Key Guidelines for Buying and Wearing Push Up Bra Correctly

We all know that push-up bras enhance our look by lifting the boobs off. This is very beneficial, especially for those who have a smaller bust. The wrong size and ill-perfect fit bra can spoil your whole look. That’s why it is important to talk about how to wear a push up bra correctly so that it works better.

There are some basic steps that you need to consider to wear it properly

  • First, you just need to put your arms inside the shoulder straps and fix the position of the bra cup on your boobs.
  • After that, ensure that can you breathe properly in that bra cups. You may also bend forward for a while till your boobs get adjusted to it.
  • Now stand straight, and make sure your bra band is in its place. After that lock the hook of the bra band at your back.
  • Now it’s shoulder turn. You need to adjust your shoulder strap till its being comfortable. Shoulder straps should not be too tight or too loose.
  • After all of that, you need to adjust your whole bra as per your convenience and feel the comfort first.

You should consider bra size, structure, style, etc. before choosing a pushup bra. Whether you are buying a push-up bra for yourself or someone special, you should follow a few tips given below that will make it easier for you to wear a push-up bra well.

How to choose push up bra size?

While buying a push-up bra, you need to keep these things in mind to choose the right push-up bra:

  1. Breast size measurement

The first step, before buying a push-up bra, you need to measure your breast size correctly. This is a very important step for every bra you wear.

To measure breasts, you’ll need to start with the band size. To know your band size, use the measurement tape and wrap it around your upper body under the breast. To get the correct measurement, you need to measure both during inhaling and exhaling as when you exhale your chest pumps up.

After that, measure the size by taking the measuring tape across the top of your boobs. If the result of either of the two measurements is an odd number, then you need to round it off.

  1. Determine the cup size

To know your bra cup size, you need to measure your breast by using measurement tape. Put the measurement tape on the nipple and wrap it to your back.

Just remember, the tape isn’t too tight or too loose. You should have to round off to the nearest inches if it’s not in the exact form.

Now to find your cup size, you have to subtract the band inches from breast inches. If there is a difference of 1 inch that means your cup size is A, similarly 2 inches means B, 3 inches means C, and so on.

  1. Select the structure of push up bra

Push bra comes with an angled pad, underwire, or both also. Some women like underwires bra and some like the padded bra. But some women do not like the extra pad. For those women, there are lightly padded push-up bras are available with underwire or without underwire as well.

So you have to select what structure of push-up bra you want.

While a padded push-up bra helps your boobs look bigger, the underwire provides better support to your breast.

Go to the up bra store and try out different push bras, then decide which bra goes with your body style and comfort.

  1. Choose the shape of push up bra

Push-up bras come in a variety of shapes. You have to choose the shape of the push-up bra according to your breast size and your outfit.

If you have a dress that has a very low-cut neck, then you may go with the demi-cup bra and plunging neckline bra.

Similarly, for the dresses like gowns, sleeveless and backless dresses you have the option to choose strapless, one strap, or racerback bras.

  1. Choose the style of push up bra

As we all know that push-up bras have come in many different styles. These bras are made of lace, and beads, and some bras are plain.

Choosing a correct styled push-up bra is very important because if you choose the wrong style bra that doesn’t suit your outfit will spoil your whole look. For example, you should not wear an angled-designed bra under the thin fabric blouse as the bra will overpower the blouse.

That’s why you may choose a seamless push-up bra rather than an embellished bra. A push-up bra perfectly goes with the V-neck t-shirts and sweaters.

But you have to take care of one thing after wearing a push-up bra you don t have to face the problem of bra bulge. Your upper body should be flat and smooth.

Things to Watch out in a push up bra
Things to Watch out for in a push up bra

After choosing the right push-up bra, you must know how to wear a push-up bra so it works well.

How to properly wear a push up bra?

After buying the right push-up bra, it is also very important how to wear it correctly. Let’s have a look:

  1. Hook the bra band

Wrap up the bra band around your breast and tighten the hook.

You can tighten the hook in two ways:

  • If you can close the hook by taking your hands to the back of the waist, then do so
  • Otherwise, you can tie the hook to the front of you, then move the hook buckle back.
  1. Lean down to keep your boobs in the bra

The main function of a push-up bra is to setting your boobs properly on the pad and underwire. Due to which your boobs look bigger than their actual size.

For this, you have to lean down and lift up your boobs to get place them in the bra cup properly.

After straightening your back, it has to be ensured that whether your boobs are seated properly or not in the cups. And also make sure that you do not have any breast passing over the top of the bra.

If you have a properly fitted bra, then you may not face the problem of breast spilling.

  1. Adjust the straps as per your comfort

After fixing your boobs into bra cups, there is a turn to fix the straps. The bra straps should not be twisted on the shoulder as they may become the cause of discomfort.

Bra straps should be flat on your shoulder, but that does not mean the straps are sunken into your skin, and likewise, they should not be too loose because they will fall off each time.

If you feel that the straps are ill-fitted, you should have to fix/adjust them. Second, the bra band should be settled horizontally and it should not be dug out on your back. A properly fitted bra will not give you any discomfort ever.

  1. Choose a bra that gives a natural shape to your breast

Women wear push-up bras to lift their breasts but you should be careful about your breast look. Your cleavage should look natural. The bra cups should not be too rigid with padding as they look hard.

You have to make sure that when you wear tight fitted outfit, then your bra should be seamless so that your cleavage will look smooth under your dress.

If you wear a well-fitted bra, then your breast or skin will not come out of the bra. And it will help you to look good.

  1. Wearing a push-up bra for a limited time

As push-up bras are tighter than everyday bras, so you should have to restrict the amount of time you wear that bra.

If you wear a push-up bra regularly, then it becomes important to analyze how much time you wear it. It may also become the reason for your discomfort, so you can take it off and wear your everyday bra to get comfort.


A push-up bra simply lifts up your boobs and makes them bigger than their actual size. It helps to look your cleavage smooth and gives them a better shape but only when you wear it properly.

You have to keep a few things in mind while choosing a push-up bra for yourself like your breast size, cup size, structure, style of the bra, etc

Choosing the right push-up bra is not enough until you know how to wear it properly. So in this article, we have discussed above some tips and tricks regarding choosing a correct push-up bra and the process that how to wear a push-up bra so its works. Hope it will help you.