back support panels make it perfect for bigger-chested women who want good coverage and a seamless bust shape. 

8. Bali Double Support Spa Closure Wirefree Bra

Bali Double Support Spa Closure Wirefree Bra

Bali is back on our list with their Double Support Spa Closure Wirefree Bra! First things first, this bra is wire-free! It means you no longer have to tolerate the subtle stabs of wire digging into your skin for your breasts to look good. It is made of one hundred per cent soft Polyester and does not feel itchy against the skin. 

It gives an exceptional seamless appearance because it is stitch-free. So it is a perfect match for wearing under T-shirts or snug-fit tops. It uses a petal pattern infused into the moulded cups to give ‘Double Support’ and a bit of a lift to your breasts. This bra also gets brownie points for its front adjustable straps, so you wouldn’t have to do any reaching at the back (which we know can be pretty painful the older we get).

The hook and eye closure, though, is at the back. But it is a gel spa closure that eliminates any discomfort. And you can toss this in the washing machine! How convenient! It has a tagless hook and eye closure at the back and an innovative spa pouch. The cups are lined with super soft and breathable fabric, which keeps them very summer-friendly. You get a Rascheltronic floral fabric overlay over the cups and a scalloping trim which adds a feminine charm to the bra.   


  • Machine washable 
  • Wirefree
  • Spa closure 

Take Note

It has a slightly larger cup size according to customer experiences, so tally your size carefully and order after checking the return policy.

Our Take On The Bra: This Bali Double Support Spa Closure Wirefree bra looks and feels fantastic owing to its great features. It is wire-free and still provides a decent amount of support. It saves you the trouble of hand washing bras. The back has a gel spa closure. Need we say more?

9. Just My Size Pure Comfort Front Closure Wirefree Bra

Just My Size Pure Comfort Front Closure Wirefree Bra

The Just My Size Amazon store has a lot on offer! From lingerie to clothing, it has you covered. But we are talking about their Pure Comfort Front Closure Wirefree Bra in particular. The name is pretty self-explanatory but to emphasize it- comfort is the queen of this bra. Not only does it look comfortable, it feels comfortable as well.  

It is made of 95% Nylon, and you can wash it in the washing machine. Yay! It has a contoured V neckline which is a perfect fit for outfits with a deep V that you cannot wear because of the lack of a good bra. Gone are the days of wires poking or digging into your skin as this is a wire-free bra! It offers optimum support and gives a better shape to your breasts.

It has a contoured V neck to go with outfits that have a plunging neckline. The stitched-in support is decent for wearing this on an everyday basis and in a casual environment. You can get this in three subtle colours; white, sandshell, and private jet.  


  • Contoured V neck
  • Wirefree stitched-in support
  • Front closure  

Take Note

Make sure you check the size chart and take fresh measurements before ordering. 

Our Take On The Bra: This Just My Size Pure Comfort bra works like a charm for older women looking primarily for comfort! It has a wire-free construction and a front closure for quickly wearing and taking it off. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t wear this when you want to relax and take a break from wired bras!

10. Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift & Support Wirefree Bra

Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift & Support Wirefree Bra

We can’t help it, but Playtex is still in the game. It seems they have understood making bras for older women, and so they accurately cater to their needs. Your breasts have gone through the test of time and have morphed into their current, not-so-pleasant shape. The 18 Hour Ultimate Lift & Support Wirefree Bra can help you change that, and that too, without the pains of an underwire!  

This bra gives your breasts a good amount of lift that makes them look tighter and more in shape. Apart from just enhancing your bust shape, it offers the support ageing breasts require from its soft multi-seamed panels. As there is no underwire, the lift this bra gives is more subtle and enhances your natural curves and shape. 

The cups are lined with soft jersey fabric, which accommodates and accentuates your breasts’ natural shape. The no-slip straps are cushioned and do not dig into your skin. It has a back hook and eye closure, not suitable for you if you have restricted arm movement. Apart from that, it has lace trim and a floral overlay which adds a little something to this bra. It is available in 7 different colours for you to choose from. 


  • Multi-seamed panels for support 
  • Subtle lift
  • Cushioned straps

Take Note

This bra is true to size, and so we recommend ordering accordingly. 

Our Take On The Bra: As we said before, you cannot go wrong with Playtex when it comes to older women with large breasts. This bra offers just the right amount of lift to your breasts, enhancing their natural curves while giving you full support. All this without an underwire!  

Which Bra Will You Choose? 

Spending time to research the best bra for older women is worth it! Bra shopping experiences can be pretty daunting because of the many obstacles you may encounter. But ultimately, a good bra can boost your confidence and change your look significantly. We hope one of these bras for older women meets your expectations, and yes, you can thank us later!