Best T-Back Bras

Best T-Back Bras for Large Breast to get Incredible Support


T-back bras are popular for their convenience and comfort, but they are incredibly stylish too!

Moreover, they come in handy when it’s the season of halter tops, strapless and backless dresses. They are favored over strapless bras more as they give adequate support and freedom from the constant fear of nip-slips! 

The cool thing here is that a T-back bra, also called a racerback bra, can be tucked away so it’s not seen and also flaunted in all its shining glory!

The straps are closer together and so you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting them.

These kinds of bras are mostly associated with sports bras, but thanks to some brands experimenting with their versatility —  which includes the likes of Maidenform and Natori — there is a fresh range of styles to choose from.

Whether you are anti-bra (we support you girl!), are looking for a comfortable T-back to lounge around in, or a stylish one to flaunt, we’ve got you covered. In our list of the best T-back bras, you are bound to discover one that fits your dream bra checklist. Read on to make your choice before they are gone!

Could You Benefit From T-Back Bras? 

Quick rapid-fire ladies; do you hate it when your straps keep slipping?

Are you bothered when your straps peep out from underneath tops?

Do strapless bras don’t give you the support you need?

If your answer to any or all of these questions is a yes, you are in dire need of a T-back bra.

These bras have specialised features which make them the perfect choice for many, including women with fuller breasts, plus size ladies, or women who have a smaller bra band size and a bigger cup size.

Let us tell you what it means to be using a T-back or racerback bra in terms of the benefits and whether it is meant for you or not.  

  • The T-Back Maximises Support: This is an extremely important benefit of best quality racerback bras for women of all sizes, and especially those with fuller breasts. The bra is constructed with a T-shaped or Y-shaped back, which gives you an extra angle of lift and support. This unique formation helps you by relieving pressure from your shoulders and upper back. If you have bigger breasts, this is even more helpful as the pressure they put on your back is more.   
  • Say Goodbye To Slippery Straps: We all have been in the terrible situation where our straps play hide and seek, wherein they completely skip the “hide” part of it! Yes, strap slippages are the worst. Most regular bras have straps placed to the sides which keep falling by design and need constant adjustment. T-back bras have the straps placed in an X shape which prevents them from sliding off. It is practically impossible for them to do that!    
  • T-Backs May Be Headache-Inducing Bras: Tension headaches can be caused by many things like pressure on the neck, weak muscles, bad posture, jaw disorders, etc. And, not to surprise you, T-back bras can have a role to play in this. Their X or Y-shaped backs with the straps are placed too close to each other and sit at the edge of the neck. This puts a good amount of pressure on your neck and can result in a headache after wearing it for long. Let us tell how you can avoid this while on your bra shopping spree: 
  • Do not just try your bra on for a few minutes and proceed to buy it. Try it on and roam around the store for a good 15 to 20 minutes in order to conclude whether the T-back bra is giving you a headache, if it’s digging into your skin or pressuring your neck.
  • Try running and jumping around in your bra! Trust us, this is the best indicator for its comfort level. 
  • Wider straps are the way to go! We say this as these bras can have narrower straps which dig into your skin and can leave marks.                                

Best T-Back Bras

1. Glamorise Full Figure Plus Size Front Close Lace T-Back Bra

Glamorise is a very popular lingerie brand that has made a name for itself in this market with their wide range of underwire, wire-free, sport and front closure bras along with their customised fit solutions. The Glamorise Full Figure Plus Size Front Closure Lace T-Back Bra is one of the best T-back bras when it comes to functionality and comfort. The T-back prevents the straps from slipping and also conceals them under clothes.    

The first feature that is one of the reasons why it has earned a place on our list is that it has a front clasp closure! It can be conveniently snapped into place without having to reach the back of the bra with superhuman stretchability! It has the Wonderwire technology where there is a cushioned inner band between you and the underwire. Say goodbye to wire pokes!   

Apart from the inner cushioned band, the underwire has a padded channel underneath it for extra comfort and protection from the underwire. This bra can only be hand washed. It has a beautiful lace detail at the cups which elevate the appearance of this everyday T-back bra. Additionally, the cups feature smoothing shape enhancers to give you a natural bust shape. This bra is available in 5 basic colour options; black, white, cafe, blue, and pink blush. 

Why We Love It

  • Cushioned band underneath underwire 
  • Shape enhancers in cups 

Take Note

Check size as some suggest to buy a size down.

Why Buy This Bra: This Glamorise bra is a wonder bra for full figured women. Apart from giving the support a T-back gives, you also get the convenience of a front clasp closure. The underwire is cushioned and has a padded channel underneath which prevents any hardwires poking into your skin.   

2. Glamorise Full Figure Plus Size Comfort Wirefree Cotton T-Back Bra

Now this bra from Glamorise has a rather interesting pitch; a bra you can’t wait to come home to! Sounds rather strange, right? Well, this Full Figure Comfort Wirefree T-Back Bra busts these myths. In a world of Polyester bras, this one is made of soft, breathable cotton, which in itself is perfect for a stay-at-home bra. This also means you can toss it in the washing machine to clean! 

The CompleteComfort bras are designed to give maximum comfort because they have stretch fabric which accommodates the natural shape of your breasts. The super soft cotton stretch cups are like a warm hug, not squeezing you in their grip, instead they offer a snug fit. This means that the cups can adapt to multiple, changing, or uneven sizes. 

The hook and eye closure is in the front which makes wearing and taking it off effortless. The T-back ensures you get a smooth back and no slipping straps. And the cool thing about it? It is made of mesh with an elegant floral pattern to give it ultimate breathable comfort. The straps are wide so they don’t leave marks on your shoulders.   

Why We Love It

  • Machine-wash friendly 
  • Breathable, mesh T-back 
  • Wider straps 

Take Note

This bra should have had wider/higher sides as plus size women complained of side rolls being formed while wearing it. 

Why Buy This Bra: This Glamorise Off Duty Front-Close T-Back Comfort bra offers ultimate comfort with its super soft cotton cups and breathable mesh T-back. And if you are looking for homely comfort, nothing too stiff or suffocating, then you will love the stretchable fabric which adjusts to the natural shape of your breasts while also giving the necessary coverage. 

3. Wacoal Front Close T-Back Bra

Wacoal never disappoints with its wide selection of inclusive and shapewear. The Wacoal Front Close T-Back Bra combines the benefits of a racerback bra with the plush feel of cotton-like fabric. And it works super well with shoulder-baring outfits as the T-back conceals the straps. Despite the unlined cups, this bra provides adequate support.  

And what adds a sexy look while incorporating functionality are the mesh panels. They keep you sweat-free as the air within keeps flowing. The special Supplex fabric which is 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex looks and feels just like cotton. As we said, the cups are inlined, but that makes this bra even more of an everyday favorite!  

There is a secure barrel closure in the front which gives you freedom from the perils of a back closure. The strap adjustment though is a bit of a problem as it is situated at the back which means you will have to practically undress top down to adjust it. On the up side, the underwire is very smooth so you don’t even feel like it’s there.     

Why We Love It

  • Mesh window detail above cups 
  • Supplex cotton-like fabric 
  • Front barrel closure

Take Note

As we said, the cups are not lined and so this isn’t the most discreet or conservative bra if you are looking for modesty and coverage. 

Why Buy This Bra: Combining a T-back with a front closure is one of the best things about this bra. The unlined cups aren’t the most discreet, but they offer sufficient coverage for an everyday bra. And if you have restricted limb movement, the barrel closure placed in the front is a boon! 

4. Champion Shaped T-Back Sport Bra

Champion doesn’t need any introduction in the US! As famous as it is for its sweatshirts with its signature logo, it is for its range of comfortable sports bras. Champion Shaped T-Back Sport Bra is one of them. Champion initiated the change in the way sports bras were made back in 1972 using jock straps, and this comes after over 40 years of experience in this market.   

This Shaped T-Back Sport Bra is meant for high impact activities like cross training, running, high intensity cardio, and court and field sports. It is made of a Double Dry technology, designed especially for Champion, which means the bra wicks sweat and quickly evaporates moisture to keep you dry and happy! This bra also enhances the unique shape of your bust and does not compress them to make them flat.    

The T-back is shaped with a U-curve so it relieves any pressure on your neck, while the straps stay in place even while you run! It is available in four basic colours; white, black, plum dream and an asphalt coloured one with white straps. Looks simple, but does the job pretty well! And last but not the least, this bra is machine washable! You don’t have to worry about hand washing bras after a tiring workout!  

Why We Love It

  • Double Dry technology 
  • Machine washable
  • Shape enhancing 

Take Note

The caveat for a well-working sports bra is how easy it is for you to wear and take it off. In this Champion bra’s case, that is a bit of a workout in itself! It sticks to you like glue after you sweat in a training or workout session. 

Why Buy This Bra: This Champion sports bra is suitable for high impact sports like running, cross training, court and field sports, etc. as it provides sufficient support. The T-back gives you a no-slip hence worry-free workout too! 

5. Core 10 Standard All Around Sports Cross T-Back Bra

Core 10 stands by their “Hustle, Chill, Repeat” motto with this Standard All Around Sports Cross T-Back Bra. It is one of their best selling products. First of all, this one’s a super cool looking bra with a sexy branded bottom elastic and cross straps to give you the perfect gym look! The performance sports bra is ideal for gym/studio workouts and is a training essential.     

The elastic band at the bottom provides a snug fit to minimise bounce. The removable cup pads are designed to enhance the shape of your bust and give it the support it needs while working out. The bra is made of a double layer, lightweight wicking fabric that keeps you cool. There is a hidden powermesh lining as well, meant to provide added support and compression.     

This bra comes in four broad colourways and lots of different style options like a strappy version and a shine version from a collection of the same name by Core 10. The cups are also designed in such a way that they ensure modesty even if you have a fuller bust. And despite a pull-on closure, getting in and out of this bra doesn’t require you to turn into a contortionist!   

Why We Love It

  • Removable cup pads 
  • Wicking fabric
  • Powermesh lining 

Take Note

The Core 10 All Around Sports Cross T-Back Bra is more of an everyday workout/gym training bra and gives medium to medium-high support. So look elsewhere if you want something explicitly for high-impact activities.  

Why Buy This Bra: This Core 10 bra is affordable and a league of sports bra comfort! It has a sexy branded elastic band at the bottom which gives a snug fit without squishing your breasts together. This bra is a must-have for your gym/training sessions! 

6. Maidenform Pure Genius T-Back Bra With Lace

It can’t be that lingerie is being talked about and Maidenform isn’t mentioned. The brand offers bras, shapewear, panties, and much more. This particular T-back bra, the Pure Genius With Lace, is a comfortable yet high-performance one. And it is easy on your pocket too. It is made of 100% Nylon and hence has to be hand washed.      

It has adjustable clips which allow you to adjust the length over your shoulders so that you can wear it at the right height across the back and front. The T-back provides support and prevents your straps from slipping off. And the underwire gives the right amount of lift without digging into your skin like a dagger! 

It comes in three colours; black, latte lift, and white. But the lace-covered T-back more than makes up for the basic front! The padding is decent and controls bounce quite well, although the sides aren’t as high if you wish to conceal any underarm fat. The pull on closure makes it a little difficult to wear and take this bra off.  

Why We Love It

  • Adjustable straps 
  • Lace-covered T-back

Take Note

The pull on closure is a tough nut to crack, especially if you are sweaty or have limited limb movement.

Why Buy This Bra: If you are looking for a T-back bra which is an everyday wear and still has a sexy aesthetic, go for this Maidenform Pure Genius T-Back Bra With Lace bra! The adjustable straps are a blessing and give you the fit that suits your bust. 

7. Natori Feathers Front Close T-Back Bra

Your search for a comfortable T-back bra is finally over! It comes with a front closure and we need not say why that is the most convenient feature in a bra! It is effortless to wear and take off the bra while you save the time haggling to reach the back. The straps fit perfectly under racerback tops and do not slip off.   

The seamless cups offer a natural shape to your bust while also giving the adequate support and lift. The cups lay flat so they stay invisible under your clothing. And do not think that it lacks on the style front. The back has a mesh lining which smooths any back rolls and controls side spillage

Natori’s signature best-selling feather lace is placed at vital points to flatter and add elegance. The racerback straps are adjustable and allow you to customise the fit of the bra according to your comfort. This is an elegant-looking everyday bra which is super comfortable because of its front closure.  

Why We Love It

  • Front closure 
  • Available in 6 colours 
  • Seamless cups 

Take Note

It does dig into your armpits and the sizing is larger too so check before you place an order. 

Why Buy This Bra: This Feather Front Close T-Back Bra is one of Natori’s bestsellers, and for good reason! It has a convenient front-closure and although the fabric seems more like a mesh, it is comfortable to wear. Go for it if you are satisfied with light coverage and breathable mesh.

8. Yummie Emmie Seamless Wirefree T-Back Day Bra

This Yummie Emmie bra is everyday comfort at its best! The combination of Lyocell, Spandex, and Rayon makes the fabric very comfortable and this bra a perfect everyday bra. It has lightly engineered knit under bust support to give you optimum support for light impact activities.  

This bra is seamless under clothes and is made of a material called Outlast, which absorbs your body heat, stores it when you are hot and releases it when you cool down. It is available in six pretty colours; black, frappe, tender yellow, and peacoat to name a few. It is closure free so wearing it and taking it off is a bit difficult, especially if you have limited limb movement. 

And you can wash this in the washing machine, so no more hand washing bras! You must remove the pads before tossing it in for washing though. The wirefree comfort and wide side panels provide everything a good T-back bra should give. 

Why We Love It

  • Made of Outlast
  • Wide side panels 
  • Machine washable 

Take Note

The straps are super wide, so make sure you look for another one if your outfits need narrower straps. 

Why Buy This Bra: This Triangle bra looks and feels fantastic, thanks to its soft fabric! The lace detail around the band does not itch and offers a decent amount of lift and support. You can rely on the adjustable straps of the bra to get the desired length.

Final Verdict

T-back bras are a dream come true for working out and doing other physical activities. But brands are all about breaking the norm these days, as you have seen in our picks of the best T-back bras out there. From styles to lounge in to more sexy lacey ones, there is something for everyone to love! Which one from the above do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below! Happy bra shopping folks!  

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