Training Bra for Little Girl

Best Training Bra for Little Girl (2024 Buying Guide & Review)


Ladies, can we all agree that shopping for our first bra was a rite of passage? Whether we were excited to feel more grown-up or totally dreading the experience, we all remember the first time we tried on that mysterious garment. But when it comes to finding the best training bra for your little girl, the experience can be overwhelming. As a mother or a young girl herself, you want to ensure that she feels comfortable and confident as she enters this new phase of womanhood.

Several studies suggest that breast development typically starts between the ages of 8 and 13 in girls, with the average age being 11. Data also says that girls who wear a training bra report less breast discomfort during physical activity.

That’s why I’ve done the research for you and put together this 2024 buying guide and review of the best training bras for little girls available on Amazon. Not only will I introduce you to different brands and products, but I’ll also guide you through the factors you need to consider before making a purchase. From fit and fabric to style and support, we’ll cover it all.

Is Your Daughter Ready for a Training Bra

So whether you’re a mom on a mission to find the perfect first bra for your daughter or a young girl looking to take the first step towards womanhood, this post is for you. Let’s dive in and find the perfect training bra for your little girl, together.

10 Best Training Bras for Tweens 2024

1. Liakada Girls Stylish & Supportive Basic Sports Bra

This Liakada training bra is specially built for sports and other activities. It has an elastic closure and an integrated bra shelf liner for the best support. The wide shoulder straps will provide good comfort without being tight on her shoulder. 

The material is made out of 92% of nylon and 8% spandex. The nylon material provides comfort, and spandex gives elasticity for easy wear. The material is a soft and breathable fabric which makes it fit for all kinds of extracurricular activities. 

This training bra is more than that; the brand’s primary focus is to introduce “elegant and functional dancewear” for girls who love to move and do other activities. 

You can find a size chart on the Amazon page, and the bra is also available in different colors. 

The reviews on his product are excellent! It has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating, and about 78% of the buyers have given it five stars. All the reviews are positive, and the buyers have said that it is true to size and is comfortable while wearing it. 

2. Barbra Lingerie Bras for Teen Girl

This bra is designed to fit curvy girls or teenage girls. It is a wireless training bra with slight padding for a better look. Since it is wireless, the bra is flexible and breathable, making it comfortable to wear at all times. 

The bra uses a hook and eye closure, which has three adjustable sizes and also has adjustable straps to fit every type of body and to accommodate all the changes in the girl’s body as she grows. 

It is made of 90% cotton and 10% spandex. The cotton provides comfort, and the spandex provides elasticity for easy wear. The cotton also absorbs sweat and keeps moisture away. 

You get the bra in a pack of five deal, in which you get different colors like White, Black, Grey, Pink, etc., These colors are ideal for daily wear, and the pack of five also gives you a great deal. 

You can refer to the Amazon page of this bra to get the size chart and order the one that would fit your daughter. 

The product has great reviews and ratings, with a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating, and about 71% of the buyers have given it five stars. The reviews are also great, and there are no negative comments. 

However, in our opinion, if this is the first bra for your daughter or yourself, it is best to buy one which has no padding. The padding can cause a lot of heat if you wear it for a long time and may cause discomfort. 

3. Hanes Seamless Comfortflex Pullover Bra

This bra is also designed to fit curvy girls. As you can see in the title, it is a pullover bra; this means that it can be easily worn like a t-shirt and you need not worry about hooks and stuff. It has a full closure with a wide shoulder and bottom strap, which will provide maximum support and does not dig into your skin. 

There are no seams on this bra, and the neckline gives full coverage. There are no pads to this bra; this way, you can wear it all day without any discomfort. The bra is made of 95% nylon and 5% spandex for easy wear and elasticity. 

The product comes in a pack of two combos with different color options. Some of the colors it comes in are grey, white, pink, black, and many more. The bra can be machine washed, and in turn, saves you a lot of time. 

You can find the size charts on the Amazon page, which has detailed measurements for the perfect fit. 

The ratings for this bra are really good. It has 4.1 stars out of 5, and about 62% of the people have given it five stars. The top reviews are all positive, and the buyers have found the bra extremely comfortable for young girls who wear a bra for the first time. 

4. Sweet Princess Girls’ Training Bra – Cami Crop Bralette

This is a bra that is made for young girls who have started to wear one. It is an unpadded and seamless bra, so it can be worn for long, and it will not pinch her skin. This is also a pullover bra that can be worn like a t-shirt. Hence you do not need to worry about hooks and other inconveniences. 

The material is breathable, which makes it suitable for all situations like gym classes or regular wear. The bra can be machine-washed; however, there are some instructions: Easy Care, Machine Wash Cool, Tumble Dry Low, Do Not Bleach. 

It comes in a pack of eight with different colors and patterns like almond dots. Not only is this a great deal, but your daughter will have enough bras for the week! 

You can refer to the Amazon page of this bra to look at the size charts and different color options. They are common colors like black, white, pink, grey, etc.; hence they will suit everyday clothes well. 

The customers love the product as it has extremely positive reviews and ratings. It has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating, and about 78% of the people have given it five stars. 

5. Manjiamei Wire Free Lightly Padded Sports Training Bras

As the title suggests, this bra is lightly padded for extra support and higher coverage. It has no wire for extra comfort and everyday usage. It uses a hook and eye closure in the back, which is adjustable in 3 different sizes to adapt to the changing body. 

The AA cup is also fit for older women who are looking for a comfortable sports bra. It also has adjustable shoulder straps, which you can alter according to your comfort. The breathable material makes it fit for all types of activities.

It comes in a pack of three, four, five, and eight. It is only available in white, black, grey, and beige colors. You can refer to the Amazon page for size charts, and the bra should be hand washed for long life. 

The ratings of this bra are great, with a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating; however, the reviews are a little mixed. One of the common complaints is that the bras are not true to size, and they are way too small compared to the size chart. 

6. Salia GIRL Sport Starter Cami Bra Racerback

This bra is also lightly padded; however, it can be removed whenever you do not need it. The manufacturers describe it as “Almost like a sports bra but looser and adjustable.” It is also made with safe materials and dyes which are not harsh on the skin. 

It is made of 100% cotton; hence it is best for hot seasons and activities. It stays close to the skin, giving more support and comfort. It also will not move around or bunch up under the shirt. It is also a pullover bra without hooks. It is a good option as a starter bra for school, sports, dance, etc. 

It comes in a pack of four with different fun colors like pink, orange, blue, yellow, etc. You can find the relevant size chart on the Amazon page of this product. 

The bra has amazing ratings with 4.6 out of 5 stars and has really positive reviews. Buyers have suggested that it is an amazing starter bra for young girls which is very comfortable. 

7. Nike Girls’ Seamless Sports Bra

It has a specially Dri-Fit technology which will keep you dry and comfortable even after wearing out in the sun the whole day. The seamless design also improves comfort as the design won’t be harsh on the skin. The bra has no-slip straps which stay in place and do not fall off the shoulder causing discomfort. 

It has a stretchable ribbing, which also adds an extra comfort factor and improves the durability of the bra. This Nike bra is a racerback and pullover bra, making it easier to wear and allows full range of motion without any restrictions. 

Each part of the bra is made up of different materials for optimal fitting. It is only available in two colors, and they are black and violet. You can find the relevant size chart on the Amazon page of this product. 

It has great ratings of 4.1 out of 5 stars rating; however, the reviews are mixed. There are many complaints about the durability and the quality of the product. 

8. ToBeInStyle Girl’s Training Bras Top

It is a seamless best racerback bra that can be both a training bra or underwear. The bra has a spaghetti strap which will improve comfort and easy wear. It comes in assorted bright colors and patterns like pink, blue, black, violet, polka patterns, and other fun princess prints. 

The bra is made of 90% of nylon and 10% spandex. The nylon gives comfort, and the spandex gives elasticity for easy usage. It is a pullover model, which means you can wear it easily like a t-shirt. 

As always, you can find the relevant size chart on the Amazon page of this product. 

The ratings are great, with a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating, and the reviews are also great. However, some customers said that the material was not very supportive. 

This is a three-pack pullover bra that has a non-pinch flat elastic. This makes it comfortable to wear all day without the elastic digging through your skin. The thick shoulder straps also make sure to be gentle on your skin. 

It is made up of 95% of cotton and 5% of spandex. Cotton is a great choice for sports and other activities as it absorbs sweat and will be comfortable throughout. It comes in a pack of three with different colors, which appeal to young girls. 

The Amazon page, as usual, has the size chart for you to pick the needed size from 

Both the ratings and the reviews on this product are great. The ratings are 4.7 out of 5 stars rating, and all the reviews are positive.

10. VeaRin Girl’s Cami Bra

This bra is lightly padded; however, it can be removed if you don’t want it. The manufacturers suggest that it is best for girls with a bust size of 23.5-27 inches. It has hooks, and the straps are adjustable to our liking. 

It is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex for comfort and elasticity. It can be machine washed. It is also only available in basic colors like black, grey, and white. 

The Amazon page, as usual, has the size charts, which you can use as a guide to finding your pick. 

The ratings were great, with 4.3 out of 5 stars. However, the reviews are mixed. Some buyers were not happy with the quality of the product as they felt like it did not last for very long. 

Buyer’s Guide:

Does Your Daughter Need To Wear A Bra?

It is always common for girls about the age of 8- 14 to start wearing a bra. We realize that it is a large age spectrum as every girl’s body develops at different ages; hence, when can you exactly know your daughter is ready for a bra?

  1. Does she have breast buds? This is the first stage of development. If you can see breasts through a T-shirt, then she may be ready for her first training bra.
  1. Suppose she asks to wear one? As already mentioned, different girls grow at different stages, and sometimes your daughter might feel a little insecure that all the other girls are wearing one, but she is not. Remember, this is a very delicate matter as it deals with body image; hence approach it with sensitivity.

Try talking to her and help them understand that her body is different from other girls. Use a lot of positive affirmations that there is nothing wrong with her body. If she still feels like she wants to wear one, then there is no harm in letting her wear a training bra or a tank top underneath her shirt. 

There is no “right time” to wear a bra, it is one’s choice to wear it or not, and as a parent, you need to make sure not to force your daughter to either wear one or not wear one. Give them space and let them learn. 

Types Of Bras For Young Girls:

  1. First, you have the training bra, which most young girls opt to wear in the beginning. This will not provide that much support, but it will be a good way to transition from this to a normal bra in the future. 
  2. Next are sports bras. As the name suggests, it is specifically made to wear while playing sports or doing some activity. This is made out of thick fabric and has wide straps; hence it provides full support for the girl. Since it is made of thick material, it can get really hot while wearing it and doing sports. So, you can simply wear it as it is or wear it under a tank top, depending on the dress code. 
  3. Slips on or crop top bras also provide reasonable support and coverage. This is easy to wear and gives maximum comfort. It will also help in the transition of wearing a training or slip-on bra to a regular one worn by teenagers or adults. 
  4. Lightly padded T-shirt bras are also one of the types. It has light padding, which smoothes the silhouette and might make the girl feel “less exposed.” It can be worn under a t-shirt to create a smooth look. Some girls may feel insecure about their developing bodies, so, at those times, this would be perfect. 
  5. A double Layered bra is a great option for girls who have a slightly bigger bust. It is just that the cloth has two layers, making it thicker and providing a good coverage. This can be an alternative to the lightly padded bras as these are more comfortable and give the same coverage. 

Strap Of A Bra:

The strap of the bra plays a key role when it comes to picking a bra as it decides the comfort. At any time, we would suggest you go for a bra that has a thick strap. A thick strap will provide good support for girls who have a bigger bust. 

Apart from that, it will also be gentle on the skin. It’s just basic physics! The more the surface area, the lesser the pressure, and vice versa. So, thicker straps will not dig into your skin and cause discomfort. However, in some cases where the strap of your dress is too thin, you will have to opt for a thick strap bra or a strapless bra

Hence, our suggestion would be that you wear a thick strap bra at home, and for clothes which cover your shoulders, and wear a thin strap one for the dresses that need you to wear one.

Find The Right Size:

The most difficult task at the beginning of wearing a bra is finding the right size. Since their body is constantly developing and changing as they grow, you need to keep remeasuring and finding the right size for them. All the mothers must know that there is no point in getting a bra that does not fit them correctly. If it is too tight then, it will be uncomfortable, and if it is too loose, then it will look awkward under your clothes. 

How To Find The Right Size?

You either choose to get measured by a professional at a lingerie shop, or you can measure yourself at home. If you are doing it from home, all you need is a measuring tape, and here is how you go about it:

Step 1: You need to first know your band size. To measure this, take the measuring tape and measure around the ribcage or where your bra usually ends. If the number comes in decimal, then just round it up. Once you have this whole number, you will have to do some simple math. 

If the measurement was an even number, then add four more inches to it. If it is an odd number, then add five more inches to it. For example, if the measurement was 30 inches (even), then your band size is 34. If the measurement was 31 inches (odd), then your band size is 36. 

We realize that this is confusing, but this is how you calculate your band size or underbust. 

Step 2: Knowing your bust size is next. Take the measuring tape and measure from the center of your bust or the fullest part of your bust. If it is in decimal, then just round it up for convenience.

Step 3: The next step is to calculate the bra size. To be able to find this, you need to follow a simple formula. 

Subtract your underbust or band size from your bust size. Directly correspond that value to the alphabets to get your perfect size. 

For example, if your bust size is 42 inches and your band size is 38 inches, then 42 minus 38 is 4, and the fourth letter in the English alphabet is D. So, your size should be 42D. 

You do not always have to do this elaborate measurement every time. You just follow through with the sizing chart provided by the sellers. Each brand and each country might slightly vary when it comes to sizing. So, please refer to the sizing charts also. 

The most important thing is comfort, so you do anything you need to be comfortable. 

There are so many do’s and don’t when you are a woman. Everyone feels like they are entitled to an opinion about a woman’s life, but that is not true! As parents, You need to make sure that you teach your daughter to never settle for anything less than what she deserves!

We need to create a society where a woman is capable of making her own decisions that are not followed by the opinions and judgments of random people. If your daughter does not feel like wearing a bra, then do not force her to. Let her make her own choices. It is the first step we can take from our side. 

Hope you found this article about the best training bra for little girl valuable and helpful. Do keep these simple points in your mind. These tips will surely help you find the most comfortable bra for you or your daughters! Happy shopping! 

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